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Seller: Bleacher Report


Version 3.2
• Follow Sochi by adding Olympic News or My Olympics events (Olympics > Winter Olympics) from Curling to Gnar Shredding
• Search for any stream from the homescreen (just pull down).
• Recent scores in the stream
• Alternate jerseys (sliiightly updated look)
• Cut more bugs from the team for not plugging in their guitars during the halftime show


Version 3.1
• Spoiler Alert! Turn off scores and spoiler alerts for the app so you can keep getting breaking news first but safely watch your DVR'd games (Home > EDIT > NOTIFICATIONS)
• Standings links (tap a stream's title/header dropdown) so you know how well your team is tanking
• Add NBA players, Olympic events, and B/R Lead Writers
• Cut more bugs from the team for stepping on the field of play during a kickoff return (though Nick should have pulled a Mike)

Version 3.0
• Scores? Score! Tap SCORES in top right of the homescreen to see My Teams or tap the header to switch to any league. You could call it your Center for Scores
• NHL scores! Flying V sold separately, eh
• Fresh kicks for iOS7 (backswipe to go back in app)

Version 2.9.1
• My Fantasy Stream: Import your Fantasy Football team from Yahoo! and add up to 50 players (Bonus! Free membership included to David Wilson Fantasy Owner Support Group)

Version 2.9
• Ready for some football? Live NFL and College Football scores (your team winning _still_ not guaranteed)
• More scores! Tap the SCORES button in the top-right of a stream to see scores from across the league or other sports
• Schedule me. Tap the next game widget in a stream to open a team's full schedule
• Added Heisman Watch, missing Fantasy Football players, and cut final bugs from the team for Week 1

Version 2.8
• Fantasy Football cheat code enabled... add your Fantasy Football players and get a stream (and alerts!) for all their news to set your lineups... or hop on the waiver wire
• Gooooooooooal! Live scores for MLS, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA, and many international matches
• Who's on first (What's on second)! MLB live scores now have baserunners in stream

Version 2.7.1-2.7.2
• London calling! Now 100% more world-friendly with added soccer, cricket, rugby, F1, and other worldly streams (like the WNBA)

Version 2.7
• Sports are driven by stars... so star a story to save it for later. Find My Starred Stories at the bottom of your homescreen
• Love the Twitter? Reply, retweet, quote, or favorite any tweet you open via Team Stream (Coming soon! An I-didn't-post-that-my-account-got-hacked button)
• It's alive! Streams will let you when "New Updates" are available. Tap to update stream.
• Amnesty waived more bugs (not Charlie Bell ones either). Cap management time.

Version 2.6.1-2.6.4
• Eye of the tiger. Thanks to your help, zero'd in on more fixes to squash startup slowness/crashes some folks are seeing.
• Following futbol on a boat with a cricket bat? Added new streams for Top News, NBA Draft, Transfer News (World Football), Bundesliga News, La Liga News, Serie A News, Sailing, Cricket, Rugby, and Action Sports

Version 2.6
• Live-updating NBA and MLB scores on your homescreen and streams. Your team winning not guaranteed. Tip: Add NBA News and MLB News streams for league scores
• Take stories to go – share via Mail/Messages app, Copy the link, or Open in Safari

Version 2.5
• Picked up some fresh kicks (a.k.a. a new look)
• Live college basketball scores — scores live update in the stream just in time to see your brackets crumble (Add 'College Basketball News' or your fav team)
• Sharing is caring — break news to your friends and quickly share stories after opening push notifications
• Fast, faster, fastest!

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Current Version:
4 Ratings
All Versions:
13160 Ratings


Your Team's News First!

Get all your team's news and scores from across the web in one easy place with personalized streams that sends alerts as soon as stories break. Be the first to know all your team's news!

Allow Push Notifications To Get News Alerts!

• Pick the teams you love and get real-time streams with hand-picked alerts so you know your team's news first.

• Open a stream for scores, stories, videos, and pictures from all the best sources across the web – local papers, national websites, blogs, Twitter, & Bleacher Report

• Break news to your friends with Facebook, Twitter, groups, email, or text message


See what real fans have said in our 5-star app reviews:

• "This app is great, 9 times out of 10 I get updates from BR before the ESPN app."

• “Wow - I'm just blown away by how good this is! The stream is awesome, and the breaking news is dead on. So much better than trying to follow multiple teams on ESPN. NICE JOB FELLAS!”

• “SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!! - As soon as I got the app and added my local team, I got breaking news from my team before they broke the news on a local sports talk radio that I listen at work every day. From that moment I fell in love with the app!!! Awesome app, I recommend it to every sports fan!!!!!”

• “Great app - Instead of having to go to multiple sites, I get a quick fix on my favorite teams with just this one.”

