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  • Publisher: Apps 4 Fans
  • Updated: Feb, 11 2012
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 14.68 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Denise Jordan

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★ Your #1 Source for everything Air Jordan. Period.

Welcome to the end all be all app for true, die hard Michael Jordan and Air Jordan kick Fans. Sneaker heads will freak at the wealth of information, HD sneaker pics, and release dates!

Be first in line to get your Jordans, with our detailed release date list for 2012 and beyond!

★ Features ★

- Every shoe Michael has released with pictures & information on most of the multiple colors for each release!

- Beautiful interface, easy to use... We promise you want all your apps to flow like this!

- Hundreds of HD sneaker pictures!

- Detailed information about each of your favorite kicks!

- Release dates for the 2012 year!



Customer Reviews




  • Upset

    by Joshua Ortiz

    I'm really mad that they haven't updated it mine only goes to June and we are in July

  • Good app.

    by HuiYi772012

    I like this app,raelly beautiful interface, easy to use

  • Explore this app today()

    by tadomana

    You should update and experience it today. I'm sure this application will be helpful for your shoes...!

  • Good app()

    by felari10xx

    This is the application that I like most in app store. Do you want try it now-)?

  • Buy it !

    by Kellieen

    Beautiful interface, easy to use !

  • Get it !

    by Turnerel

    Be first in line to get your Jordans

  • Great !

    by frankeis

    We promise you want all your apps to flow like this! I very it !

  • Good !

    by bucsis91

    Detailed information about each of your favorite kicks! I love the update!

  • Not bad !

    by AndreBare

    We promise you want all your apps to flow like this! I have missed all kinds of releases with raggedy app.

  • Very impressive@

    by gucmanci

    Only $0.99 for buying this app. Please explore it as soon as you have time.Very wonderful+)

  • Cool app

    by Dsj 1!!!!

    It's cool worth da price hundred times over

  • Jordans all good

    by BallerGamer88

    straight app for jordan shoes and everything!

  • Slam dunk!

    by Orsen99

    so pretty… love the update!

  • Scoop it up!

    by heatFANdwade

    nice app

  • Nice

    by JimJones001

    Love it app… all net baby!

  • Sneakerhead sadness

    by Jordan forever

    Needs to put more release dates up :( the price is a rip off

  • Needs to be updated

    by Snakeeyes23

    Good interface with a lot of possibilities. Needs to be updated to realize it's full potential. Much of the information is online, however it would be great to have it all at your fingertips. Missing a lot of colors and releases in the archives.

  • Terrible

    by Hussein khalil

    Not worth it at all I deleted it right away! Don't get it, you will regret it.

  • Garbage this app should be taken down

    by ImpeccableLuxury

    D not purchase this, I wasted my money on an app that hasn't been updated since 2012 Remove this app or UPDATE it


    by Poophead1011

    need to update already ...

  • Don't Buy!'

    by Pelzrss

    Needs update! It's only for 2012! They should be ashamed to still be taking people's money!

  • Horrible DONT BUY THIS APP

    by Baseball1724

    This app is terrible i looked at the pictures and it looked pretty cool but they only give me the 2012 releases. I really want my money back. I should have looked at the reviews before I bought the app. Please dont buy this app!!

  • I Want My Money Back

    by AJ Rocket

    I dislike this app i bought it thinking it would give me all the jordan release dates but it only goes to June. Also i thought since its 2013 they would update but here we are near february 2013!!! Still nothing dont buy this app

  • Needs to be updated!!!! And it's a waste of money! Don't buy!

    by Aminahk421

    I've had the app for months! It doesn't give correct Information and there hasn't been an update in 8 months. It stops In June of 2012 ... Waste of money for all you die hard sneaker freaks. If I could get my money back that would be great...but not happening ... Just a warning ! DON'T BUY THIS APP IT'S GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Update

    by Tonym12

    This is old stuff update this app already!!!!!


    by Naysanchez

    Please make update all info is last year

  • Waste of money

    by CallmeGA

    Well I learned my lesson... I should have read the reviews prior to purchasing. App has not been updated; The release dates stop at June and here we are in October. What a waste of money.

  • Horrible App

    by Pradaluv69

    Waste of $$. The app is never updated. Wish I never downloaded it. Want $$ back!

  • should have read the reviews

    by Rubenskalla

    this app is not updated, it claims in the description that it will be updated every month and hello we are in September now where are the release date information and all the releases are not even included, I want my money back

  • Garbage

    by Booghottitats

    Don't buy don't rate

  • Terrible

    by Christopher Trachtman

    Want my money back and the one star

  • Terrible

    by VinDel

    Doesn't give you any upcoming information awful I want my money back

  • Terrible

    by Jay2696

    I want my money back..... NOW!

  • Jordan

    by Kleever324

    This was a waste in my opinion 1) this app doesn't even give you all the releases for the year and the months that it did have didn't even show all the shoes 2)it doesn't even show you all of the Jordan's when you search it up for instance you could look up the Jordan 11 and they will not show every Jordan 11 smh. If your going to get a Jordan app get a good one not this 1

  • Was good

    by Twungtwister

    For the months that passed now they gotta update it so it will b worth it

  • Not Worth It

    by Mr.perfekkt

    This app is outdated. Do not spend your money on this crap. Please update or something . Where the new release dates for the rest of the year July-December ?...

  • Bad !!

    by Viboss83

    This app gives you dates only until June . After that you get nothing . I wouldn't tell anybody to get this app !!

  • Waste of .99

    by Deuces and tres

    Worst app I ever purchased, no updates or nuthn, release dates only go until June...matter fact no star ratin for this weak app

  • Horrible

    by Sneakerhead977

    On The First Generation IPod You Can't Even Load A Shoe Before It Just Closes Out.

  • Garbage

    by Derek Wallbrown

    Missing lots of release dates and never updated. Only have release dates through June. Very frustrating!

  • Waste of 99¢

    by Kenneth1233567

    I expected this app to be really good. I opened it up and it had nice presentation, then looked at the release dates and they were not only missing a lot of releases, they are not updated. I bought this app 2 months ago. A day after I bought this, I bought the app sneakerology. Much better. THIS APP IS A WASTE OF 99 CENTS

  • Junk!!!

    by Lil bern

    I have missed all kinds of releases with raggedy app. I didn't even know jb was coming out with the low top xi this year. Save your money don't get this app!!!

  • Terrible!

    by DJ Hellfire

    Waste of money. Never updated. Missing several releases. Not worth a single star. I want a refund!

  • Horrible

    by JRF187

    Not worth a dollar. The J23 is way better. Never updated. Missing release dates. If there was no stars I'd give it that.

  • Should be free

    by Giantwin

    Decent info that is very rarely updated. Most def not worth 2 bucks. And that's sad to say. Thumbs down!

  • Junk

    by EmeraldLeigh

    Won't let me scroll up! Fix app!

  • Ripoff!!

    by AJDSL

    $1.99 really. What a rip off!! And a scam. Nicekicks app is way better and FREE!!

  • Horrible!

    by Justin5117

    Just got robbed for $1.99 not update, not accurate. Bad app all around.

  • Ok

    by Sneaker head 83

    This app does not have all the color ways for the shoes Probly not worth the $2

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