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Scuba Dive Planner is a digital decompression table, made using general public information, most compatible with PADI diving tables, but it is comparable with most of the current diving organizations and their dive tables. Recreational dive planners are decompression tables in which non-stop time under water is calculated.The Scuba Dive Planner can be used to practice for your dive certification exams, and can be used as a general guide for planning dives.

Scuba Dive Planner works only for diving with air (21% Oxygen) filled tanks, and is not made to be used when diving on enriched air (nitrox) or any other type of mix. Please note that when diving on an altitude, special considerations must be taken into account, and different dive tables should be used.

Dive computers use much more sophisticated algorithms for calculated non-decmpression limits, based on the whole dive, whereas the recreational dive tables are much more conservative and assume a square profile dive where the diver spends the entire dive at one depth.

Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful App, very useful and easy to use

    by Suzi Divemaster

    What a great app. I've been using different apps for dive planning for a long time, and have been searching for an easy to use dive planner. This app can also send my plan to my email, or any email I want. It does cary over pressure groups and it is very similar to my PADI tables. I love using this app, and my dive buddies also use it a lot, and have couple of friends that use it for teaching new divers how to plan their dives. GREAT JOB!!!

  • Very useful for new and experience divers

    by Atanasovski

    This is a very useful application for me or any diver out there. I use this myself to check dive limits, if I forget to bring my eRDP or my PADI dive tables. Values are exactly the same, and it calculates the repetitive dives exactly as the tables. If you are like me and forget your tables at home, you will find this app very useful. I use this also to show my students how tables work, and what it is about pressure groups and how they should use this to double check their results with the dive tables. They also use this to practice for their diver certification tests. The option to sent the log to my email is awesome, and I use it all the time!

  • Excellent dive planner

    by Atilla77

    This is a very usefull app, I use this app to plan my dives and log what my plan is before hand so I don't have to think about it, I can just send my plan to my email and review it before I dive. I forget my tables, but I never forget my phone! This is awesome! I can even use this to never forget to log my dives in my logbook, I always have my plan in my email inbox.

  • Sorry I bought it

    by Jd.scuba

    The Lite version only allows 1 dive but seemed to work great so i bought the full version... The second dive does not carry over the PG correctly after Si and NDL turns out way off. I purchased two days ago and it was useless on day 1. Dont waste your money. Btw this is the case for metric and imperial. If the second dive worked correctly, this would be four stars. Maybe they will fix it. If they do, I will review again. 5 stars would need to include min SI and PG before and after SI.

  • Not a good app

    by Evan Medvec

    I don't like the quality you can get free dive planning software from scubapro that give you graphs and more detailed data. Don't waste your money!

  • Totally disappointed

    by KamelB

    Using the light version and based on the price of the full one; my expectations was that I was getting a full diver log with the planner and conversion tables. Not to forget the dive notes and Nitrox option. So far with its current features no value for money.

  • 6 hour is?

    by J. Elizabeth Clark

    Inaccurate because you can only put in a surface interval maximum of six hours. You should be able to choose up to 24 hours.

  • Horrible

    by Rick Cain

    I tried the light version of this and was impressed on how easy it was with some nice features like email so i bought the upgraded version. The upgraded version does not carry over pressure groups nor does it have a way to enter them manually. Don't bother buying this product.

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