• Awesome! - Best sports app there is! I love the team feature. I used to watch espn daily but now with this app I haven't watched in over two weeks. All the news is fast and to the minute. Bye-bye espn.

• “Perfect - Get all your local teams big news in your notification center. How awesome!!!!!”

• “Great App!! - This app is very useful for breaking news and interesting tidbits from my teams. Being separated from home sports city makes it tough to get a ton of info on just a couple teams I want to follow, better than twitter only sports related updates.”

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Customer Reviews

  • sports news at its best!

    by houseman81

    I love this app! I'm such a sports nut w wish there were updates every hour of every day! but I know that's just not possible plus stories don't happen that often. but I love this app and the news and info I get are tremendous! keep doing what your doing!

  • Team Stream

    by Youtuber14638

    I just wish they had something for you favorite teams injuries

  • Up to date with my sports.

    by Dr. Apple Cïder

    I had ESPNFC but couldn't get push notifications to work and the articles were always sub-par. B/R is by far the best sports app. Every sport and team imaginable is covered.

  • Best sports news app

    by Fyrmedic510

    This is by far the best sports news app I have. I can get scores, top news for teams or general news and seems a lot better than the ESPN app. Love it!!! And to have the ability to watch pitch by pitch with love updates is great.

  • Top Shelf

    by Ceezman

    Best sport app period it don't get any better! You never miss anything with the push notifications I always find out all breaking news before all my friends. All the different articles I get to read on all my favorite teams/sports it's endless get this app it's a no brainer

  • It's Good

    by Mr. Doran

    You provide great information, but the ability to read a wow article with a video in it is horrid. It is simply disappointing that I couldn't read the article fully through multiple tries. I have to open the article in safari so it doesn't crash like it does in the app. FIX IT PLEASE BLEACHER REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Lazy bonez 65432

    Great app that gives you all the info with timely updates

  • Love it

    by Steffaneezer

    I love this app. Quick info for busy fans. Only thing that would make it better is TV channel info.

  • Buy it

    by Ftalaw1

    A great app I really enjoy it

  • Love it!

    by Crispybronco

    Has all my teams. Good articles. I dont even watch sports tv news at all after ive had this!

  • Best Sports App

    by SirDobbins

    With this app it gives you the stories you want to read right away, and it's simple. There's no fishing through other stories like the Sportscenter app; to find the one story you actually want. Also I'll read something on Bleacher Report, and no exaggeration an hour or two passes by and I finally get a notification from Sportscenter. Sometimes my CNN app beats Sportcenter with sports. Ridiculous.

  • The Best

    by Walter-White

    Excellent...up to the second news, updates, etc.

  • Nice addition to apps I check first thing in the morning

    by setoe

    Glad to see content from a variety of sources, including major dailies that have an actual writer on the beat as well as some sites I've never heard of before. Looking forward to seeing updates and improvements!

  • B/R Great

    by woodmic

    I use it hourly to track all my favorite teams an writers.

  • B/R Great

    by woodmic

    I use it hourly to track all my favorite teams an writers.

  • Best sports app

    by tprohaska

    Best sports app by far. I get my notifications faster than any other app including ESPN.

  • Good but...

    by SEB1919

    Great content but having to read stories left-to-right drives me crazy, rather read downward.

  • Awesome!!!

    by ZoomX3

    Download it now.

  • Beat app

    by John1237447474


  • Best Sports App

    by You & Your dog Scroto

    Keeps you up to date and allows you to control what you want to follow. Best info yet.

  • Please help

    by Monkeyfightsquad

    The app isn't on my ipod, but when I go to the App Store, it says open, but it won't even open the app.

  • Great app for sport news

    by Chriis_M

    I just still think there could be more orange to the app or just more color then just being mainly boring gray.

  • Great

    by Smooth0820


  • Keeps crashing

    by Joshuaa5656262

    Everytime I open the app it crashes right after need to get it fixed!

  • Crashes, unstable, articles wont load

    by Kickasspancakes

    And thats programming problems. Add subpar writers and horrible slideshows and u have a 1 star app

  • great

    by Brasil swag

    great app

  • Great

    by USMC Venom

    Better then any ESPN app

  • Slide show buttons broke

    by Vipergoat

    This is one of my favorite websites, and used to be one of my favorite apps. But now my next button on the sideshow articles won't work. It would be 5 stars if this problem was fixed.

  • Great

    by Willie man boy

    This app is great

  • Perfect sports app

    by sandacsod

    Looks great, works great, loads great, keeps you updates with all your favorite teams from different sports. Couldn't ask for more.

  • Great Sports App

    by DJ VJJ

    I was getting bored with the ESPN app so I switched to this BR team stream and was not disappointed, keep it up. Only thing is that you can't follow players in sports other than football and baseball.

