Echofon Pro for Twitter Social Networking App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Ubermedia, Inc.

You can now swipe to close the in-app web browser. When open, swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right to quickly close the browser. You can swipe via the top and bottoms bars as well.

- Optimizations and reduced memory consumption
- Bug fixes for iPhone and iPad

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Echofon is the fastest, most powerful Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and the ONLY free app with Push Notifications and Inline Photo Previews!


Lightning Fast. Super Powerful. Simple to Use. Echofon is wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface that delivers a punch featuring Twitter Site Streams, real-time Push Notifications and powerful extras to enable you to manage your busy social media life on Twitter.



+ Site Streams deliver tweets in real-time!
+ LiveLinks on your timeline take you instantly to detailed content
+ Threaded Conversation Mode simplifies exchanges with your Twitter followers
+ Tweet over 140 characters with our proprietary tweet extender
+ Mute select users, hashtags and other nuisances within your Twitter timeline
+ Access ALL your Twitter accounts simultaneously


+ Delivered instantly and natively to all your iOS devices
+ Enable any or all events including Mentions, Direct Messages, Follows, Favorites and Retweets
+ Set QUIET MODE for times you do not want to receive notifications
+ Receive notifications as either iOS alerts or banners
+ Enable sounds and badges as you prefer
+ Select from six custom alert sounds
+ This is NATIVE push from Twitter… no external apps or services required


+ Images are previewed within your Twitter timeline
+ Full-size images open instantly in-app
+ Supports the most popular services including Instagram and YouTube
+ Capture and tweet rich media directly from Echofon or load existing media from your iOS device


+ Search nearby tweets with Maps integration
+ Personalize Echofon by choosing from 6 custom themes
+ Select a read later service from Instapaper, Readability or Pocket
+ Refine the location of your tweets sent with our Location Picker


Echofon also affords you the full Twitter functionality you would expect from an award winning Twitter app including robust tweet creation, trending topics, list management and Twitter profile editing features.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good app

    by CoachOHJ

    Good app.

  • Awesome app.

    by AyeBeeeeeee

    Cool app.

  • @jessepeakdotcom


    I have been using echofon for over 2 years- this app is amazing and very consistent!

  • Real Good Twitter App, Could Be Better

    by Dot Five

    I think echofon & tweetlogix are the best twitter apps and if combined will make every level of an twitter app capable. The things echofon lacks, tweetlogix has and what tweetlogix lacks, echofon has.

  • Execelente

    by lucasmello_n

    Esta cada vez melhor, falta ficar em português :)

  • The best Twitter app

    by J-Rads

    I've used a number of Twitter apps and Echofon is the best by far. The mute option is really nice for tuning out annoying hashtags or people. I never have troubles with the app and use it daily.

  • freaking amazing!!!

    by maeeeeraeeee

    i love this app. best twitter app i have used!

  • Great!

    by CKaboth

    Awesome app!! Only thing I'll use to read twitter.

  • The Best

    by Jai885

    The very best twitter app out

  • Easy to use

    by Mattapan Prince

    Great app stays up to date and current live tweets. Only thing is the home button doesn't jump to the top of the tweeter feed. Only thing I have a problem with but other then that it's great.

  • awesome

    by icewind_83

    simply awesome and clean app , faster either

  • Sleek & smooth

    by Jazawantsthesebugsfixed

    I've always preferred this app over the official twitter client. I like the redesign for iOS 7 just wish the teems would change the color of the entire interface like before! Now they just change the color of links & names (except the black theme). Hey developers, any chance of changing up how the themes customize the app?? Please!

  • great app

    by Verbatum Jones

    love this app been using it for years. the ability to mute people is awesome. clean interface simple to use and the pro app is worth the 3.99 or whatever it may cost now. peace

  • Excellent!!

    by drummer94_ENT

    I've been using this app for a few months and I have no issues with it at all. I like to be able to change the color of the app and streaming over wifi is incredible. I would like to see more notification sounds though.

  • Great app

    by akg921

    Way better than the Twitter app. I like the notifications as well as the ease of using

  • Greatness

    by TaggLover

    Love this app

  • Real review

    by Brandon Brantley

    The app is cool but it needs a way to view twitter pics on profiles. Please!!!

