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Coaching Assistant™ is an iPhone or iPod touch app for team coaches, scouts, parents and players providing total team and individual management features for basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby league and hockey. We are your one-stop-shop for all your coaching, statistical and social networking needs in both English and Spanish.

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• Replaces paper rosters and clipboards and can be used for any age group-youth, high school, college or professional

• Enables equalization of playing time with needed information prominently displayed for split second solutions

• ROSTER PAGE featuring entries for a nickname, phone number, contact information, jersey number, email and twitter address and personalized player notes

• SCHEDULE PAGE so you can complete your game day line-up in moments, automatically informing you of inequities in playing time

• GAME PAGE  visually depicting your lineup on the appropriate sports field allowing you to drag players to their assigned positions

• STATISTICS PAGE reflecting quarter, game or season data

• TWITTER capability
The app begins with the formation of a ROSTER containing a list of potential game players. Coaching Assistant makes it easy for a coach to store and access information about each player in a roster. Information such as nickname, phone numbers, contact information, jersey number, email and TWITTER addresses, as well as personalized per-player notes are included.
There is also a separate games-list of past and future games. It is easy to add new players and new games, as well as delete or modify existing roster information. A roster can be saved for future access. There is support for switching between different rosters. This enables easy copying of an existing roster which can then be modified for reuse - such as copying last season’s roster at the start of a new season.
Of great use is the SCHEDULE PAGE which visually assists with selecting from the roster the required number of players for each game's quarters or periods. Color coding assists with ensuring each player is allocated an "equal" number of quarters for the game-invaluable for youth sports.

The GAME PAGE is used to enter the name of an opponent, the match date and time and can assign selected players to positions in the game. This is easily done by dragging a jersey image to the correct position. Each jersey image has a jersey number and the player's nickname and is assigned an activity-number or code specific to that sport such as "LF" for Left Forward. Once a player is positioned, their activity code will appear in the corresponding quarter in the game's SCHEDULE PAGE.
The STATISTICS PAGE makes it easy to quickly enter stats for each player as the game proceeds enabling the review of a player's or all players quarter, game or season data.  Additionally, a player's stats for all games in a rosters season can be reviewed. Conveniently, there is a "cancel" button in case recently entered results are not to be saved in the roster.
For example, if you are a youth sports coach, you are aware of the need to adhere to the formulas designed to equalize playing time and the frustration associated with last-minute changes to your game day roster. Instead of having to re-do your paper copy minutes before your game time, Coaching Assistant ™ will tell you who is short playing time and will equalize it for you.

Parents of players will enjoy the ability to keep game and season statistics. You can now sit in the stands for those weekend-long tournaments with up-to-date statistics without relying on someone else to take them for you.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app- needs more sports added

    by Reabub

    I really like this app and the functionality. I would love to see baseball added!

  • Good App

    by WellyWellyWell

    Good for coaching a young team and planning things out ahead for easy reference. A bit unstable, it seems, on my 3gs, but not bad. I like the even playing time feature, though I wish it would let me set the amount of periods to be played. The league for which I use it employs substitutions at certain intervals. I would like to plan those ahead of time if possible by being able to create, say, 8 periods, instead of 4 or 5 for a basketball game. Bonus star for having a trial version.

  • Frustrating App

    by Cbg173836628

    Pretty worthless. Does not save line ups. Supposedly pay version does, but not according to the reviews I read.


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