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Seller: Andrew Smith

** Updates for 2013 and iOS6

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Now you can have an astrologer in your pocket!

Astrology, by Highest Unfolding, is a great horoscope tool that gives you comprehensive information about each sign in the Zodiac, with new daily horoscopes specific to your sign.

Enter your day and time of birth, and Astrology determines your sign. Then, each time you open the app you receive your new daily horoscope.

Tap the Zodiac sign name above the wheel, and get information about that sign.

Spin the Zodiac wheel and get the horoscope for any other sign, as well.

Astrology is supported by iAds so you don't have to pay for the app!

WiFi or cellular data network access required to retrieve your horoscopes.

Astrology is a beautiful self-study tool, going beyond personality and approaching the realm of soul.

Customer Reviews

  • Not really accurate!

    by Oreo_Woman88

    To my surprise the free daily horoscope was not very accurate, one of the worst horoscope apps I have seen far! I hate that you have to pay for the report and from the sample I read it seems to me that it would not be worth buying! And, it is starting to bug out too! 

  • This is just what I've been looking for!!

    by HeartTakeFlight

    A free app with daily horoscope. This is cool!

  • Super Fantastic

    by Tania Dalmau

    I'm loving getting my planetwaves on the go. Anything Eric dishes out, I'm eating with a spoon!

  • Informative and easy!

    by ML in FLA

    Easy, quick daily horoscope with good details!

  • Great one!

    by Lyudmyla Dzik

    Like it! When it will be available in other languages?

  • Awesome top Five

    by Jezzib

    i luv this app simple and easy to use very enlighting

  • Perfect!

    by auptown

    This is exactly what I was looking for, quick horoscopes, new every day!

  • Not that great

    by HKP93

    It's not really astrology. It's just a horoscope with planets In it.

  • Dissa

    by Pointedd

    No astrology, only a commercial ad for The guy. Uninstalled.

  • Gimme Gimme

    by Tabraea

    If you want more you have to pay more! Loaded with ads.. It tells you what you already know if you're into astrology. Don't waste your time.. Deleting mine! I'd give it half a star but, it wouldn't let me.

  • Does Eric pay users to say good things?

    by Ultra Sonic

    Eric probably has some of the DNA of P.T. Barnum which could account as to how he suckers so many that are genuinely interested in what astrology has to offer into downloading the UnContested WORST Astrology program on the iPhone. How could ANY astrology program present itself with a wheel that has ALL of the Zodiac Signs in BACKWARDS ORDER!? The good thing is that users of this joke of a program (unforgivingly commercial, Buy Buy Buy!) almost universally agree that it is a relief to delete from their iPhones as a waste of space almost as soon as they close it the 1st time. If you like Sun Sign astrology the best is Susan Miller's Astrology Zone Premier, which has great reviews, great daily, weekly & monthly reports and is the 2nd astrology program to appear in the App store in back in Oct. of 2008. If you like astrology based on your full birth data and animated graphics try iTime Capsule, which is free to download but after 7 weeks of free reports, Forecasts will cost $3 for 3 months. This is a real Gem of a program if you want to explore your Future and also those of significance in your life.

  • Upsetting

    by aggravated with Astrology

    I was really mad when I tried to get my weekly horoscope and about half the page is talking about how great the creator is and if u want ur full horoscope u have to buy the rest of it. DON'T GET IT A WASTE OF TIME

  • Advertising app

    by KLynn8

    Only gives part if the "insightful" information and then says. "Buy, Buy, Buy upgrade. No way. Not fun not useful deleting this one completely

  • ....

    by taliap99

    couldn't even open the app. it closed automatically

  • Um....

    by Caitlin Hayes

    So I download this and went to see what it said. It was so insanely off. It was slow, and wrong about my sign. You really shouldn't get the basics wrong. It's not like you have to guess those.

  • .

    by Dr.s_24

    Never got it to run

  • Useless

    by Miguelfl

    Nothin worth getting

  • Useless

    by just wanna say

    Doesn't even even think about downloading this one.

  • Nothing Unusual - Did not open for me either.

    by TruckinDuck

    Waste of Space... Delete it.... Better yet forget downloading it.

  • Worst app!!

    by Ttlgrl7

    Gee, it's kinda hard to use it when the stupid thing won't even open!!

  • What in the world?!

    by Doggygray

    This is the worst app I've ever gotten in my life! It just froze and never loaded right when I clicked on it.

  • So glad I didn't pay for this!

    by Maximus9999

    Not sure why this app is even relevant. You can get all this info from a horoscope website. I could understand if this app provided info without you having to connect to the interweb, but as it doesn't, I cannot see the point. I think if Apple looked long and hard at thousands of apps in the app store, most could be removed for offering nothing of value. This would fall into that category. Save yourself a few minutes of your life and do not bother with this one......

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