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Languages: English

Seller: To Up S.R.L.

• Shake to create Random avatar;
• Main Menu scrolling function improved;
• Icon Retina Display compatible;
• Minor bugs fixed.

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The time has come!
Faceyourmanga brings the web’s leading Avatar generator to the iPhone and iPad.
Starting today you can collect vibrantly colored Manga Avatars wherever you are, have a blast creating hundreds of Avatars, save your creations in the Gallery or on your iPhone, modify them over and over, match them to contacts in your address book and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t miss this App: get ready for the Manga invasion!


Begin creating your Manga Avatars today and discover the potential of touchscreens with the Faceyourmanga App. You will be blown away by the countless possible combinations and by the potent graphic engine, completely re-written for the iPhone and iPad. Don’t let this one-of-a-kind navigation experience pass you by: have a blast discovering how many characters you can create and how easy it is to create Avatars resembling your friends, choosing from a rich library of graphic elements, color, background, texture, clothing, and much more.


• Library of licensed Faceyourmanga® graphic elements;
• Advanced Zoom and Move Object functions;
• Internal gallery;
• Modification of saved Manga Avatars;
• Possibility to save on iPhone;
• Send as email attachments;
• Match to contacts in address book;
• Share on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Reviews

  • Good but lacking

    by MotoDuc

    I love the web version, but the app is very limited in comparison. For basic character builds its fine, however the website gives much better options and results.

  • enjoy enough

    by ANaz Aulia Nazir

    so far i enjoy this apps, but please for girl ava give additional fitur in accesories such "hijab" for moslem girl as covered head. thanx from indonesia

  • I Loved it

    by Big RaZuGi

    It misses having more expressions ( Devil Horns & Eyes/ Tears/ wink)...etc) to be 5 Stars

  • Love it

    by Arlestion

    It's the best I've found! Just wish it was more options for hair styles and clothes

  • I need beards

    by Abdulr1

    Come on you guys, i mean how come there are no beards to choose from? I was really dissapointed! I have a long beard, like Santa's, and i couldnt draw myself coz there are no beards. I hope you keep this in mind in your next update. Thanks

  • Avatar Love!

    by Dane Di Cesare

    If you love using the free online app, and want a portable version (and have $1.99 to throw around)- this app is for you. Just know that there is a huge decrease in some of the features- facial hair (NO beards- what?!), skin tone (only 3 to choose from?!), in addition to others. I would recommend an update that increases the amount of features available. This being said- try to free version first. If you like it, go ahead and give it a buy.

  • Nice App, Plenty of Room for Improvement

    by cfeng0708

    I have been using the FaceYourManga online avatar creator for a while, and I really like the results. So when I found out about this app, I was overjoyed (you should just see some of the other pathetic avatar creation apps out there!). However, I was slightly disappointed to discover how unresponsive the sliding feature is. And I was also disappointed to see the decrease in skin tones. Maybe, in an update, you could improve the sliding, and add a color picker instead of making us choose from the few colors you provide in the app? Plus, more elements (eyes, clothes) would be much appreciated. Still, love the idea of having a portable avatar creator, and I also love the new hairstyles not available online!

  • Not bad...

    by The Cauw

    Easy to use. Very well done and easier to use than online version. Would like to see more variety for clothing.

  • Good

    by dantemarinho.com

    Like this

  • Good, but needs improvement

    by Victory76

    I have enjoyed using the FREE online version, but liked the idea of being able to edit my avatars (which is not available online). However, I'm disappointed that some of the online features are missing (No makeup — can't even color my lips... No jackets or ties... And no full-beard options for men)! Why should we pay for an app that does less than one we can use for free?

  • Fair

    by Guitar adorer

    The app is really great! The only problem is, the sliding mechanism is unresponsive. As soon as that is fixed it will be a great app. However it doesn't have as many choices as online. Altogether though it is really quite good!

  • Not like the one in the Internet 

    by Patoski

    I have been using Face Your Manga for years and was excited to find the App. However, it's missing the make-up option for the girl avatars. You should add this feature to the app. After all, the app is not free.

  • Awesome!

    by Angry birds...

    Besides the slow/unresponsive slide mechanic and not having as many customizations as the website, this is an otherwise perfect app from faceyourmanga.com the leading authority on avatars! 5 stars after you fix the slide mechanic and add customizations:)

  • Great!

    by NetCables

    This is a good app, but the only reason I bought it was because the website didn't email my avatar.

  • Awesome

    by Aleiku

    It's nice on iPhone. But it need to improve operation

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