Sochi 2014 Results Sports App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, Russian

Seller: ANO Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014"

Sochi 2014 Results application becomes better and more convenient every day
Medal standings now shows the ranking of countries
More opportunities to share information about results and athletes in social networks
Live infographics in accordance with the language settings in the iPad version
More accurate and convenient results of all sports competitions

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The Sochi 2014 Winter Games are in your hands!

The official Sochi 2014 Results application provides full details of the sports program of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games.
Install the application and follow the medal races in real time.
Get quick and easy access to the competition schedule and results.
Choose the country you’re supporting, compile your information ticker of selected topics and be alerted with the latest news of your favorite athletes!
Sochi 2014 Results is your personal media center for the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
Be a part of the premier event this winter.
The Games of 2014 are for you!

Customer Reviews

  • The most comprehensive and detailed Sochi 2014 app

    by The Grizz

    This is the most comprehensive and detailed app for the Sochi Olympic games. It has breakdowns of all the scoring and tons of other detailed information on the athletes and outcomes of events. Super easy to navigate and the information you are looking for is presented extremely clearly.

  • Better

    by geomaster11

    More complete now with live scoring and start lists; startup is still slow

  • better

    by bridkat

    still has a little trouble connecting to the server but it's better than it was before

  • Good first impression

    by Figgjoflint

    The app seems well designed, but has a flaw in the medal ranking section. Only nations with a gold medal are being ranked. Those with a silver or bronze are stuck down there in alphabetical order. Hope it will be fixed soon.

  • Great app and informative!

    by vwfit

    I downloaded this to see the results at any time I want and this app delivers! The extras like athlete profiles are a welcome addition.

  • Nice Job! The Layout is Easy

    by Jaredspack

    I like this app mainly because it is similar to the 2012 Beijing Olympics App. I find it easy to navigate, medals, players, and events are mapped out well. I selected English and I still see Russian text in the app. Maybe it could be optimizes a little further with language preferences? Otherwise, well done!

  • Very Nice

    by Cslinker

    Excellent app, great easy layout. But the medal table is wrong. It only shows the countries with gold medals at the top, the bronze/silver ones with no gold stay at the bottom.

  • Slick

    by SAHDaddy

    Shows me everything I want without ads or confusion. They appear to have fixed the language issue (for English at least) - I don't see any Russian.

  • This app is ok

    by iМы

    This is a good app with beautiful interface.

  • Great App for Olympic Enthusiasts

    by Robb Sky

    The latest update fixes bugs and works great. If you're into the Olympics, you need this app.

  • English + Russian

    by Antoinefcb

    Love this app! Only thing that I dislike is that the Russian text even if I put my language preference on English or French. Five-star app if the Russian could be removed from the English preference. Hope you can fix this!

  • Schedules & results in Russian

    by Sir Hikesalot

    I setup this app for English language and the Schedules and results are in Russian. The instructions were in English and the names of events were too. But, the athletes are still in Russian. Gave app three stars because of language error.

  • Event information "missing"...

    by Going Nowhere 19

    Worked pretty well until the update today. I can see the even (snowboard, ice skating, etc.), but the specifics of the competition (i.e. Men's semifinals) is in some other language or just crazy characters. Please fix ASAP.

  • Better but…

    by mo5jo5

    On the schedule it'll say the sport in English but the rest, such as Slope style Semi-Finals, is in Russian.

  • Great details and up to date

    by mpegtoo

    Your favorite language and Russian, too. Just started to use the app. Easy to config, very detailed. Good companion to the NBC coverage.

  • Awesome

    by Deawesomeness

    Awesome app!!!⚽️⚾️

  • Ok

    by Selenagomez'sbiggestfanever!

    There's a lot of good information about upcoming events and athletes, but majority of the app is in Russian. Despite setting the app to English, the app tells time like the Russians, height, weight, and the athlete's birthplace is written in Russian. Somewhat disappointing.

  • Feb 6 update crashing

    by Tyler Weaver

    1.1.0 crashes on the opening screen that says Please wait for data update. Update: deleted and reinstalled. Now working.

  • Well before the update it looked alright

    by Glennyrd87

    Since the new update today everything is English mixed with Russian and I can't read Russian. I set the language to English and that dang Russian is still there.

