Emoji Art & Text Picture PRO -Add New Style Emoji Arts & Text Arts to Messages & Email Social Networking App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: Basque, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese

Seller: Yongchen Tang

-Support iPhone 5
-Minor bug fixed

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The ORIGINAL and STILL THE BEST! No app has more Text pictures or features! Best Text Pictures + Text Keyboard App for SMS,FACEBOOK,TWITTER,EMAIL on appstore!

***COOL Text keyboard***
With it you can write your own text pictures,crazy text together very very very easy, and create endless cool text, or text pictures.

Tired of boring texts and emails? and want to impress your
friends, family,classmates?

Now you can spice them up your texting with All Text Pictures Pro+ Text Keyboard!

ASCII art made just for iPhone texting!

Here are some cute,cool text pictures:

Cute bunny
( •,•)

( ) •• )
~(J )=()()

^. .^
{ /l l\ }

[_________ _______
| |_| |_| |_| | | |_| |_| |_\
|oo—— oo|><|oo——oo-\


- Unique Text Keyboard with new font styles
- SHARE with Facebook, SMS, built-in Emailer,etc
- SEARCH all text pictures easy
- Easy to create yourself text art pictures and manage them by category
- With customize feature you can have endless text pictures
- Copy any Text Pics or Emote to the Clipboard to use in other text apps
- Tons of fun symbols to spice up any message
- Easy to create "Crazy text" to impress your friends
- 650+ customizable ASCII art pieces to text to your friends with iPhones
-110+ Western style emotes for texting to any phone, anywhere
- 75+ customizable Japanese style emotes for texting, email, and Facebook,Twitter
- Create your own Text Pictures and save them to your customized category and optionally email it to us, and maybe see your creation show up in full version of Text Pictures Pro
- Share with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Tumblr, built-in Emailer

Customer Reviews

  • Fun.

    by jackiehonikman

    Could be better vetted but totally fun. I like using it with pastebot.

  • I love it!

    by Septembersrain

    Even people without an iPhone can see most of them. =]

  • Cool

    by itsjustmy2cents

    Want more. But best used so far. Maybe little more intuitive to make

  • Nice app

    by SilentStrike

    Use it all the time ... It's worth the money

  • Picture messages

    by Makinzie574

    You can do all kinds of different animals foods and even more! You can send them to pretty much any social network and wow your friends! I recommend if u get any picture message thing, you get this one!

  • O.K.

    by Mikeinike765

    Online needs to be fixed, there seems to be quite a lot of bugs.

  • Fun!

    by The Rater man

    I like this app.

  • The best one out there

    by Murtog72

    It's a pretty good app but could use an update

  • SuperAwesome

    by 3Duggie

    Lacks better interface and layout. It would be cooler if you could use it through the Message App

  • Awesome!

    by Melodies phone..

    Lots of fun!

  • Love this app!

    by AmberGerringer

    I really love this app! It's fun and very easy to use.:)

  • Super!

    by SharkRay36

    Great app. Easy to use and a lot of the pictures are pretty sweet. I highly recommend!

  • Different than others

    by Heatherrrrrrrrarho

    What I like about this app is that it is a little bit of everything-fancy script, pictures, emoticons, and ASCII art. I have an iPhone and I love it.

  • Best Out

    by mik3park

  • Great

    by Billy2424


  • I really like this app!

    by Gabriela Samaniego

    It has lots of cool texting. Images!

  • Great app

    by JaredDaGamer

    This is a Great app

  • Really awesome

    by Man on wheels 554

    Worth it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Online Search

    by LittleMissHummingbird

    I like to send text pics to my friends so I think TextPictures is great because you can search for what you want or look through the suggested textpics for something to send to a friend and the only thing I would add would be able to search through the online text picks because there are some good ones on there that are not on the main TextPictures search.

  • Loving it

    by All-Star.

    More romance

  • Not happy.....

    by KareyWhaley

    I really thought this app would be awesome! I even paid to up grade. What a waste of money. I have Tried and tried many times to send to my Facebook.. It will NOT work.

  • Text pictures

    by thekittycatz56

    You can do things like: ╔══╗ ♪ ║██║ ♫ ║ ( ● ) ♫ ╚══╝♪ ♪

  • Enjoyable

    by Debs city

    Add more!!! Fun to play with




  • epic

    by Z71mudbogger

    I just got this app and I like it a lot. __________ /''T''|[___|___] [---T--L -OlllllllO-] ()_)"""()_)/"**"\)_)

  • Cool ap

    by Sitalips050331

    Easy to use

  • First!!!

    by Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyqandz

    Ok first review for new update!!! Glad u updated it since 2011 was the last time

  • Good

    by Djfantazy


  • Great...??

    by Smile123:)

    I bought the app to update my contacts but it took like 2 hours- go to app type in the name copy and then go to contacts then paste go back to app so on- otherwise it is great

  • Good find

    by Mj farms

    A lot of choices from the app and other people

  • Great

    by 13dwagne

    Always helps to get random symbol pictures. Really cool. Also, the text changer is fun too.

  • Very nice and easy to use!

    by Mjjsmom

    Thank you

  • Great app


    This app makes font change easy, although limited, it's really great.

  • Great

    by lamasrs

    Love it

  • by Abbytu

    Love this app.please do updates

  • I love it but it needs a upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Cocobocca876

    This app is pretty awesome but it needs a serious upgrade more symbols and more texts for the create ur own texts overall it's a great app but needs a upgrade

  • Great App!!!!

    by Zloty 44

    Love this App;)

  • Fun App!! Great fun

    by StephanieChao

    Great app especially for phones that don't receive emoticions Fun way to send messages!

  • Option

    by MN G

    It would be useful to alphabatize saved pictures.

  • The best is yet to come

    by M&M-46


  • Great!!!!!

    by iPhone Thirty Eight

    I Love This App!

  • Love it

    by JessMKirkham

    Need more. I use it often

  • Great app

    by Zxxxcbhjufdjl

    All my friends are jelly

  • ~Cpt Crow~

    by Compton Crowsta

    I love it, but I'm having difficulties with it on Instagram & Facebook, certain pics crash and embarrass me! Lol... Can that be fixed? Thx & keep up the great work!!

  • Makes all my friends SMILE

    by parriwinkle

    I send these to amuse my friends

  • Use this app everyday!! :D Makes me happy!

    by Oak tree!!!

    Love this app!

  • awesome

    by delikadessa

    i love it. awesome app

  • Needs a major update- Crash happy

    by Trickman2

    Freezes and crashes consistently. iPhone 4s

  • Good fonts

    by Lance 69

    Some cool fonts and symbols on the keyboard

  • ∞Review∞:

    by <3}|{Puppy*Lover}|{<3

    love it!! its so fun I cant stop loving the pics

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