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* Put Max Speed back on New Session Tab
* Faster processing
* Fix crashing on open for iOS 6 + 7
* Bug fixes

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AlpineReplay is the premier ski and snowboard tracking app and is ranked as the #1 winter sports app by Men's Health magazine.

Track your day on the mountain with AlpineReplay by measuring speed, distance, vertical, Calories and more. Made by skiers and snowboarders for skiers and snowboarders. We automatically separate your runs, tell you which chair lifts you've taken, clock your time on the chairlift and much more!

With AlpineReplay you can measure:
º Speed
º Vertical
º Distance
º Calories
º Airtime
º Jumps
º Time
º Much more!

This app is compatible with the iPhone 3Gs or higher running iOS 5.1 or higher. A wireless or data connection and a free AlpineReplay account are required to use this app. AlpineReplay Video is only available for iPhone 4 and higher.

Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app! Needs some expansion

    by Yepgatyep

    First off this app is great , best concept and interface . I love the medal system but also wish that some bugs to it be fixed, and additional premium or non premium medals be added to make the medals list higher. Or add more west coast resorts to the medal list. Also works great when left open all day but sometimes I accidentally close it and lose 3+ runs worth of data. Wish it could keep up . I pay for the Premium service and am hopeful fixes and expansion are in the future. As for now I will continue to use this awesome app with friends !

  • Great app for tracking

    by cashdollarbill

    AWSOME! Tracks speed,air time,calories n much more. It gets 5 stars!

  • Must Have For Skiers and Snowboarders

    by raymonddv

    This app is so AWESOME!!! It gives you almost every stat you need or want to know about the day. Easy to use, just press start at the beginning of the day and let it go. Forget to turn it off in the car, no worries, when you send the info off, it automatically takes out that run. Close the app, don't worry about it, just start a session again and it'll combine all the days stats at the end of the day. Overall, very well designed app. Note: there is no ads but if you want all their features, you have to purchase their premium membership. The basic features are good for me. Just online if you want to see really detailed results for the day.

  • Great app!

    by Lin_Jts

    It's much better for skiing tracking than Runkeeper. In fact, it's the only app you need when you're on the mountain. It doesn't kill the battery, it keeps all necessary records, it's social. Sometimes there is a problem sharing activity to Facebook and I still can't connect my twitter account, but I believe it will work better in the future. And it would be great to be able to include my max speed to Facebook report. Thanks!

  • Love it

    by Jaksonpark

    Love it but it takes a little long to load the progress

  • Would hate to ski without Alpine Replay!

    by Poker Rapper

    I don't know what I did before I was able to review my ski stats. This is easily my favorite app of all and I HIGHLY recommend using it!

  • Works great

    by tayperk

    This is a fun app that works great. No problems to report and nice, modern UI. Tracking and speed works particularly well on my iPhone 5, I have found it to be very accurate.

  • Best Skiing App

    by Walt_Bleser

    This is the best skiing app hands down, not just because of the great interface on your phone, but the website is also a great resource. Its nice not to be limited by what resorts you ski in (vail, etc) and being able to track everything you do all over the country. Love the session sheets as well! Two thumbs up!

  • Love the stats

    by Bdubz77

    New version of AlpineReplay is even better than before. Loving the daily leaderboards.

  • Great!

    by BrianBal

    New real time stats feature is awesome!!

  • Awesome

    by Nancy's Fancy Potatoes

    I'm always bummed out if I don't have my phone. Gotta see them stats.

  • Best there is

    by Deroeux

    I use this every single day. Two thumbs way up, from Vail. I can listen to music and run AR from open to close. I think one great addition is just a quick button to drop a pin on the map. Then you can review later where that sick find was based on time of pin drop.

  • Made my day

    by CSnowSki

    Loving lording it over my brother when my stats are better than his. Bragging rights all the way!

  • Nice Update

    by Dlux77

    Best tracking app for iPhone hands down. And beautiful + simple to boot. Love the new logo.

  • Works great

    by holymotherogod

    new version works great. thanks guys! awesome stuff.

  • Great app, awesome for skiing

    by Laxer8989

    Love this app, it's great for tracking speed and other statistics. Get it.

  • Dig the new logo

    by Trice157

    Best part about Alpinereplay is not all the data you get. It's the website a great way to meet people who are as stoked on the sport as u are not to mention the new version is awesome

  • A+

    by Rado V

    Great app

  • Pretty great

    by JakBT

    The concepts in this app are great. Most features work well. I love all the stats and the social aspect. I paid for premium and I think it's worth the $5 for the real time stats. Occasionally buggy and laggy, but a great program overall.

  • Where's the replay?

    by Зззххх

    The replay feature has gone, why does this app continue calling itself a replay? BUG: distance shown in kilometers marked as 'm', not 'km'

  • conflicting information

    by enickman

    I really like the idea that one is able track their day's progress, and compare on-slope data to others that use this app. But I have found that the data it compiles is very inconsistent. Yesterday for example, a friend and I were competing to see who could do the most airs that day, and who could get the max. speed for the day. Also at the end of the day, the app showed I had done 40.7 mph. I had also done several airs that day; some of the best ones I had landed all year. When I submitted the data, it took over an hour to show up on my Facebook, and the daily summary showed my top speed was 33.7, and that I had done zero jumps. Weak. While my vanity was tarnished and my 15 minutes of fame turned out to be a punch line to for my friends, life does goes on. But I am dissatisfied enough that I am no longer going to use the app. Try it yourself though! Perhaps your results will be more in line with the reality of your day on snow.