  • Вперед Россия!

    by Pertseva

    Не ругайте страну в которой живете ! Россия вперед мы с тобой я люблю свою страну такой какая она есть! Она замечательная кто бы, что не говорил и не издевался над нашей Родиной нам завидуют и нас боятся! У нас есть плюсы, а над минусами надо работать нам самим, а не гнобить и не ныть, что обидно за державу! С Богом!

  • Malware, do not download!

    by Danfndnejfjjdnfnfh

    Constantly crashes, must be hackers at work!

  • Empty

    by Greg823

    No events are displayed for any day. Useless.

  • Buggy

    by Posadarama

    Picked English but still gives notifications in Russian. Also having serious issues connecting to the server. Needs work

  • Horrible app

    by filmguy36

    Chose my language but everything keeps coming up in Russian. Tried resetting the language in the settings but to no avail.

  • Bad update.

    by wizz_

    Now we have mix of Eng and Rus. language.

  • Update Errors

    by chodgin

    Latest update is showing my schedule in Russian (although English is my language setting) and telling me I have no favorite events (when I selected 5 favorite sports). Please fix!!

  • Don't update!!!

    by Im a fan of Cutting

    App was great before, then I updated. Now the schedule is in Russian!!! I tried to fix it in the settings but when I set it to English, everything is in English but the schedule.

  • Had potential

    by killerqueenie78

    Terrible app! Go with NBC much much better!!! Im deleting this one n only going to use NBC.

  • Хуйня!

    by Dollaruz

    Эта ёбаная программа грузится со скоростью пенсионерки, которая идёт в гололёд с полными авоськами картошки..... Как всегда Рашка обосралась!

  • Вперед Россия!

    by Pertseva

    Не ругайте страну в которой живете ! Россия вперед мы с тобой я люблю свою страну такой какая она есть! Она замечательная кто бы, что не говорил и не издевался над нашей Родиной нам завидуют и нас боятся! У нас есть плюсы, а над минусами надо работать нам самим, а не гнобить и не ныть, что обидно за державу! С Богом!

  • Go Kazakhstan!

    by Kazakhstan_boy

    Great app! Thank you!

  • Rainbow Pride

    by Wearegay

    We are proud of being gays!

  • Sleek and interactive

    by TheRussianLad


  • Attractive and Pleasing

    by iApp4

    The app is attractive and pleasing to own.

  • За державу обидно

    by Serg22 Andreich

    Вот тебе и олимпиада - даже приложение качественное сделать не могли. Что будет дальше? :(

  • So good but missing key features

    by ABDOriginal

    I love it but I'd like to select multiple countries to watch. And you can only keep track of up to 5 sports?? And the notification setting are too complicated. Can't I just get notifications relating to my watched countries?? But the UI over all is very appealing and easy.

  • Best App to follow the games

    by Pete Chavana

    The best app to follow the games just what I was looking for!

  • Awsome app

    by Mazrox

    This is the most useful app ive ever downloaded

  • so good

    by anous007

    the best app for sochi

  • Sochi 2014 Olimpics

    by Ctgoalie30

    This is a great app if you'd like to stay updated on the olimpic scores

  • Can't wait for the results

    by Appstar885

    I want to know the Olympics also downloaded nbc sports live extra

  • Perfect!

    by Epraschan

    Exactly the Olympics app I was looking for. Full events schedule, medal results, and push notifications. U-S-A!

  • Great!

    by RussiasNumber1


  • Looks Great!!!

    by gobeatty

    If you read my earlier review, I've updated as the app is working now :-) Looks very clean. You can pick up to five fav events and have the schedules synced to your calendar. You can pick fav athletes to follow. You can tailor notifications. Looking good and I'm stoked for Sochi!!!

  • Don't use it!!!

    by marcel sulek

    App doesn't work! If this is official app, how games will be?

  • Best app on the market

    by adri735

    My favorite part is how the app doesn't even open. Seriously, I don't know why I wasted my time downloading this.

  • Only 5 favorites?

    by aspeedsk8ter

    I need to add more than. 5 favorites! I want to watch all the skating and skiing at least! Please remove or increase the limit on favs!

  • Would not load

    by Squank

    Understand it works for some, but would not work on my iPhone 5

  • BAD!

    by kcunn2000

    This app does not load? Had to give a star to send...

  • Doesn't open

    by Angie332233

    The app used to work fine until the new update and now it won't load or open. Please fix!

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