Dynolicious Classic Sports App Review (iOS, $8.99)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: BunsenTech
  • Updated: Jul, 28 2008
  • Version: 3.2.1
  • Size: 16.68 MB

Languages: English

Seller: BunsenTech, LLC

Minor bug fixes
Corrected possible crash on some devices
Branding update

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Dynolicious Fusion is now available! If you're running iOS 6, we recommend Dynolicious Fusion over Dynolicious Classic. Learn more at dynolicious.com.

As seen in Car & Driver, Road & Track, Grassroots Motorsports, and GQ Magazine.

So you've already got a sweet ride... now you can measure just how sweet it is. Dynolicious uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometer to measure you vehicle's 0-60 acceleration, quarter mile elapsed time, horsepower, lateral G's, and several other performance metrics. A history of test results for your car are saved, so averages and trends can instantly be retrieved. Dynolicious also allows you to record modifications made to your car, and to evaluate the resulting gains (or losses) in power and performance.

Dynolicious has been track-tested at a major dragstrip against regulation timing equipment, and has demonstrated accuracy comparable to standalone performance meters which cost hundreds of dollars.

Dynolicious has support for both US and International units of measurement, including MPH or km/h speeds, lb or kg weights, and HP or kW power figures.

Post your results to Facebook and Twitter to impress your friends!

Whether you're a serious tuner or a casual enthusiast, you'll find the feature-rich and easy-to-use Dynolicious is both a valuable tool and fun car toy.

Dynolicious is intended for experienced drivers in a suitable location. Always obey traffic laws.

Customer Reviews

  • It's never been more than an good idea IMO

    by h00ligan

    I'd love to see this dev use all the tools available. Why not input car weight and do a third gear run and calc acceleration and hp that way. If you need to do dead stop 1/4 runs, you may as well go to a strip Make a proper virtual dyno pal, you'd be in the money. More than enough tech to do it!

  • Very good

    by Zopoppopopp

    I used this app and it worked

  • Great app

    by WRXguy24

    Takes a little bit of setting up, plus knowing your cars weight in order to do get more accurate results.

  • Name update??

    by Rich81420

    They are working on a good sale for old users. Keep a eye on your email.

  • Enthusiast

    by Car jalop

    Very intuitive and accurate as long as you enter your vehicle's specs correctly and calibrate correctly too.

  • Facebook integration inoperable

    by upchuckles2003

    The app works great except it keeps giving a connection error when you try to post results to Facebook. Please fix this in your next update!

  • Spot on

    by DrieStone

    Dynolicious keeps getting better. It's very accurate, and has given me a good idea of how my mods affect the real performance. A must-have app for the geeky car enthusiast!

  • Very good!

    by JeremyDeal

    Slick interface and great results make this worth every penny. However I must not give it a perfect rating because it desperately needs a online backup solution. I just lost my last three vehicles Dyno records when I had to restore my phone :( I have had one of them professionally dyno'd and this app was surprisingly close. If you know your exact vehicle weight and drivetrain loss you WILL have acceptably close results! It's all about getting a baseline, then installing a mod and retesting to see your gains. Fun app, but i really wish I hadn't lost all my old data, I've sold some of those cars so its gone forever.

  • Not Nonsense LOL

    by Sjmarcy

    I datalog all the time using high end consumer and pro level equipment. This app can work wonderfully if you use it properly. You need to calibrate, mount your iPod Touch or iPhone properly, and follow directions. For instance for checking straightline acceleration you need to use a straight, flat, and level road. Then you will get good, repeatable results.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the great App!

    by SpencerMorg

    My new favorite app. Works great! Appears quite accurate and has more fun features than I expected. great graphics too! Considering the cost of a trip to a real dyno, a bargain at $12. Would buy again.

  • Fun w/ Family Car

    by mkoto

    Having fun with Dyno and the Audi A3. Can't wait to try it w/ the race car.

  • Great fun for the data nerds among us

    by Robert Mohns

    Delightful, easy to use and well built app. I use it primarily to try to best my own times and max lateral G. It's a delight in my MINI S! Would like a way to easily export data. Saving graphs helps but I want to get my data into Excel or Numbers to do some basic trend analysis. Works fine on iPhone 5. I've been using it since the iPhone 3GS. Solid!

  • Tons Of Fun !!!

    by KingPita76

    This App is a lot of fun to play with. My son has a great time with me tearing up the back country roads measuring the cars performance. Awesome!!! Definitely need more themes to go with it.

  • Good times

    by Audnol

    Great app and great info that I was looking to gain all in one place!

  • Not dead yet!

    by timb.us

    I just talked to someone at the company about the future of this app. He informed me that they are in the process of a significant update due out around Thanksgiving. Full iOS 6, Retina and iPhone 5 support! In the meantime, this app still runs great on my iPhone 5, albeit a little ugly.

  • How good it is?

    by Ibooost

    Almost great but not 100% accurate

  • Great App

    by Snyperiflex

    Interesting to say the least If you wanna be in tune with your car get this app

  • What more do u want

    by Yvette2007

    An exciting app that help me create more $$$$ in my shop Autotuneperformance.com

  • Great app!!!

    by 05gtorocker

    Well worth the money, please continue to add some more themes!!!! Jet HUD in landscape mode would be awesome!!

  • Great app., but please optimize it for iPhone 5 larger retina display

    by MacThunderDro

    App is great and pretty accurate if you set it up correctly! Also PLEASE update this app for best iPhone 5 experience!

