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The Official University of Iowa app is a must-have for Hawkeyes fans. It brings you breaking sports news, live scoring, schedules, video on-demand, the latest social buzz and team rosters. Loyal fans can also sign up for game alerts for the latest game scores and start times.
- Follow game day action as it unfolds
- Upgrade in the application to stream select games


- Live Scoring

- Play-by-Play

- Exclusive Breaking Sports News

- Alerts (game start and final scores)

- Complete Sport Schedules

- Team Rosters & Bios

- Much more…


Subscription plans are now available. Download our app for free, and then subscribe for access to live game day audio. Catch all the play by play action as you listen along to the thrilling game time coverage.

Subscription includes coverage of available live audio for all school sports.

Monthly Subscription - .99 (auto renewed until cancelled)
Annual Subscription -9.99 (auto renewed until cancelled)

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew (as specified above) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Current subscriptions may not be cancelled during the active subscription period, however, you can manage your subscriptions and/or turn off auto renewal by visiting your iTunes account settings after purchase.

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Customer Reviews

  • Live audio not working

    by hotcorner9

    As others have stated the live audio is not working, only get the pre game show. Please fix!!! Update 10/5/13 -- Live audio now seems to be working, I was able to listen to the game today, thx!!!

  • ok app but lacks HD video subscription options

    by puppymom

    This is a decent app for tracking scores. In today's era of live streaming options, that is obviously lacking with this app. HD live streaming subscription would potentially get 5 stars if at least 720P and reasonable fee structure/options. Way behind the times though having no streaming options. :-(

  • Great APP

    by Mike Leversee


  • Solid app

    by Iguy24

    It is a good app if you want to check an iowa score quicky

  • Brother

    by Kul lol

    Great my brother luvs it he's a big hawkeye fan so he luvs it

  • Awesome

    by Jabxgshcbbxb

    Best hawkeye app ever!!!!!!!

  • Best Iowa app out there!

    by idonthavea nameyet

    Much improved over last year's app - great look and navigation. Very excited to have this on my iPhone and even better yet, it is FREE. Great work

  • Audio back

    by Hawkeye50035

    Listened to Iowa - Iowa State wrestling on live stream. Good app.

  • Crash!

    by Amcgarry22

    This app keeps crashing all the time!

  • Worked until the past 2 weeks

    by Iweejun

    I couldn't get it to work for the past two games. Same complaint as others. Emailed support and they said they're working on fixing the issue. I asked for a refund for a month (I can afford .99 cents, but just the principle of the thing) and never heard back. How hard can it be to get live streaming to work?

  • Waste of a dollar

    by iBoojum

    Paid the $0.99 to listen to the game. All it's doing is playing the pre-game radio show even though the game is already in the 2nd quarter.

  • Embarrassing

    by ErikIowaGrad

    This app is terrible. The only reason to use it is the fact it is the only way you can stream the game audio. You are hostage to this app as your only option to listen to the game. Please use the money I paid for this app to fix it or at least allow other stations who play the audio locally to stream it. Would be better if: 1) it worked reliably (is that much to expect), 2) ability to rewind or fast forward so that users can watch game one TV and listen to audio at the same time. I wish I had other options. If anyone knows of one please post.

  • Live audio does not work

    by DissapointedMJH

    Audio is not live as advertised. It starts at pre-game no matter where the game is live and you can't fast forward. Horrible. I can't believe the Iowa media team does not review this before releasing junk to the world.

  • Awful audio

    by Spiff122445

    Audio is garbage. Skips around. Lags hours behind actual game. If its working at all.

  • Worthless

    by kssjsajda

    Don't waste any time or money with this app. Last week I couldn't get any coverage until the end of the game and this week the pregame is playing even though it says listen live (which is what I paid for) and the game is almost at half time.

  • Doesn't work, Poor customer care from U of I

    by geek lon

    I got the official Hawkeyes app ($4.99). Now having to pay the upgrade fee (.99¢/mo.) to listen to game audio. Often there is some technical difficulty and no audio. Never pre and post game. Tried to email CBS the developer. No real interest in helping the customer. Usual IT customer care and Apple compatibility at the University of Iowa.

  • Don't do it

    by Jew1111111111

    Audio is hit and miss and apparently it's impossible to cancel once you've signed up. CBS customer service doesn't respond and their website is worthless. Nothing in the App Store or iTunes app allow you to cancel. Ill have to check if the computer version will allow me. Only wanted for basketball season so I could listen to non-televised games and was disappointed for the most part.

  • Not good

    by ABombinIowa

    The schedule has given me incorrect game times over and over. I'm done with this app. I thought it would be so convenient but it has not really helped me at all.

  • So very bad

    by Timothy Stidham

    All during last night's Iowa men's basketball game vs Western Kentucky the app had the players and teams reversed! 24rs later, even after an update it still shows iowa losing and the iowa players as if they're on the other team. And I pay $.99/month for this?

  • Hawkeye sports

    by Señorjefe 70

    Horrible app waste of time and money. Demand my money back. Anyone know how?

  • Boo

    by Sad hawk fan

    I was excited about this app. I thought I could hear the Hawks play. But no, after half a game it stopped working . Really bumming about this one. Good idea , I had no problem paying but it does not work

  • This app is a waste!!

    by 2Disgusted

    I got this to listen to audio. I got to hear about halfway through 1st quarter last week. Quit working. App will not even open since. Total waste and they better let me cancel my subscription. Too bad there isn't a rating of 0.

  • Get the audio FIXED! NOW!!!!!!

    by Hawkeye4ever

    Audio does not work since update. That is what people are wasting money trying to get. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE CON ARTISTS!!!!!!!


    by Hawkeye2008


  • Refund

    by Mabes47

    I want my money back, APP won't even open now. How about QA something before it goes live?