  • Great app!

    by dy713

    I've used many others for twitter and they all aggravated me. This is the best one by far!! Easy to use and never freezes up or anything else. Go ahead, get it.

  • Needs a new look & features. Please consider.

    by Dennis Palmer

    I love this app though.

  • RT

    by Marckcrid

    just needs to show who retweeted you


    by Ericinthehall

    This app does need an update ASAP. The twitter app is looking better than this, the only cool thing is the color.

  • seriously time for an update

    by Sammi Albright

    I love this app, I've been using it ever since I had a Twitter but I've barely seen any updates

  • Fix this!

    by karyn brown

    It moves so slow now

  • Please Please fix this.

    by Mesone357

    When I unfollow and mute people, they still appear on my timeline. I have to block people to get them off of my timeline and it is as annoying as ever.

  • Cool app!!

    by Rood Bwoi

    The only app I've used from the start. Way better than the competition.

  • Great App.. Still need improvements

    by KiD PHANTOM

    A redesign would be perfect. And seeing someones pics on twitter like the twitter app would be great.

  • Notifications don't work

    by njwdwgirl

    When is this problem getting fixed? I either don't get all notifications or they come 20 minutes late. Paying for "pro" definitely has not be worth it.

  • Love This App

    by Natasha King

    It updates your twitter feed at lightning speed & has cool colors so you can change the theme of display.

  • Echofon

    by DarrellBiddle

    New Design Maybe.. Wanna see something new.

  • Worth the 5 stars

    by khazkhaz

    My favourite twitter app

  • Filters

    by DaBossMane

    The only twitter app I use but I really miss the filters... They were the best. Please bring them back!

  • Echofon

    by Vkent1234


  • Echofon

    by _iamjune

    Great app, love it.

  • Works for me!

    by CTG...

    Money well spent.

  • Love

    by Jerzeeeeeeedre

    I love everything about this app..only thing I would like is for them to make the font smaller and Introduce new features Update this's not loading

  • Excellent

    by Dr Silkworth

    The best twitter app there is. Much better than the official twitter app. Love the minimalist approach. It has all the right features and not a bunch of stuff you don't need.

  • Nice

    by Mikegotfans

    It needs to let me see how many retweets and favorites i get on my tweets .

  • So/so

    by Follow me @hazel_dot_com

    It'd be great if I could see a preview of which picture other people favorite, and also see exactly who's RT my tweets. When I type there's a constant lag that drives me insane. But I still rock with the app because I like it the best even with the few needed improvements. Add those and echofon will be even more awesome!

  • Great app

    by linda lewis

    Very good app

  • Best Twitter client app out there.

    by cg 21

    Very fast, clean look. I wish it would show retweets, follows and favorites on a panel like the official Twitter app. I prefer this one over every app for twitter.

  • Works great

    by RQ_D2

    Unread sync is the thing that keeps me using this over other twitter apps. Support is always responsive. It would be nice to see some swipe commands to help speed up navigation and simplify the tweet view, but can't complain about how it works now.

  • Gun

    by Doihachiro


  • Best Twitter app, hands down

    by Cgibby32

    You won't find a better app for Twitter, and the power to mute users is priceless.

  • No notifications at all!

    by Belarmino Chavez

    Paid $4.99 for the app & I expect to get my money's worth. Haven't gotten notifications for over a month. Will be switching to the iphone twitter app. Waster of money!

  • Worth the money

    by ZootTroopah

    Pro is worth the money. Don't like the "official" twitter app, plus the mute button is clutch. Only problem is that the notifications are SUPER late. Make them more timely and accurate instead of me getting the notification a half hour later

  • GREAT!

    by Yungin504

    Love it

  • GREAT!

    by Yungin504

    Love it

  • Like it

    by watchinguwatchingme

    Always room for improvement. Good so far. A bit pricey - not sure why.

  • Best Twitter App available

    by Rodger.Padgett

    This app has undergone lots of changes since it's first version. It keeps getting better and better even as this under inspired user fails to find something new to do with it.

  • One little problem.

    by DigiGirl2222

    The Tmi link still doesn't work. And I still can't post pictures!

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