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Chat for Google talk is a fast and easy-to-use messenger to chat with your Google Talk friends. The UI is specially designed to chat with friends easily on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch device.

★★★ Features ★★★
✓ Universal binary for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
✓ Easy chat switching - You can switch to a new chat by tap the new message notification. And you can switch back to previous chat with a left swipe.
✓ Chat emotions - You can send/receive Google Talk emotions in chat.
✓ Send/receive photos
✓ Support landscape and portrait orientation
✓ Customizable chatting background and bubbles
✓ Chat history - The app saves chat history in app and you can view/remove the history at any time.
✓ Retina enabled
✓ Auto sign in
✓ Privacy protection - The app connects to Google chat servers directly via XMPP protocol.

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Mia perez.

    Muy bueno para ipad mini w retina trabaja bien


    by DinoSawr44

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. This app has cool features: you can change the color of the messages and backgrounds- but it DOES NOT work on iOS 7. The screen is way too short and very hard to chat with. I'd give it .5 stars for actual use because of that and it keeps freezing or sending me back to my home screen or not sending my messages. I'd give it five stars for appearance. I gave it one less star for the performance, but I love it a lot.

  • Was unsure at first

    by Breann Lindsey

    I was a little unsure at first seeing the bad ratings but I love it ! Definitely recommend !

  • Perfect but...

    by FujiGurl

    It would be nice if you added hangouts. I LOVE this app. (Mostly because I love customizing) it's perfect ^_^

  • Good and bad

    by Banana Anna 234579

    This app is great, I can chat with anyone at anytime and it works really well. The ads don't get in the way, so I don't accidentally click them. But the one problem is sometimes- I've ha it for two days and it did it twice- it will randomly exit me back to my home screen. It never notifies me I have a chat though, which is really annoying. I'd give it four and. Half stars.

  • Undependable

    by DesertStorm70

    Great app when it works, which isn't often. I have tried this app twice over the past two years and it never gets better.

  • Bad App

    by Aaronsan

    Don't download it.

  • Poor app

    by Shasha-75

    Installed it despite its poor rating. But the ratings were correct. Do not waste your time over this

  • I wish I could star this less

    by SCarrillo85

    I really disliked this app. It's extremely substandard to both hangouts ( the most current google chat program ) and it's older chat program Gtalk. In many ways I miss the simplicity of Gtalk, I currently have Hangouts which I'm not a 100% satisfied but when you have so little to choose from you have to use what you can. This is my primary mode of contacting my fiancée so I'm disappointed in Googles apps and services generally but in speaking about this specific app, if you don't already have Gtalk and or you need a google chat program I'd choose Hangouts as the lesser evil.

  • Really?

    by Tngator69

    I cant login ... And verified my user/pass

  • Not the best

    by Pamyb

    It doesn't send me notifications from the other person so it just looks like I'm talking to myself :/ I'm convinced that the people who write good reviews are the friends and family of the developer.

  • Horrible

    by Wdiuhaiejfvwrnojesfv

    Won't let me see what my friends sent me in chat. Won't let me see anything. Uninstalled!

  • UPDATE!!!!!

    by HelloPinterest

    Slow and needs to update to ios7

  • I hate it By Kayla Lynn Christie

    by Kayla Lynn Christie : o

    U guys might well 5 of u guys say it's cool and u get hot girls as ur friends and liken how they look on their photo I mean give people privacy unless they know that person and friends on talk please chat with who u know like also delete people u don't know like I did and of course I did I'm 8 and someone thought my photo was not me so he tried to be friends with me and before he sent me anything I deleted him so if u want priavacy use talk right! <3

  • Barely usable

    by Racebrook

    I use it on occasion but it locks up constantly and I have to kill it and restart. It also fails to take me to current chats in any useful way. In a pinch you can get by but it needs abhor overhaul.


    by Septembermel

    This app is horrible. I continue to not get the messages that people are sending to me. If I leave the app to go make a phone call or do something else on my phone then automatically and does not allow any messages to come through. I would never recommend this app. It is horrible.

  • I can send but I cannot receive

    by Blackrose777777

    I started using this for work. It work fine for a while than all of a sudden it stopped receiving messages. I had to work and asked them if they were ignoring :) they responded with no we've messaged you back. After a good laugh. I decided to remove it. I'm on iPhone 5. There is a chance that it could be the iPhone OS, we are 10/17/13 and my phone is not running as smooth as when Jobs was around. I might be moving to a google phone altogether next year, not sure...

  • Horrible

    by Rockie64

    I originally loved the app. Notifications were not very customizable, but combined with my phone's settings it was ok. However, it lost it's reliability with the Hangouts upgrade, and messages are not received. Hangouts is a good app except that it is linked to Google + and cannot be used withit. Warning with Google +, if you share a picture in chat it can be placed on the Google + wall without confirmation or acknowledgement. Switching to Yahoo! Messenger.

  • Not useful at all

    by Eco2369

    This opens and shows what friends are online. It will let me send a message but that's where the usefulness ends. It doesn't send return messages so my friends just end up emailing me. Such a waste.

  • Absolutely useless!!!

    by Safak Ozkan

    A most genuine one star app. Big shame on its developers. Cannot receive the incoming messages even when the app is open. They come to my phone instead. Rendering the app literally useless. Deleting the app the next day after downloading it.