  • Closes all the time

    by Guhjdjxkeoclg

    This app is so good I love reading about sports and my favorite teams but I can't read it when it closes on me all the time it's really annoying get this app if you can control if it closes on you I get so mad

  • My most frequented app by far

    by Mg2490

    I'm constantly sharing the funny or interesting stories. It pulls all the news from my favorite teams and sports in one spot and the fantasy streams are invaluable if you play.

  • Delete your ESPN app

    by BrewcrewPHY

    This app makes the ESPN app look like it was put together by Fred Flintstone

  • Meh

    by J-DogDriving

    I am part of the crowd that is more down on BR than other people. On several sports blogs I follow, Bleacher Report is regularly riffed on for writers who are regularly writing articles that should belong on personal blogs, for lengthy slide shows which are agonizing to swipe through, and the tendency to crash (on the IPod). Seriously, I often can hardly get through an article on BR without the app crashing, and I have had this app for several months (and nothing has changed in regards to this problem). When it comes to football articles, I think one of the few writers I really trust is Arif Hasan. Great writer who also puts out material for the popular SBNation Blog "The Daily Norseman." Unfortunately, Arif and the other great writers on staff are "balanced" out by writers like Eric Mack, who I am convinced never researches anything about what he is saying. So BR, you have some work to do before I give you a better rating.

  • Great app

    by Drugma

    Good app but british football teams emblems dont show up

  • Normally very solid...

    by Student101101

    But for the past two weeks I haven't been able to keep the app open on my ipod. Open it up and it'll last 15 seconds before crashing. Got around this problem by viewing on my phone (Galaxy S3), but now I can't scroll through pages, just stuck on the first one. Also please figure out how to enable us to read page headlines on mobile... Thanks, fix and stars go up!

  • Best app ever!!

    by Xe Plasma

    If you are a big sports person this is the app for you!

  • Stop Putting Sochi News in My Feed

    by Doris456

    Awesome app! Hate all the the news on the Winter Olympics. I have not subscribed to any of it and could care less

  • Great!!!

    by Wicked75

    Five stars because it deserves it. The best!

  • Amazing App

    by Evilmonkey5000000000

    There's only one thing I don't like about this app, and that's when I try to watch full game highlights sometimes it says 404 error so I can't watch that specific highlight... Ever but I love how it shows ALLL of the team's news as well as the tweets about the game

  • What?!?!?!?

    by SuperMario4Ds

    App keeps crashing

  • A Must Have App

    by JoseMatty

    For all the sports fans out there, this is a must have app. It gives you all the information on your favorite teams. BTW, not only American Sports, you can get Soccer as well, and I must say, they are doing a wonderful job on soccer, as well as other sports.

  • Great content but....

    by Upshotdrums

    This app is really good. It has great content and articles but it crashes quite a bit. It crashes enough for me to take away a star. Maybe 1.5 stars if I could. It's a 3.5-4 star app Imoa

  • Yay

    by Mikey goomba

    This is honestly one of the best sports apps around. I've had some pretty crappy sport apps. This deff beats the ESPN app

  • Great app

    by Mario Riccardi Jr

    It has good sport news. I love it. Works great for me. :-)

  • Great app

    by Burgermaster123

    This is a great app for a true and huge sports fan

  • Great app, but....

    by O567422784

    Great app, but the only problem is that it crashes a lot!! It's a very helpful app if you can actually do something that doesn't cause it to crash!!!

  • Great

    by Gafgfrgvxdg

    Know everything about your team!

  • Great

    by Wereyyoo

    The best app ever!

  • Good when it doesn't crash

    by Sniffy31

    Has been crashing a lot recently. Please fix it. Other than that it's a great app.

  • Greatest app out there

    by James football

    I have tried other sports apps, do yourself a favor and download this one now.

  • Best sports app

    by Youngshawty

    I had individual apps for my basketball and football news and individual team apps but not anymore this app is everything in one. I love it!


    by juanito92

    Best app ever. Keeps you updated on what's going on behind sports

  • Blows the ESPN app out of the water!

    by Squantum4

    By far the best sports app out there.

  • Can't load comments

    by Schemimg

    Good app but the inability to load comments take away from the overall quality of the app

  • Love it

    by Santiago Suarez

    Needs French Ligue 1!! And improved national team streams. Brazil league's Serie A would be awesome too.

  • Only sports app you'll use

    by FDiddy_

    Great content that integrates tweeter seamlessly. Only negative is box score formats.

  • Awesome

    by Priceless6565

    Great app.

  • Awesome app

    by T!ts Magee

    Updates go nicely

  • Bleacher report

    by Uoducks17

    This app is miles ahead of any of the espn apps

  • Amazing

    by Csonny8928

    So much better than the ESPN app this is for a true fan you get much more information than you ever would from ESPN

  • The Better Sports App

    by Dan Shedd

    I've tried several sports app but I keep going back to bleacher report. The teams, content, scores and updates make this app the best one for sports fans. The ONLY thing I would recommend would be to put the tv channels along with the scores. That would put it over the top!

