Flurt Social Networking App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Tipping Canoe Canada Ltd

- UI enhancements to filling out your profile
- Bug fixes for iPods and iOS 4 devices
- Fixes and improvements for the messaging area

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9 Ratings
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12 Ratings
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Flurt is a location aware social network that allows you to anonymously send and receive flirts to people around you. If you receive a flirt from someone, you can send messages back and forth anonymously.

We have all been in the spot where we feel we missed the opportunity to connect with someone. Or you saw someone totally stunning and you just have to tell someone. Flurt provides you with a totally consequence free way of telling a crush, or someone you don't know at all what is on your mind.

Everyone using Flurt has a rating. If you receive a flirt from someone, guess at how popular or attractive they are by how many times people have flirted at them, and build your own flirt rating.

Customer Reviews

  • Bad

    by iPhone user #3.14

    This thing drains your batt.

  • ?

    by Me!!!!!! Greyson rocks!!

    I dont know what to do nobody uses this app so its pointless

  • Huh

    by Derek_E

    There is no instructions on how to use this app...I'm not sure what to do here


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