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Mobile Guide to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi will make your Games unforgettable and full of bright impressions. You'll be able to stay up to date, to know the accurate schedule of competitions and other events, to follow the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay, to purchase tickets, to plan a trip, to navigate in Sochi and at sports venues with the interactive map, to share experiences with friends and much more. Sochi 2014 Guide is your encyclopedia of the Games!

Be a part of the main event of this winter.
The 2014 Games are for you!

Customer Reviews

  • Skip setup after first crash to run

    by ABR3434

    Maybe it's just me but if I were making an app that was going to be used by tens of thousands I'd make sure it could get through it's first 30 seconds of use without crashing. Not so here. If you don't let it access your calendar, it crashes! Nice way to insist! Hit skip button on top right to get into the app after the first crash. Rest of the app looks ok so far.

  • Works well

    by LoLaMC

    Great app, almost as good as the London 2012 one.

  • Works Great

    by Wkpooh

    Had no problems down loading and set was as a breeze. Go USA!

  • Не удобное

    by Алексей Минск

    Все очень маленькое. Экраны перегружены информацией. И дизайн плохой.

  • Гуд гид

    by Gsidekh

    Удобное приложение для олимпийских игр 2014

  • Бесполезно

    by Распил России

    Приложение красиво и содержит кучу информации. Бесполезной информации. Почему не стилизована клавиатура под iOS 7? В России нет разрабов на это?

  • Love it!

    by T24467

    It will help me to keep up with the Olympics game.

  • Wonderful pictures

    by Rcergen

    If you like watching wonderful pictures of the Russian landscape and people, this app is for you. Contrary to other posts, this app has worked flawlessly for me. The information provided about the cities and areas of the flame bearers, although with misspellings, is fascinating. Now that the games have begun I expect to see some good footage of events.

  • Good idea but crashes

    by raybeezee

    When I try to add events to my calandra the app crashes. This is very annoying because this is the only way to get reminders from this app

  • Вылетает на странице настроек соцсетей.

    by Bullblah

    Не позорьтесь! Правьте.

  • Отличное приложение. Спасибо разработчикам.

    by Alekseyfrom

    Отличное приложение. Спасибо разработчикам.

  • +5

    by Vanyakor

    Замечательная прога! Наконец то нашел то что искал))

  • +++++

    by n.gosha

    Отличный путеводитель для олимпийских игр в Сочи

  • Good

    by Kelley Rainer

    The app is nice enough. Not spectacular, but it will suffice.

  • Useful, especially if you planning of going to the games

    by Youotromo

    This app can help you in many aspects especially if you are glint to Sochi.

  • Great App

    by artofins

    Works pretty well; easy and convenient to use!

  • Работает ОТЛИЧНО!

    by Vova zolin

    И не надо пиздеть! ВСЁ БУДЕТ ХОРОШО!

  • Потрясающе бесполезная вещь

    by evgesha1972

    Почему нет результатов??? Программа только показывает расписание. Новости ужасные, на РБК лучше:)

  • Crashes everytime

    by mkim316

    Ok so I did the skip part like other reviews had mention. But the constant crashes made disgruntled and disappointed. I hope this gets an update until then. You're better off relying on the website or some other place

  • Terrible app

    by Shay9221979

    Can't follow live competitions. Doesn't show winners of preliminary competitions terrible app.

  • Crashes during setup

    by oldschool87

    Is that bc I chose the wrong country?

  • Useless

    by Vince P H

    No scores? The event was at 2 am and no scores or any other info at 8 am!?

  • Can't rate bc can't open

    by Alyssa Cohan

    App crashes every time at the same spot. Can't get past the language setting for the app to open. Please fix.


    by Joseph Stalin

    Позорище. Приложение вылетает при начальной установке, запрете определение местоположения. Дальше 4го шага ничего не происходит и приложение через 10 секунд вылетает. Даже с приложением об*срались.

  • No good


    The app

  • 1 star only because I can't give it a zero

    by nababyna

    This app is on par with the Sochi hotels. Crashes constantly to the point of being unusable. Too bad, cause it sounded great.

  • Frozen in Time

    by Cbvalm

    I can not get out of app. I want to see other Olympic apps but can not get out of this one!

