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Seller: Beautiful Code Factory, Inc.

new interface, new features, lots of new movements

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Capoeira is Beautiful! Its a martial art, its also a game, its also a dance, its music, rhythm … and a way of moving through Life and interacting with people. Capoeira became a huge part of my Life! I really made this app for me. I made it to help me learn movements and floreios … and it helped me tremendously. In order to make this app I've traveled the world and got connected with teachers I really wanted to learn form. I think you'll like this app and I am sure it will help you improve as well. Axe :)

This app will teach you Capoeira floreios, movements, escapes, kicks, combos, and injury prevention exercises by presenting them as high-resolution frame by frame animations.

"Amazing moves on the go! The quality is superior and technology is revolutionary. It makes it easy and practical to actually learn moves in detail. By far the best app period!"
-- BBoy Jeromeskee (Massive Monkees / Rocksteady Crew)

- optimized for iPhone 4 with high-resolution graphics that utilize the Retina display
- large library of Capoeira movements, escapes, kicks, stretches, floreios and 14 combos from Cordão de Ouro!
- control animation for every move: "flip it" and learn it the other direction, pause, continue playing, go back / forward
- add moves to "favorites" (for quick access)

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome guide

    by Lauel0408

    This app is very useful and it helps me a lot when it comes to my training. Im not really good at names of the moves but this app made it easier for me to remember.

  • Beautiful!

    by Christopher Fehrenbacher

    Nicely done! The UI is clean, simple, and concise. The images load smoothly and have great clarity. Muito Axé!

  • Good app

    by Him guy

    Good app. Good way to slow techniques down to learn

  • Awesome

    by Ali0612

    Perfect training

  • Excellent training aid and reference

    by JohnnyV83

    See title

  • I love it

    by Jzs147

    Helps me when I am not in class. And when I go back I have something new to show my professor even though he has to help me tweak it. Lol

  • Beautiful app

    by MaveUTA

    This is one great app.. Not only its serves its purpose it is very well thought of aesthetically. I love it how I can set the speed change angles study the moves frame by frame.

  • Great

    by KOF Fan86

    Awesome little app full of movement guides, key terms, and basic understanding of capoeira. Good place for beginners to start or just for the capoeira enthusiasts such as myself. Worth the price.

  • Great app!

    by Elana M

    This has been really helpful!

  • Excellent

    by MrCruztheTekkenhero

    This is awesome. I get to train in this anywhere I want. Great app definitely recommended for anyone wants to try it out.

  • Good App

    by Cutia

    The movements are nice to see and you can slow them down frame by frame to see the technique. This is a cool app

  • nice

    by drologist

    visuals are great for understanding movements

  • Its okay its juss beginner stuff i thought i would teach more

    by Ruthless Christian

    Its good you should get it

  • Could use work

    by Madam meow

    Good stuff, but freezes and force kills the app quite frequently. I say again, tho: good stuff

  • Impact!

    by Bimmerque

    Great for beginners! T Study train study!

  • Great help

    by Leliasen

    Great help to learn capoeira.

  • Choppy animation but generally good

    by El Banana Bandito

    The app seems to use low frame count animation to show you the moves, but it is useful to see things frame by frame to remember the moves. It also pronounces the moves for you which is useful. I just started capoeira class so this app helps tremendously.

  • Salvo Capoeira

    by Capoeira Meia Lua

    I run a capoeira class and this app is brilliant and very helpful !! Axe'

  • Excellent App!

    by Z Health

    Great fast and frame by frame motion. Each move is reversible. Great combos and techniques.

  • Video would be better

    by Principessa11

    I like the concept and features, but the "card flip" animation is really choppy. Video would be much better.

  • Blackout

    by Bluntsarcasm

    App blacks out after sequences is played. Please fix.

  • Excellent app!

    by Seank0

    Well worth the $! I love everything about it. Muito Obrigado!

  • Whooo

    by Crimson216


  • Thank you

    by Anjo11586

    I'm 25 and really wants to take up Capoeira this app has been really helpful thank you

  • Barney style capoeira!

    by Datuxii

    Great for beginners and those trying to learn the art... It shows step by step demonstrations to master proper forms of the moves.

  • Beautiful Capoeira

    by Dantresomi

    Awesome app!!! Highly recommended. I love how they break the combos down to levels.

  • Excellent

    by Vectorhive

    Great app. Very good reference. Beautiful photography.

  • Amazing

    by VEK 7

    Beautiful app! Trully amazing image quality. Wow!!!

  • Pinge style capoeira

    by RaSolo

    This is an awesome fast review guide for capoerist players. I been playing for years and to see regional on the go is nice, I learned my moves in French( creole) so it's nice to learn brazil way of saying

  • Nice update! Great look too!

    by An infinity blader

    Keep up the great work! Good reference to have on a mobile device as well. As for content, I'm not too sure what's still needed since I've just started learning but it appears that more work might have to be done. It's a nice app!

  • Update

    by GrandmasterIP

    Great app for moves on the go! Great update with more moves, and great move putting the music on there as well! Make a space with different type of capoeira music please!

  • Love it!

    by Mohaned Seattle

    Amazing quality!!! Nice explanation for the movement

  • Combos for beginners

    by Ozdwall

    I like the update with combo sequences however all the sequence cater to advanced capoeiristas . There should be at least 3 combos that a beginner would do for their first batizado. Also there is a bug with the combos description. The description doesn't always match the move.

  • Great but a bit overpriced

    by PMA2000

    The "combos" update is great, but it would be better if the description was broken-down into categories. Probably the best capoeira app out there, but 1.99 sounds more reasonable. Add more combos please! Oh and sequences too! Axe!

  • Good update but...

    by Nicholas Hunt-Walker

    This is a good update, but there's some bugs in it. The "combos" category repeats after the 14th one, and the descriptions of the combos are all descriptions of the ginga. Otherwise, it's a solid app! It might help in the future to have all the moves that comprise the combos available individually in their respective sections. For example, several combos call for a mariposa, but there's no instruction on executing a mariposa in the other categories.

  • Perfect

    by Maxxavier

    It's perfect whether with or without an instructor.

  • Well done

    by Shwa06

    I like a lot, basic and not too hard. Wig it was a small clip instead a shot by shot images but they work well with the movements none the less. Hope to see more selections in all sections and not just the stretching part.

  • 

    by Pimpum15

    This app is what it saids it is. More moves specially acrobatics should do the trick. Slow more video instead of frames or both could be a nice update even if the are from you rube but so far so good it has help me with my stretching and I Learn macaco. I agree with the other guy I'll pay double for more moves and combo

  • Awesome

    by gothe

    Perfect idea, I love the frame by frame this is exactly what apps are for. Learning capoeira at the park. Please add combos, I would pay double if you had as many combos.

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