  • Twitter and Facebook integration does not work

    by Runkle990

    Attempted to link app with twitter and it displays log in error, linking with Facebook also do not work

  • Too glitchy for $8

    by Jaybdaboat

    I have made 10 full passes and it hasn't recorded one. Too glitchy if I can I want my money back. It's not worth it doesnt work

  • Not Worth The Money... At All!!

    by alqaqish

    I have not had any success using this App. The accuracy of the data is not existent. My 500+ HP Ram SRT-10 registers less than 300HP. My Jeep SRT-8 has a 0-60 timer and a G force gage and the App never matches those figures. It simply doesn't work as advertised. I calibrated and re-calibrated the App with no luck. I've emailed the developer, no response. It's times like these I wish there was a refund policy. Now the developer is calling the App "Classic" and the description says if you're running iOS 6 they recommend Dynolicious Fusion. So instead of updating and improving this App the Developer wants you to spend another $12.99 for Fusion. Save your money and don't bother...

  • No EBD2 support

    by Folderking

    I bought this app for integration with my car.

  • Idk guys

    by X2jones3x

    Optimal conditions required needs to be mounted and instructions must be follow ill play again when it dries out

  • I give up on this nonsense!

    by JEmlay

    I can see the potential this app has however I have a hard time beliving anything this app tells me. Try this yourself: Perform a run where you FLOOR IT! It told me my Max G's where .51 Perform a run where you creep along at a snails pace and go faster VERY SLOWLY. It then told me my Max G's were .54. WHAT!?!?! Perform a run where you stand still with the unit. Now WALK slowly exactly 10 feet. It told me I went 23 feet and my Max G's were .54. WHAT!?!?! I guess my legs are more powerful then my 5.4 V8. EDIT: So I tried this app again with my new supped up Nissan Titan. Once again this app completly fails! I get all my CORRECT data from my Bullydog GT. However, this app does nothing but lie. This worthless app tells me after I hit 100MPH that my max speed was 43MPH and my 0-60 was 32 SECONDS!!! I completly and utterly give up on this piece of garbage. Thank goodness I paid close to nothing when it first came out. I feel so sorry for anyone who paid more for this nonsense.

  • Dynolicious 3.1: a great app; fun, simple & informative

    by A Fenn

    I need a better holder, but the app worked well 'locked into" my radar detector holder. Hey, if Chris Harris uses this app, who am I to refute its abilities! Check that box! This app is also a great value!

  • Consistent but wrong.

    by James Blair's boyfriend

    The numbers are pretty consistent, but the horsepower is showing about half of what I actually make. Wish I wouldn't have purchased.


    by mizzo94

    For $13, this is by far the best app I've boughten in a LONG time :D


    by 600rwhp cobra

    Despite my better judgement I bought this app. My car dynoed 610rwhp this app said I had 538 peak horsepower. My car make about 680. So it's off by 150hp and the 1/4 mile is just as bad. Waste of money don't no how it has so many 5 stars reviews.

  • Great app!

    by optimusfps

    Works very well and also very accurate!

  • Great app

    by G35coupe2004

    This app was very accurate and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to know their power without going on an actual dyno

  • THANK YOU!!!

    by Pete5150

    Mine works just fine. Set up my ride, picture and all. This is the best toy for any car enthusiast. I just bought a new car and planned on many mods with testing. I can't believe this is only 13 bucks. Any stand-alone equivalent must be $75 and up! Hope to see an upgrade to the skidpad with some sort of recording of G-force achievements.

  • Worth it

    by Kayler121

    Awesome app!

  • Sweet app!

    by Sethulon5000

    Buy this app and go to your local track. Save money for new tires though!

  • Cool app!!!

    by Sabyrdie

    Works great, I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves cars. Worked great on my mustang gt.

  • More huds

    by Christian Gatlin

    I def like the app. The jet HUD is cool too... Would like to see more too

  • What can ur car do??

    by iTiger's iPhone

    Find out with this great app. Very accurate, easy interface, and very informative. Spot on results are amazing. A must have app for car lovers and the rest.

  • Loudnproud

    by Leanbean74

    Awesome app, pretty darn close to actual results.

  • Deal breaker feature missing

    by CgBrian.com

    Sorting results. Product version 3.1 Serious feature lack that debilitated the program.. No ability to sort runs at all.. Last night we went and did about 20 runs In a friends car... Afterwards he asked if I could send him the fastest 2 runs. The main issue that will stop me from recommending is I had to go manually one by one go through each individual result.. Writing down on paper the time of day and run results... Then pick the 2 best. HORRIBLE process To add insult to injury, I had to manually copy the chart, email the results and manually paste the chart into the email. App works decent, b nice to have the audible chimes like pocket dyno but hey.. U can't get it all... But I guess I won't bother going out and doing a bunch of runs... Just too much work to organize results and it all becomes nothing but a list of time and dates.

  • Nice app!

    by Magnum68

    Awesome app for iPhone. Very helpful.

  • Dynolisous

    by WSinger

    Awesome App! Pretty accurate and shows some nice graphs of your results! Well designed and easy to use!

  • Rocks

    by Mike A.

    This app is just plain fun! Works very well for me. Gives fairly accurate results. And the graphs are easy to read. Just needs more themes.

  • Dynolicious

    by My98camaro

    Great App! Needs more themes though!!

  • Great!

    by Wyeldman

    For an amateur automotive enthusiast like myself, I'm able to see, objectively, how my car reacts to modifications, temperature, state of tune, etc. I couldn't recommend more!

  • Love this app

    by Bigokilla

    But needs a power to weight ratio calculator or some kinda software interface.

  • Awesome

    by what is your cavil

    Cool app love it

  • Dyno app

    by Porsche206bones

    Great app. Works great with window mount!

  • Dynolicious

    by k4nnon

    Great app to play with at the track or anywhere there's room. Easy to use and setup..

  • So far so good

    by Sharktg


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