  • Malware!

    by Danfndnejfjjdnfnfh

    Malware, do not download, Russian hackers trying to gain access to you computer!! Constantly crashes,

  • Crashes before can even use it

    by shinyhappyrosy

    On Step 4 of 5 for app setup it crashes every time. You can skip the setup apparently (I have not done this), but to me what's the point if I can't customize it to what I'm interested in?

  • App crashes. Not useable.

    by Kimberly Chow

    App keeps crashing during step 4 of setup. I couldn't even tell you if the content is decent.

  • Not meeting any of my expectations : (

    by DPinFL

    Like the numerous others here, I had to figure out the 'work around' for all the crashes happening during initial set-up. The SKIP button in the upper right certainly was beneficial to the frustrations that started immediately. The provided links are very quick to direct you to the content, but the content is quite sparse (or, at least, so far). According to the settings, I'm readily set for the English language, but when I click on the Coke banner the content is totally in Russian. Since I don't read/speak Russian, that's not going to be a big help. My first thought is to quickly delete this from my iPad and label it a 'crap app', but will hang onto it for a while and see if there are updates that turn it into something actually useful. So far, it's working (for me) about as good as those Olympic rings did in the opening ceremony. Ooopsie!

  • Crash! Boom! Bang!

    by vpaul

    Crashes before I even get through the welcoming setup screens--four times in a row with different responses, or scenarios. I think it doesn't like that I won't let it access my calendar.

  • Crashes

    by Minnyjr

    Every time when you enter time zone then try to enter message type. It crashes. Every dang time. Fix it. Now. Right now. Not later. Now.

  • Crashes

    by machestnut

    Using it on my iPad air and it constantly crashes when looking at the event photos. This app is horrible don't waste your time with it

  • Crashes

    by Jaime Wilsey-Heckman

    Can't get past the setup page before it crashes!

  • Keeps crashing

    by euunila

    I can't get past the settings as the app keeps crashing on me.

  • Crashes

    by Cavallo61

    If your going to publish an app, please sure it works first. Must be the same programmers as Obamacare

  • Ads preempt content

    by Texas samoyed

    The ad banner at the bottom makes it impossible to read the information provided.

  • УГ

    by Ipad 434;6

    УГ и нечего тут говорить.

  • Did anyone actually test this app?.

    by Future X customer

    Not much to review since it's impossible to get past step 4 of the setup process when it crashes. Come on, doesn't anyone test these things before release?? I'd be embarrassed. Signed Hoping for an update.

  • Bad, bad, bad.

    by wallamom

    Crashes before you can even start. Waste of time.

  • Not functional.

    by Noyzirra

    This app will crash upon trying to use it's functions as an app that is supposed to help you keep up with the Olympic schedule. Pretty, but useless. Why is this on the headline list???

  • Does not work

    by Rainbows4*

    I downloaded this app hoping the other reviews were wrong- but I cant get the app to get past the first screen. Doesn't work at all :(

  • Under construction

    by DD-8671-2503

    Is this app still under construction like the rest of the Sochi Olympics? No schedule up and there are events that start today? Not even any information about the torch relay, and that has been happening for months already...

  • Not sure where to begin...

    by NYPete

    Crashes everytime you try to set up your settings (hint: top right corner has a skip setting that will let you into the main app) Once you're in, prepare to be overwhelmed with sparse, vague, disorganized information about the games, which unless you are on the IOC, are absolutely baffled by what are actual events. I saw a Museum event in october listed under events (it's ok, my head exploded too when my brain was trying to comprehend what was happening). To the developers DON'T OVERTHINK THIS. The ADHD-riddled wants to know: When is the official opening ceremony, when are the US events so we can cheer on team USA, and are they actual events or something else i.e qualifier. Then just end it! We could not care ANY LESS ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE

  • Can't even set up app

    by Dwright5

    This won't be much of a review since I can't even set up the app to start using it. The app crashes after I enter the country I'd like to follow. Terrible app.

  • Doesn't work

    by Knarfmo

    Takes forever to load, then won't actually start.

  • App is trash

    by AmeliaEtherose

    I can't even get into it because it continually crashes during set up. Not worth the data it takes to download.

  • doesn’t work

    by Sman1231

    crashes every time you try to run the set up, you would figure they would have a better app for something as big as the Olympics...

  • Crashes on start

    by ELattime

    As others, crashes every time I start

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