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- All-new Design
- Bruce Lee quotes (you can share it via Facebook)
- First Person Slow Motion One Inch Punch breakdown by Taky Kimura
- Music added

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Bruce Lee’s Secrets REVEALED!

Become an instant Bruce Lee insider, using Bruce Lee JDK app as your gateway to The Dragon. Bruce Lee’s best friend and highest-ranking JKD student, Taky Kimura, reveals personal stories about Bruce’s humble beginnings and rise to becoming a legend. These untold stories are exclusive to the Bruce Lee JKD App.

In addition, instructional examples of JKD basics and advance combinations are presented with clear descriptions, detailing the techniques of Bruce Lee’s unmatched martial arts. Use Shake and Share to reveal Bruce Lee’s most famous quotes. With just the shake of your phone, a inspirational quote will be revealed that you can share with your social network.


•One Inch Punch breakdown by Taky Kimura - in First Person and Slow Motion
•14 never before told stories of Bruce Lee
•Personal accounts from Taky Kimura, Bruce’s best friend
•97 inspirational Bruce Lee quotes powered by Shake and Share feature
•Video footage of where Bruce grew up in Seattle, WA
•Favorite hang out spots
•Where he trained
•His favorite restaurant
•Where he taught his first students
•7 JKD basic movement tutorials
•Wing Chun footwork
•Chain punches
•Chi Sao – ‘sensitivity drill’
•13 JKD combinations & instruction
•Pak Sao
•Lop Sao
•Chop Choi
•Jao Sao
•HD quality video & professional voiceover coaching

Experience Bruce Lee ‘s legacy like never before. Know the stories, learn the techniques, inspire others by sharing his wisdom. Discover The Dragon within you.

™ & © Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Customer Reviews

  • good!

    by xiaoyaoyiqian

    very great app, but you guys should add training section!

  • Absolutely Amazing!

    by NewReview66

    This is a very well made, professional app! I really like the video demos of JKD, but especially the stories about Bruce. Typically there is the legend of Bruce, but rarely do you get to see the non-hyped up version. My take is Bruce was a good friend and encouraged equality in the time of overt racism. The stories alone were my $3 very well spent! Thank you so much and God bless.

  • Great, unique App

    by Majingus

    I love the app, I'd definitely give it 5 stars but the recent update said there'd be a video breakdown of the 1 inch punch and it's not there at all!

  • It revealed so much new information about Bruce and showed the true JKD!

    by K. Nina

    Anyone who knows who is Bruce Lee should get this app! Thank you Taky so much!

  • a must-have for any Bruce Lee fan

    by VEK 7

    it's like to have 2 apps in one: - first part is just full of the information about Bruce Lee from his closest friend and very first student and now a master Taky Kimura. there are pictures and places i never knew and never saw about Bruce and i really happy to have that trip with Sifu. - second part is the JKD technics performed by Taky himself! i have no words - it's just brilliant and i really glad to have this app in my pocket)

  • Very cool!

    by Biff892

    Any fan of Bruce would enjoy these videos. And the Jun Fan Gung Fu demonstrations are excellent, as would be expected from one of Bruce's first students.

  • Awesome!

    by Rawleeman

    This is a terrific app for die hard Bruce Lee fans. Taky Kimura was Bruce's closest friend and he shares intimate stories from their past. Taky is a well of information.

  • Great content, both history and JKD instruction.

    by Lwpapa

    The step by step instruction and demonstration is great from Taky and both of his students. You can see Taky is a true master and great Sifu. It's crazy how lightning fast Sifu still is and you can truly feel the power behind the thinner guys attack entries. Everything is moving straight forward and directly through his opponent. Great stuff! Please continue adding to the demo instruction.

  • A must have for Bruce Lee fans!

    by Lhevans09

    This app provides fantastic insight about Bruce Lee's time in Seattle through the personal stories of Taky Kimura-Bruce's best friend. A must have for any BL fan! As a bonus, the app has additional video footage of Taky demonstrating some of the original gung fu techniques that he and Bruce used to practice together. The best part is that the app stores the video content directly on your phone so you can watch the videos and use the app even when no Internet connection is available. 10 out of 10!

  • Great Stories about Bruce given by Taky

    by dai.scott

    There are several great personal stories on this app given by Taky. Taky has done his part to keep Bruce's memory and martial art alive for other's. Nice app for those interested in learning a little more about Bruce Lee. Some of the demonstrations are given by Taky Kimura himself! - this alone makes this app precious and priceless!

  • The Real Deal

    by RB827

    Amazing!!! I'm a huge Bruce fan and the stories from Taky about Bruce is one of a kind. You get to know the real Bruce, his struggles and humble beginnings in Seattle. You get to hear rare stories and memories from his best friend Taky. On top of that you get to learn some cool moves!!! At first, the sound didn't work, but learned that you have to switch your phone OFF vibrate. After that the sound was good. This app definitely inspired me!!!

  • Guy teaching JKD is overweight

    by Big Lee in the place to be...

    Good instruction however the instructor is many clips is an overweight white guy, No offense but a hard core JKD guy should be in better shape

  • False Statements

    by Be Water, My Friend

    Being a fifth generation student of Jeet Kune Do from Bruce Lee himself (Dan Inosanto--Richard Harris--Jeff Baldwin--myself) the statement that Taky Kimura was Lee's top student is utterly NOT correct. The only individual to be certified to teach Jeet Kune Do was Dan Inosanto. Taky Kimura was only certified to teach Jun Fan Gung Fu. Additionally, Taky Kimura currently teaches "The original JKD" which emphasizes NOT changing anything from Bruce Lee's original methodology (movements, stances, etc) of Jeet Kune Do. The inherent problem with this is that if you know anything about Bruce Lee and JKD, is that he did NOT believe in "styles" or "systems" and that they "separate men;" that you must "absorb what is useful and discard what is useless." This means you must adapt and flow with the times, not keep a "rigid and original format." This app is misleading and not a proper way to be introduced or even continue studying the principles and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. This is NOT what Bruce Lee would have wanted. You'll be much better of obtaining one of his books or better yet, learning from a certified individual down the lineage of Guru Dan himself. "Be water, my friend." -Bruce Lee

  • Sorry Bruce

    by Douglito

    I'm sure Taky and his son could teach me a lot. But the content of these short videos don't do Bruce justice. In the present state of martial arts knowledge, the caliber of a typical enthusiast that would download this app far exceeds the information provided. Bruce Lee was and still is my idol. I eagerly await updates to this app that will enhance my training.

  • No sound

    by Mistamagoo3590

    There's no sound on mine. Can we fix this bug and get an update? I did pay $3 after all..

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