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The Official Baylor University app is a must-have for Bears fans. It brings you breaking sports news, live scoring, schedules, video on-demand, the latest social buzz and team rosters. Loyal fans can also sign up for game alerts for the latest game scores and start times.
- Follow game day action as it unfolds
- Upgrade in the application to stream select games


- Live Scoring

- Play-by-Play

- Exclusive Breaking Sports News

- Alerts (game start and final scores)

- Complete Sport Schedules

- Team Rosters & Bios

- Much more…


Subscription plans are now available. Download our app for free, and then subscribe for access to live game day audio and video. Catch all the play by play action as you, either listen along, or watch the thrilling game time coverage.

Subscription includes coverage of available live video and audio for all school sports.

Monthly Subscription - 4.99 (auto renewed until cancelled)
Annual Subscription -19.99 (auto renewed until cancelled)

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew (as specified above) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Current subscriptions may not be cancelled during the active subscription period, however, you can manage your subscriptions and/or turn off auto renewal by visiting your iTunes account settings after purchase.

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Customer Reviews

  • Easy to use

    by -12 Packers

    This app is perfect. Pics, videos, and scores. I'm not much of am audio fan, so I haven't tried it yet. So far, so good. Sic em' Bears!!

  • Good but "live" coverage not live

    by NoLiveBUCoverage

    Lots of great content. But the "live" radio coverage isn't actually live steaming. As someone who frequently has to work on Saturday nights if found, If you're looking for a bears radio broadcast you are better off using espn radio. I paid for the premium thinking I could listen to the games but I you come in the middle of the game it starts you at the beginning of the broadcast. If that gets fixed then 5 stars all the way.

  • Much Better...

    by BUalum

    This version of the app is way way better than the one I had a while back. The video is very smooth (pre-recorded and live) and the overall experience is improved. It has much cleaner look.

  • Review

    by Get_LO

    This is a great app for just wanting to know who Baylor is playing, when, what's happening in the game, and whether it'll be on tv or not. I LOVE IT!

  • The update was good

    by Katy10407

    Getting better. We'll see how it goes.

  • Good start

    by JRN43

    Great! Please add an iPad version soon.

  • Not bad

    by The Mulk

    Not bad for just getting scores but would be better if the team's record was listed on the "schedule" page. Can't find it anywhere.

  • Great

    by Baylorfan22

    The audio works fine and it is really awesome but it would be better if it was a dollar

  • Go Rags

    by M_Sims

    Great concept. Still needs a little work. It'd be nice to have rosters and in-game stats. sic'em bears.

  • Unreliable streaming audio

    by Bigtxsteve

    I bought this app for the season opener vs SMU at $1 per month. It worked pretty well for that game. Meaning it worked until the refresh which caused it to skip during the refresh. I could live with it though. The next week, when I opened the app there was no streaming option. Couldn't figure where the link went but figured it was user error and I just didn't rennet where it was. Same issue the third week. Then week four apple notified me that BU wants $4 per month now. It's not worth that.

  • Meh

    by Gfw03

    Doesn't offer much aside from schedules and rosters. Really needs more depth and content to become a worthwhile app.

  • Terrible update

    by Tater 1454

    This was my favorite Baylor sports app in the past but the update screwed up the roster. You can't even find football players by number now. Sounds like the update and audio changes have made this not worthy of the price. Don't waste your time with it. Now I use another free app that gives me much more info and is easier to use

  • Price gone up!

    by Big Red BU

    In case you are considering getting this app, be aware that the monthly fee for audio is no longer $0.99, but I received an email from Apple that the monthly fee is now $4.99! Unless you REALLY want to listen to John Morris, not worth it!

  • Please upgrade

    by Fraulein3

    Slow news and scores

  • Not worth it!

    by Ss912

    Paid for the app several months ago in order to get streaming audio. Now they want to charge for that too. Don't waste your money. All the same info is on the website for free, and you can stream 1660 from the free tunein radio app.

