Antler Insanity Sports App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Antler Insanity, LLC

- iOS 7 Needed.
- Fixes graphics issues on iPhone 5 screen size.
- Allows journal entries for marked stand locations.
- Classify your marked locations as Stand/Blind, Food Plot, Trail Cam, or Other Marked Spot.
- Rename your stand and other marked locations.
- Range finder for determining yardage from your current location to anywhere on the map.
- Simply "Touch" a map to store a location (used when you are not physically at the desired spot you want to mark).

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The Antler Insanity (AI) App is a free and easy to use iPhone program for the serious outdoorsman. Written by hunters, for hunters. How many times have you needed to know the wind speed and weather at your favorite location, the sunrise/set times, wished you could save your spot for later visits, and of course, being able to field score your antlers? This app makes all that possible, right in the palm of your hand.

- The ability to obtain current wind speed, direction, and weather at your GPS location. This becomes extremely important when you are deciding whether to hunt there or not. if the wind is not right, then your game will know you are there before you even spot them.

- You can store the GPS location of your favorite stand in a database for later mapping and weather information determination. This is extremely helpful because you can retrieve the location later and check its wind data to determine if the spot’s conducive to success prior to going there.

- You can keep notes or a journal with your marked stands. You can also edit the name of a stored location if you decide to rename it.

- The app computes sunrise and sunset times for your current GPS location. The calculations are actually performed internally without the use of charts. Data used in these formulas are your GPS location, calendar data, UTC time and the iPhone's current time zone (determined via cellular connection).

- A set of scoring sheets for selected antlered species (deer, elk, pronghorn, caribou). AI only uses gross scores (no deductions) as we believe your harvest should be judged upon all the bone it has grown. (Scoring worksheets for more antlered species will be added in subsequent versions).

- The app loads the “Insane Shop” from the internet so you can get some cool stuff, as well as it provides links to AI’s Twitter and Facebook pages. This will let you keep up to date with all of AI’s hunting expeditions and blogs.

- The iPhone Location Services must be turned on for the GPS location features to be used (iPhone 3GS and later).

- The GPS locator is best used when the user is outside so a more accurate determination of location can be found.

- An internet connection is necessary for obtaining weather data.

- The sunrise and set times are computed internally in the app using your GPS location, calendar information, and time zone location as input into actual mathematical equations. Any differences between the AI computed times, as compared to published charts, could be due to round-off differences in the number of seconds.


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