  • Horrible!!

    by Jo Anne Casimir

    Worked one day and hasn't worked again since. It's either crashing or just blank. Need better than this.

  • Doesn't work

    by mic8

    Have iPhone 5 and App doesn't work at all here. It opens and freezes almost immediately. Don't even bother installing this.

  • Weak

    by Eaglefan538

    Pointless app. How useful is an app that has to be open and active to work?

  • Does not work

    by Futch Entertainment

    This app does not work.

  • Really bad

    by Blayckon

    Horrible app, don't download!!!

  • It is a freaking app

    by Trin4567

    It is a good time to talk u freaking people

  • Not happy useless app

    by Dr.shk

    Push notifications don't come thru and it doesn't run in the background.. Need a fix ASAP

  • If I could give 0 stars I would...

    by lmfulks

    HORRIBLE. Jst ridic. I expected so much more fr a PAID app - esp fr Google.

  • Not for iPhone

    by EveryNnameTaken

    Doesn't work for 3GS or 4. Says "opening" and the little thing spins into oblivion.

  • Doesn't work

    by UPG

    I could not get any messages. Waste of time

  • Real disappointment

    by KadeMalachy

    My friends are receiving my messages but I can't get any incoming. Based on a internet search, seems to be an ongoing problem that googles done little about. You'd think this sort of programming would be a piece of cake for google, dunno what the deal is.

  • Useless

    by shindongle

    I use google talk to chat and this doesn't even send messages. Completely fails in its purpose. Don't waste your time. VERY dissatisfied.

  • Doesn't work

    by jmsultan

    Doesn't work. Uninstalling

  • Can't log in

    by CudaBaby426

    Will not allow me to log in to even use the app. Completely useless and crappy.

  • Drops messages

    by OrionEridanus

    Gives the appearance of working, but during my first chat with a friend between my phone and her computer, several of her messages were showing as successfully sent and never arrived on my screen and the same thing happened to messages I sent. This can't be all that complicated. Going to delete this rather than risk friends thinking I'm snubbing them.

  • Ok if you want a one-sided convo

    by latina8

    I don't get any of the responses. I can see what I send and that's it. And you have to pay to receive push notifications. Lame lame lame. I need to find me an app that works.

  • Doesn't really work

    by Glenn_jr

    I can see all my friends but they never get half my messages and I only get some of theirs. Sorry, but I can't recommend.

  • Not a very smart app

    by Pretty1npink

    Doesn't notify you when you have a message and logs out when you exit the app...kind of pointless to keep unless you plan on keeping the phone on and app open all of the time.


    by Anna12901

    I can send messages from my iPod but it doesn't show on my computer! No notifications, and I can send what I want, but my friends don't receive it! STUPID APP DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  • Ripoff

    by Mischief Travvy

    Total waste of money. App doesn't work.

  • One way communication

    by JR517

    Messages send with no problem, but only a small percentage are received! A major flaw in a chat app... I would never pay for the full version even if it is only $0.99

  • Doesn't work

    by kimboking1

    Initially worked, but then stopped working. Logged out and now cannot log back in!

  • Horrible!

    by Ixipower2527

    This app will sign you out anytime you stray from the app... Then you have to wait for it to reload and half the time I don't get the messages...

  • Doesn't really work

    by 5 Miles

    This app is really disappointing. I've had it up next to my computer to compare my online friends. Friends will be visible on my computer but not this app. Also I'll get chats on my computer and never get any notification on the app. Just lame and needs improvements.

  • Doesn't work

    by Yulia098

    The app is not working properly, looks like it just collecting passwords. Do not download it.

  • Sometimes works, sometimes... Not.

    by Quranfan101

    Like the title says, sometimes it works okay, but recently it's been crashing every minute! Literally!!! Please fix!

  • Pointless

    by Shoba Ramen

    Don't know why I even bothered downloading

  • Awful app

    by Bremling

    I thought this would be better than the app I use to chat with my google account. Turns out this app is the worst! I only get some of the messages sent to me. No notification when a message does make it to my phone. And no sound when a message is sent. Uninstalled the app!!

  • Doesn't work with iPhone 5

    by Husbandrist

    Doesn't work with iPhone 5. Yup.

  • Horrible app

    by Allo 123

    This is a horrible app. I send a message just fine but can't receive them. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

  • Trash

    by Lost_Jewelry

    This app stinks... You don't receive messages that people send.. It takes you offline when you didn't request it... Just pure garbage

  • Hate it

    by Random is epic

    It never works! $&@%#*^

  • Logs out constantly

    by Geneorama

    Works, has an ok interface, but logs out every time you shut the app which makes it almost worthless unless you're phone is only being used as a gchat client

  • Ehh....

    by Aria Montgomery01

    It's better than staying at a computer but it's slow and I missed a whole bunch of my friends messages.... It doesn't notify me when I get out!!! Add Email capabilities!!! Really crappy but it's all I got

  • Have to pay to receive notifications?

    by M9073

    I just downloaded this app and got a message that I have to upgrade to receive push notifications?! C'mon google, what kind of b.s. is that??

  • Bad

    by Crystalrg

    Every time u exit out u log out and no notifications

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