  • Much Improved version / 02/05/12 now it stinks.

    by bclark82

    App works great. I use it to listen to the LadyBears broadcasts by Lori and Rick. Lots of features. And, the 0.99 a month is cheap. Sic 'Em Bears 02/05/12 update: I have experienced the same problem with the audio as Druesedow. here is my complaint to CBS. I will let you know if I receive a response. The broadcast of the Baylor /Kansas women's game on 02/04 experienced the same problem as before. The broadcast kept playing about a 20 second "loop" of a portion of the broadcast. I am using my IPOD Touch to access the Baylor Application over a WiFi connection. I called the phone # 1-800-781-944 specified for support at approximately 8:00PM and spoke to Patrick. He wanted to know what kind of computer I had. I told him I was using the Baylor app on my IPOD. He said that wasn't what he asked. He repeated "what kind of computer do you have?" I told him a Dell wilth Windows XP. He said "there is your problem, there is nothing I can do about it". I was excited when I found your App and was pleased with the operation for the first two times I used it and wrote a glowing report on the Apple web site. I would like to know if there is anything I should be doing or if there are any shortcomings on the App that I may be able to correct myself, because Patrick was absolutely worthless and displayed no concern about the application working properly.

  • Audio Is Unreliable

    by Druesedow

    This would be a good app, but the audio is unreliable, and the technical support is rather unresponsive. I have purchased subscriptions for Baylor and two other teams, and the results for the audio are the same. When listining to a game where is available, audio shuts down every time the screen refreshes. When I have written for technical support, I have gotten 2 what appear to be canned answers that haven't fixed the audio problem. I have had this issue in the last two versions. The issue occurs on the iPad2, the iPod touch, the iPhone 4 and the 4S as well. Since I have difficulty seeing the screen, the live scoring is useless, and I depend solely on the game audio. I paid the $9.99 for per year, and if the audio streaming worked reliably this would be an excellent appp. Since it seems to work for me only on games where live scoring is not available, it's only good for listening to about half of the games.

  • Buyer's remorse

    by ljames18

    9/5/10: Just bought the app to hear today's football game. When I select live audio for today's game, QuickTime opens and then never plays the audio. Retrying causes it to say "buffering", but after a few seconds the pause button reverts to a play button. Also tested the woman's volleyball audio and it fails too. Update 10/13/10: got the update (FINALLY, over a month after being told by support that they'd submitted it to Apple). No mention of any fixes, nor is there any evidence either. Headlines still broken, love that TTU is listed as "Texas%20Tech". We'll see if streaming works on next event. Game time of CU game is right in some places, wrong in others. Whether streaming is fixed or not, this app is developed and supported by poorly educated, poorly driven individuals. Props on adding Gamecast though, that's worth at least 25 cents of the $5 I wasted. Update 10/16/10: Audio now works...except for no background multitasking playback and frequent crashes. App thinks game started two hours before it did. Disappointment endures. Update 10/20/11: Another year, another disappointment. New subscription model stinks.

  • Crashes

    by T-Wes

    Good app but it always crashes when I go to schedule for softball. It's really annoying.


    by Duncanlh

    I read the reviews and made the decision to purchase the app anyway - big mistake! This app does not deliver. The video streaming doesn't work well, the audio is not delivered as promised. The gametracker interface doesn't work well. I would be disappointed if the app costs $.99, but at $4.95, I feel like I've been robbed. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT BUY THIS APP. If there is anyway to get my money returned, I will pursue it.

  • Very disappointed

    by bradbrown

    I waited patiently for the "fixed" version of this app to come out. That means I went without the streaming game audio for half our football season. Today was the first game the new version was out for, and my experience was pretty rough. It took two or three tries to get the audio to start without the app crashing at first. The audio cuts in and out at random. The app crashes frequently. It will inexplicably black out my screen. There is no support for background audio. So, to use this, I have to try a few times, listen until it crashes, deal with sporadic drops in audio, and not use my phone for anything else until the game is over. Did I really pay $5 for this experience?

  • Worthless

    by Crumblin Down

    Hard to think of a description fitting such a poor app. Only a refund could begin to make it right for buyers, because the product does not deliver audio or video ... which are the major draws. Gametracker? I can get that for free from any of a number of zero-cost apps. Until the audio and video works, this app is completely worthless - BUYER BEWARE! You will never see that $5.00 again!

