Golf Coach - Automatically Record, Annotate and Analyze your Golf Swings Sports App Review (iOS, $21.99)


Languages: English, German




Automatically record videos triggered by sound, compare and annotate your videos and improve your handicap with the Golf Coach App.

The Golf Coach helps you to improve your handicap. Analyze your golf training by recording videos of your tee shots and comparing them. The key feature of the Golf Coach is that recording starts automatically by the tee-off noise. Set the record time before and after the tee shot, tap to start the record and the Golf Coach will trim the video as desired. The video will be played in an endless loop until you switch back to the scene mode. Analyze all your tee shot videos and annotate them to improve your golf training.

- Automatic video recording, triggered by sound
- Recording can always be restarted by sound, so you never have to put your golf club down
- Set the recording duration before and after the tee off sound
- Manual video recording
- Recording with 60 frames per second
- Playback in slow motion
- Finely tuned scrubbing through videos, just like in iOS video player
- Annotate videos with different colors, forms and lines
- Annotations support undo and redo
- Share your videos through AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo
- Save videos to the camera roll


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