  • Makes you post on Facebook

    by Jordo623

    I really liked this app until it gave me no option but to post onto Facebook. I've decided to delete it because the creators do not respect my wish to choose whether or not I want it linked with Facebook. If they ever decide to stop manipulating their customers I will reinstall the app.

  • Constant crashing, doesn't save data

    by sdelaney25

    My friends and I all downloaded this app. Out of 8 friends, we're lucky if 3 are able to save data from any given day. I can't see easily how many days I've skied this season; the app may or may not load my data; and I can't for the life of me figure out how to stop people I don't know from following me. If it worked, it would be great. Someday...?

  • Doesn't work unless you send data once only

    by Elli-kat

    I contacted customer support but was told "yeah it gets screwy if you turn off after every run." If I leave on all day - battery is certainly dead for ride home if not sooner. Didn't appreciate the misleading nature - getting messages saying "data sent" - only to find that it was not sent. As I said - customer support concurred - really need to leave on all day. Not practical and not using again.

  • Issue

    by Gsjydhcc

    Can't seem to find out how to change the speed from kph to mph

  • Great!

    by AJ Dickey

    I really like this app, I like how it tells you your speed, and it is a must have app for any skier or snowboarder

  • Danny Petricone Great app!

    by Abccap

    I love this app so much! I could never find an app like this until my friend showed me it. I love how it shows you how fast you go and your air time and how your friends can see too. I recommend it to any skier or snowboarder out there!

  • Cool but doesn't work sometimes

    by Benjamin12345

    I will go skiing and it will say uploading when done but it never does and I lose that session. It is a great app when it works

  • Fun app

    by Ride WP

    Works well, fun to show off your stats to your friends and track yourself. Had one small problem and received immediate assistance from support. Love the new background pic addition to the stat sheet!

  • New Update

    by Yxvigknog

    I was excited to see live stats with the new update, but it turns out you can't see any unless you pay. You can't even see your current top speed anymore. I used to use this app all the time but it keeps getting worse, so I rarely even bother. And what happened to the achievements? That was one of my favorite parts

  • Bugs and crashes

    by Jesus619101

    Bugs with posting on twitter. Please fix

  • Love the app!

    by Tnsnanc

    Fun app to use when playing with the kids on the hill.

  • Best Ski App Ever

    by Thunderberg15

    One of the coolest apps to track your ski runs on the market!

  • App shuts down my phone

    by David Hagey

    When I finish logging my ski day and I try to hit the "share/send" button, my phone shuts down every time. Then I have to wait about 10 minutes or so to be able to turn it back on and usually the battery has been drained a significant amount. This needs to be fixed now, the developers have had a year to prepare the app for this season.

  • Needs to be fixed

    by James August

    Won't work for IOS6, won't send the data, Needs update.

  • Great and getting better

    by Jonjonjonjonjohn

    I love this app almost as much as I love to ski. It has really added to my skiing experience. This is my 3rd season with this app. 1st year it killed my battery. But now it barely uses 10-15% of my 5s. The gps has gotten more accurate and i never seem to have issues with data usage. The platform has greatly improved and while it has become a cool social media tool, being social isn't necessary to enjoy what it does. I am interested but hesitant to try premium. The math for a "year" subscription isn't realistic unless your planning a lengthy trip to Chile. It's an app I use for 3-4 months max in New England. $5 a month for 3 months isn't bad but you know how subscribing to apps goes. I strongly recommend this app for the frequent and everyday skier/boarder. Great job guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Good not great

    by Subystud

    It's nice how it connects with other skiers

  • Alpine replay

    by Mateo7214616,7

    Great customer service. Responded to my emails immediately even at late hours. Stats are accurate and revealing. Ride on!

  • Best skiing app

    by Kellsteriscool

    Best app out there for skiing and snowboarding by far. Love having a diary of all my activity.

  • Ehhh

    by HolyMoly39

    Crashes every time you try to enter your birthdate on settings... Otherwise pretty cool

  • Awesome

    by GunsNFnR

    I like the new logo - it’s a great app, love the real-time features

  • Love it

    by Jill Mueller

    def still the best app out there for tracking.

  • How much airtime did you get today?

    by sharkysharkshark


  • Incredible App!

    by MWL in NYC

    This app is fantastic for those of us who like to ski or snowboard and keep up with our friends! It gives me incredible information about my runs as well as those of my friends. The new Trace that is coming out later this year will be great for surfing and skateboarding. I highly recommend this app!

  • It would've been 5 stars if I could login

    by DjquiOdned

    The app was great till it worked! I haven't been able to login since last May, and every time I try to a message pops up telling me to "... try again later" - it's been 7 months, what's your definition of "later"?!?!?

  • Startup crash

    by Evan64

    App crashes at startup on IOS 6

  • Great for snowboarding!

    by Kryank

    AlpineReplay just gets better and better. Love the new logo. It's going to be a great winter!

  • See your stats

    by Crosby w

    Stupid that is says you can see your stats without send, but you then use it, and you have to PAY. I was stoked to see live stats, but I'm not paying stupid logo aswell!!

  • Go back!

    by D-dog327

    I love this app I'm a snowboarder and it's awesome that you can have proof that you killed it on the slopes. The new update is cool but please go back to the old icon with the back and white mountain. It was sooooo awesome! If you don't want to step back at least make a newer version but same symbol. I would greatly appreciate it if you think about it, thanks keep up the great work

  • Crashing, STILL...

    by Ryuujinusa

    The latest update makes the app crash immediately for iOS6... Do you people not test your updates!? Still crashes on startup, completely useless.

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