  • Waste of money

    by ymbear

    Was nice to have last year even though listening to John Morris is painful. Now the audio doesn't work at all, maybe for basketball/baseball but no football. Don't east your money- just go to on your browser for free!

  • Audio

    by eyephonefan

    App audio worked last year but not this season. Worthless if the audio doesn't work. Don't buy this app.

  • Expensive icon, nothing else!!!

    by Keahey_Jason

    To spend 4.99 on an app you would expect it to work. The news portion, when it worked, was terrible at best, referring you to links, not expanding articles. Now it just shuts down when you try to open it. Fix it or refund the money you stole! BBB should intervene!

  • Worthless

    by markdore

    Crashes when you try to play a video. Nothing but links. Not even worth .99 cents, much less $4.99.

  • Boo! Don't waist your money

    by Patrick08

    The app doesn't work. Headlines and news are just a string of HTML and the streaming audio/video has never worked.

  • Dissapointing

    by BaylorBear2010

    This app was okay when I purchased it last year. Most of the basketball games worked with live audio which helped when I could not get to a tv set. However, the app quickly went down hill this season. Live streaming audio does not work, most of the time the content comes across as a jumbled mess of web codes rather than neatly placed links, and the app often crashes. Would not suggest wasting your money until they take the time to fix it. Especially since the audio is not working. This is as of 9-8-2010.

  • Doesn't work

    by Kennysdoc

    I couldn't get the audio to work either. I agree with the other reviewers in that without this feature it's a waste of money. Anyone know how to get a refund?

  • Very disappointed...

    by BULinds

    The main reason I bought this app was the ability to listen to live audio of today's game and future games when I'm not able to watch or listen through my computer. Well, audio doesn't work at all! When trying to get into the app, i randomly just get a blank screen. You would think that a $5 app would work a heck of alot better :(

  • No Audio

    by hoop_er

    paid $4.99 to listen to the first game of the 2010 season (no computer access currently), and the streaming audio never came through. never loaded. didn't explore the rest of the app. didn't care. wanted to listen to the game, and couldn't. #FAIL. $5 wasted. at $4.99, some serious work needs to be put into this. integrity. anyway... sic 'em!

  • Money for Nothing

    by Katyite

    I bought the application and all I got was the icon. I click on the icon it opens and closes no content nothing. Alot to pay just to see a stupid icon. Way to go guys!

  • Nice idea, but poor execution and follow-through

    by astrosjeff

    I very much looked forward to this app's eventual release and snapped it up immediately when it came out. But I've been disappointed with the design and lack of follow-through on promised features, and probably won't purchase it again next year without major upgrades. First, most of the content simply comes from, but it's actually organized in such a way that it is actually tougher to use than the regular website, even on the iPhone. Why is there not a "most recent stories" tab, equivalent to the front page of the website? Users seriously have to look at the tab for each sport to know all the latest news? Wow. The same complaint applies to the schedules. Can you not show me just today's events, or the next 10 upcoming events, on one page? And why are the audio links in yet another page? Given, however, that all that can be easily accessed through the regular website, the two most important features an iPhone app could offer were the audio and the GameTracker. While the audio pages were designed poorly, I never had any trouble accessing the audio, so at least that worked. The GameTracker functionality was listed as "coming soon" from the start -- and now, three months later, it's still "coming soon." That's made all the more aggravating by the fact that the 2009-10 school year is now over, and the app description indicates that users will have to buy a new version next year -- so the "coming soon" GT really never came at all. False advertise much, CBS? I know none of this is Baylor's fault; this app is 100% created, run and offered by CBS Interactive -- which makes these problems all the worse. A company that large has no excuse for offering such a poor product.

  • Weak

    by Themootini

    Not worth the money, I feel ripped off. Hard to get around. Hard to see screens. Not intuitive. Just use

  • Not much here

    by Runningbear05

    Basically an app that provides links to other locations. For $5 it should be a little better. Maybe realtime scores and lineups would be nice.

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