  • Crash

    by cprkyle

    Crashes under iOS 6, wish I could get my money back from my audio streaming purchase since I can't use it!!


    by emeronbiggins

    All previous reviews about how terrible this app is are 100% correct. So steamed. Don't waste your money.


    by Sprang-man

    Crashes ALL the time. If this weren't the only way to listen the the Hawkeyes on the radio outside of the state of Iowa I would delete it.

  • Hate the update

    by Blockman82

    Love the app but hate the new update... I liked the old layout better and it was faster...

  • Get it Fixed

    by Frances 23

    Everytime you update, the audio never works. Stop updating during the season. Missed the UNI game. Great business model. Get me to buy a subscription, then make sure the app doesnt work properly. Get your act together before you send this out to the public.

  • Don't upgrade

    by Aaron Peck

    If you have 3.10 keep it. Definitely don't pay for the audio subscription. I forget how much it is new but it might be worth it for the icon. It's a huge improvement over 3.10 and it makes my phone look a lot cooler.

  • Absolute garbage!

    by IowaTVman

    If you're running version 3.10, KEEP IT! DO NOT UPGRADE! Current version 4.01 constantly crashes on startup. Uninstalling and reinstalling helped briefly, but then the crashes resumed. When the app did run, all of the audio content had disappeared in the current version, and that's what I wanted most. One star, only because Apple won't allow zero-star ratings.

  • Great idea doesn't deliver!!!!

    by MacNutPro

    This is one of the few apps I have that hasn't ONCE delivered what it promised. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME! And good luck canceling their .99 month charge...they make it difficult.

  • No audio

    by Tom Seedorff

    Ever since the recent upgrade, I no longer can get audio for the football games.

  • Fix this app!

    by Batman630

    C'mon! I can't even get this app to open now. What am I paying a monthly subscription for if cant hear the games!

  • Dude just wants his Hawks, man...

    by Stoneboogie

    They peed on my app, man. The Duder just wants his Hawks man.

  • Unimpressed

    by Sevenspine

    Not up to date news.

  • Holy Jesus don't pay a dime for this crapp

    by Goullet

    Unless you work for the athletic dept of Iowa and you're too lazy to check online don't ever ever ever ever buy this crAPP. Doesnt give you radio unless you pay more so youre better off subscribing to a general sports broadcaster. For shame Iowa

  • Rip off

    by Rjordanpt

    The U of I should be ashamed to be associated with such a rip off. Nothing in this app works. I want a refund.

  • Subscription Fail

    by HawkeyeCoffee

    The app itself is OK. There was an in-app subscription to listen and watch Iowa Sports. Purchased it for $4.99 only to see "coming soon." I couldn't watch the first game of the 2011 season (Tennessee Tech vs. Iowa). Emailed the developer. Never heard back. Now, they've change the app to free and purchasing a subscription for $9.99. Guess what... I got no subscription for my $4.99. If you want to listen to Iowa Football, purchase the pro edition of TuneIn for $0.99 and listen to radio channels.

  • You get what you pay for

    by Aaron_414

    The app is free but it's not worth the time. They finally are allowing game audio but you have to pay for it. I have the Tune In Radio app. I can listen to the game for free. That makes this app virtually worthless.

  • Quite possibly...

    by WillzPickz

    The worst app I have ever downloaded. Why waste your time putting out an app with such little information?

  • Worthless

    by mikeytime

    Seriously, you're considering this app b/c you might get lucky and get the live game on your iPhone... It ain't happenin'. Descent stories to read but who really cares, right? U want the game, right now, wherever u are. You won't find it here. Maybe they'll figure it out in 5 years but in the mean time, it's better to find a local bar. Go Hawks!

  • Deleted the first time

    by Ljm0481

    The first time I used it I wasn't able to get any scores even hours after the game ended let alone during the game. Previous to the game it would at least give me the schedule for the season and ten min before the game started it no longer gave any info. What a waste of my time! Please save yours download anther app!!

  • Another season, another poor start by CBS Sports

    by skehrberg

    Once again, the season starts and CBS Interactive fumbles the ball. No schedule. If you call their customer support, they will blame the university.

  • Need an iPad version

    by Alevey64

    Hard to navigate, needs to be more streamlined.

  • What a waste

    by Albienurdreams

    I am a huge hawkeyes fan so dedicated I drew the hawkeyes symbol into the tribal work tatooed onto my arm reading that this had live feeds for when I'm at work or on the go had me excited so naturally first time I go to use the feed for the Penn state game sure enough doesn't f***ing work what a waste of money I would love to get my money back and to think it's supported by a huge company you think that they would care about the fans apparently not this is the worst app I have had on my phone and sadly the most expensive

  • Never worked

    by Susan Manning

    Don't waste your money

  • Feature-poor

    by Adora19

    I was so excited for this app to be released, but it doesn't do anything. There are four sections for each of the different sports: "News," "Scores," "Schedules," and "Audio/Visual." There is also a "Settings" section. Here's why I'm disappointed: --The news are just links that open up your iPhone's browser--you don't read them in the app. They are the same links available on the Hawks' Twitter feed, which you can access through free apps, so nothing gained there. --The scores section does not update, or is really delayed. (Today's game has been over for almost 8 hours, yet the score on the app shows "N/A," as if the game hasn't even started.) There is no "box score," or anything showing any game stats. --It only gives this year's schedule. (I'd like to see at least one year in advance.) --There is an "Audio/Visual" section, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to do. So far, it does nothing. In other words, the best thing about this app was the little app icon on my iPhone screen (a Tigerhawk). I feel like I spent $4.99 for nothing more than an icon.

  • Chicago

    by John L7 Hawks

    Same as everyone else. Very disappointed. Would like my money back.

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