  • Awesome

    by Auburn U

    The best sports news app

  • Team stream

    by KBlakers

    Best app

  • App crashes a lot

    by Shoelace16.7

    It is a great app but in the past couple of days the app has been crashing every time I opened it. Please fix

  • Flawless app.

    by thetrueblues.tumblr

    This is my go-to app for any and all news related to the only sport I follow (soccer/football). Unlike other sports apps, they don't force me to pay attention to sports I have zero interest, basketball, etc. The only improvement that could be made is easier account synchronization across devices. I've had to choose my teams over and over again when I get a new device because somehow I can't log in to my account. Otherwise, this app is perfect.


    by Fat Ethiopian Kid 1999

    I have an 5S and the JavaScript for this app won't work (the links). I absolutely love the app it's just I can't read the comments or go to different pages in articles.

  • Great app!

    by johnsontc

    Much better than any ESPN or other company alternative.

  • Jimmy

    by Jimmyb1022

    Great app. For all your favorite teams. Gives you up to date news.

  • Has taken over all other sports apps

    by Oxdub

    Very well done app. Has all my teams news, scores, and upcoming games in a simple easy to access interface. I love it.

  • Awesome

    by Orions bloody shoulder

    Just awesome.

  • Great App.

    by Derniedoo

    Love it use it every day.

  • You Guys Nailed It!!!

    by Coffeyman20

    My wife works nights. Instead of watching tv now I'll just read on your app all night.

  • Awesome

    by Jay12748493

    This is a fantastic sports app, perfect for getting all the latest news on ur favorite sports teams or leagues. It also covers a wide variety of sports so it's not like any is getting left out.

  • Horrible app

    by Kwasch07

    The stories never load. Whenever I open a link, all I get is a blank page even when the loading is completed. Doesn't matter if I'm in wi-fi, 4g, or 3G. I get the same result, a blank white screen

  • Pacersfan

    by Wiz cheif cncjcelem

    Used to only use espn. But recently found this app. Hate to say it but this app is so much faster than the espn score-center app. I get breaking news so much faster than when I had espn app.

  • Good sports app

    by Mullato don ad3

    Great app but had to turn of push noti's as I have 6 teams in my favorites and the news pops up about 6 times an hour. Great app though

  • Best sports app

    by jbirdman

    All the news a diehard sports fan needs in one place. Easy to use. Love it.

  • Just Amazing

    by AllenLara

    Hands down the best sports app anyone can get. It literally has everything you can think of in sports. Constantly keeps you up to date on your teams and the live scores are updating by the second. Best sports app ever. I love it!!!

  • Don't like no input

    by shakecamp

    All you can do is read what some of these knobs have to say, and can't respond.

  • A

    by Saxoffender

    Love this app. My only request is adding a drop down nav of every team in articles like or similar to "most intriguing trade options for every team approaching deadline", as opposed to having to click next or swipe 30 times if your team is alphabetically last. Then it gets the 5 stars. Jus sayin

  • Good app

    by Toye916

    I like it.....I like it allot

  • Awesome

    by Kswizzz

    Use it 24/7. Better than scorecenter

  • Crashes

    by Kkels099

    It has started crashing every time I try to open it. If it will stay open it's a good app.

  • Review

    by Sports_Head1151

    Its gives me my team news as soon as it can be released and i really like it i think its better than the espn app too. Only problem is it crashes for me sometimes

  • BR

    by Ryanese55

    Good for every sport & every team

  • Love it!

    by Rhj93075

    Must have for sports fans. In depth, behind the scenes reporting for your home team, and breaks news a hair faster than "other" sports news apps.

  • Amazing

    by Shelntim

    This is a really great app

  • Great!!

    by Jesters51

    It's the best!!!

  • Awesome

    by Arods broken bat

    Great app for sports fans

  • Awesome

    by Huge ice cube fan.

    A great app that notifys you on the world of sports and pick what teams you want to be notified about

  • Fine

    by JRMeadows

    It's fine with me.

  • Unbelievable

    by pearlsteinj

    Best app

  • Best Sports App!!!

    by Tametra Smith

    I love this App. Works better than any other sports app out there.

  • I love it

    by JabrielW

    5star app

  • An incredible app

    by Bdcoley3

    I have this app & Sports Center app. This one is better because they send score updates & finals faster than SC does.

  • The Best

    by Verry awesome !

    Better than any other sports App

  • The Best

    by Verry awesome !

    Better than any other sports App

  • Great

    by Novak sak

    Best app to stay on point with all of your favorite teams.

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