NASCAR Drivers 2012: Racing Driver Bio's & News Sports App Review (iOS, $0.99)

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  • Updated: Mar, 09 2012
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★ Your #1 Source for everything about NASCAR Drivers. Period.

Welcome to the end all be all app for true, die hard NASCAR fans. This app gives you a complete bio of all your favorite NASCAR Drivers, including a year to year recap of their entire career, HD pictures of them and their precious cars, and anything else you can possibly want!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a NASCAR driver? This app gives a step by step guide to breaking through the door and establishing your yourself as a great driver!

Never be confused about whose driving what car, whose car number it is, or who landed that top sponsor because everything in provided here! There is also a Driver of the Day area that allows you to catch up on your NASCAR History and learn about some of the great drivers of the past!

★ Features ★

- Every driver in the race for the cup in 2012

- Every Car in the race for the cup in 2012

- Beautiful interface, easy to use... We promise you wil want all your apps to flow like this!

- Hundreds of HD Car and Driver pictures!

- Detailed information about each of your favorite drivers!

- Driver of the Day! learn about great drivers of the past daily!

- How to become a NASCAR Driver

- Amazing Gallery with tons of racing pictures



Customer Reviews

  • Decent

    by Allred1us

    Should have Nationwide & truck drivers as well. Also should be more pictures. Overall really informative, just needs a little bit more

  • Don't download if it goes Free!!!

    by Claire-Bare

    If you only want info on the 35 (said to be our favorites -- thanks for making assumptions developers) drivers they provide, you're doing great! If you want info on anyone else, tough. I looked for a driver who had been Sprint for several years, but is driving Nationwide now. Nope. Out of luck. If I want facts on Five Time or Danica Patrick, I can get everything that's here from random comments the announcers give every race. Let's not even think about any but the top two or so NW people, any truck drivers or, oddly, some of the bigger names in Sprint. Do they not realize that NASCAR has three major series? The developers promised lifetime updates. Will they only update random people? The app is NASCAR DRIVERS 2012. They tell you "How to become a NASCAR driver." Thanks for that completely useless info. If I've ever sped on an interstate I've come as close to being a professional driver than I ever will be. This is not an app for anyone who is a casual occasional viewer level much less an actual fan. If you can name two or more drivers, you can skip this app and consider yourself an expert. All of this said, if any updates are made, ever, could you also list the drivers by name? Some cars aren't driven full time by the same driver during the year. Looking by number won't help in that situation.

  • dont buy

    by jimmiejohnsonfanphd

    i hate this game its not giving me the entire list of drivers or photos DO NOT BUY

  • Awful!!!

    by Banjo

    I'm really disappointed!! They claim there's hundreds of pictures and all the NASCAR drivers. Not all NASCAR drivers are on there. There may be a hundred pictures but that's being generous. It should be no stars but it made me select at least one star.

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