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ActiveSide is where active people post. Inspire and be inspired. After an amazing run, gym session or game, connect with people who care just as much about being active. Join a network of enthusiasts just like you posting experiences and tips.

Especially if your Instagram or Facebook friends aren’t as active as you, instantly jump into a group of people who are. Tried out a new trick from a magazine or found a sick new trail? Share it with people who WANT to hear all about it. Explore your ActiveSide today!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome App

    by Joubelin

    Ever since I started using this App I have been Fitness Active more than ever...! It is Amazing how much Support you can get from People that you have never seen, but Yet is more inspiring and Supportive than the ones you have close to you..! ActiveSide Really Works..! Great App..!

  • Awesome!

    by Onon22

    I love this app. It motivates me to work out more and it's nice to have support from tons of other people and to support others!

  • Fitness

    by Suzzy898

    Great motivational and inspirational application and amazing people using it

  • Keeps me inspired

    by D. Steele

    On days when I feel like skipping the gym I see the app and it open it up for inspiration.

  • Inspiration Central

    by histiokitty

    A simple yet inspirational social network. The best part is everyone who uses it- a great group of like minded people inspiring each other and sharing their accomplishments. Keeps motivation high!!

  • Amazing Supportive and Motivational sit

    by Aaayo Aj

    This site is just amazing. There is nothing but strong minded, hard working, motivational people on this site!! They are there every day to support you and keep your drive to better yourself going.... As well as giving any advice they can to help you as well.

  • Motivating inspirational app

    by Whooooraw

    Love this app! It's a great motivator and a great way to keep track if your workout! I love reading about everyone's workout because it's a motivator and had NO drama. You can get cheered on about the workout your doing. I've been harder at working out because I see everyone's results and it naked me want results. Who needs a workout buddy when I have plenty on here?!!! Everyone is great and you can learn new things everyday.

  • Inspirational

    by jenzarunna

    This is the best app ever!! I'm addicted. If you want fitness motivation & inspiration this is the place to go!! I love my fit fam!

  • ActiveSide is the BEST fit app EVER!!!❤️

    by tricia beam

    I have been waiting for an app like this for such a LONG time!!! I have made some friends with some amazing people and have been able to be my true fit self and not feel uncomfortable with my healthy lifestyle here. THANK YOU SO MUCH for ActiveSide!!! I LIVE YOU GUYS!!

  • ActiveSide is the BEST fit app EVER!!!❤️

    by tricia beam

    I have been waiting for an app like this for such a LONG time!!! I have made some friends with some amazing people and have been able to be my true fit self and not feel uncomfortable with my healthy lifestyle here. THANK YOU SO MUCH for ActiveSide!!! I LIVE YOU GUYS!!

  • Inspirational!

    by Rashanir

    Was looking for some motivation to continue going to the gym. This app really delivered. There are so many inspirational people on this app!

  • My favorite!!!

    by Ninhazinha13

    Just the best app ever!!! The people in there are amazing and they're always there to motivate you! The people who created the app help you right way! I'm so additive to it.. More then FB or Real people like me that is trying to live a healthy and active life!! Thank you AS!!!

  • Awesome!

    by MPerry92

    Awesome app! So motivational everyday, creates a wonderful support group for any level of exerciser- from beginner to seasoned fitness junkie.

  • Gray

    by Fiifdtih

    Great app

  • Love it.

    by NEFire449

    It's like a Facebook for people who want to improve their body's! I love it.

  • Cool

    by speakso

    Great motivational app! Lots of great features.

  • Awesome idea

    by Yinismss

    Unlike other fitness app, this app connects you with other people to always keep you motivational. Awesome idea. You should definitely have it in your phone.

  • Inspiring active community!

    by Eleganza13

    AS is by far the best place for fitness motivation and inspiration. Unlike FB and IG, AS is filled with positive people who are there to help with your workouts and cheer you on as you lead an active lifestyle. If you're into sports and fitness, you must join!!!!

  • Won't process my status!

    by GothicVampire23

    Since I updated the app it won't let me put up a new status with a photo. I tried refreshing the app and it didn't help. Other than that it is fine!

  • Awesome people!

    by Weswabro

    The app works great but what's more important it brings awesome people together!

  • Activeside is great!

    by Momtomax

    Thank you for creating a site where I can come to and share my fitness progress. I feel like this site has really helped keep me motivated and focused! We all have the same goals!

  • Great way to share interests and stay motivated for all ages!

    by Life interrupts

    I found that besides learning about all great activities others are doing to get in and stay in shape, I am becoming more and more motivated to get in better shape myself. Now after turning 50, it's more important than ever. i encourage other Baby Boomers to try it out. Thanks guys!

  • Disappointed

    by Ink1832

    I gave this app 5 stars but now I'm changing to one star! I'm very disappointed my app will not stay open keeps shutting down on me!

  • Excellent!!!

    by Alex prand

    This app has inspired me to be better and work out to my fullest!!!

  • Crash

    by james xmx

    It keeps crashing. It asks if i wanna log in, then i sign up with facebook and it crashes while loading my fb profile. And it should realllly really let us sign up with twitter or facebook, i wanna sign up with twitter please

  • Really motivational!

    by Sammie Boom

    Great app for people who love to workout or who need inspiration to help workout. Tons of inspirational people in here, who are great at giving fitness advice too!

  • Outstanding

    by TjmOne

    Lov this app, it helps motivate me and I get to help others reach their goals. Only thing that I disagree with is linking with Facebook, I came to Activeside to avoid that scene I liked it the way it was but you do give people the option of not linking but then it reset my account to Zero and lost my friends, not cool but all in all a ++ Remember the World does not revolve around Facebook

  • Motivation at it's best!

    by Carlitoinvegas

    AS is the most inspirational app I've used so far! So many awesome, fit and active people that motivate me to workout harder! Great community!

  • Great!

    by Gmarlo04

    I love it! Great people a lot of motivation!

  • Social component is great!

    by NeelReel

    Such a motivational community of active people! Love the ig like interface.

  • Awesome social network for active people.

    by Tifferooni04

    It's like an ig for people that are into sports and keeping fit. There are some really inspirational people in the ActiveSide community. Awesome social network.

  • Awesome!

    by Kevdawgneo

    It's a sweet app. What a great active community. So much positive fitness inspiration. It's like a ig for fit people. You can share all your sport moments as well. Cool social network.

  • Addictive and inspirational!!

    by JohnnyTman

    Awesome sports and fitness community like Facebook or ig but for active people. The app has really given me the motivation to train harder and it's quite addictive to see everyone's experiences and progress. If you're into working out, training or play any kind of sport, you should really get on this app now!!!!!

  • Amazing

    by Scoobzz

    Amazing app just like an Instagram but for fit people, very inspirational

  • Great app

    by Jfromdamil

    Would be better if it had a private message feature

  • Amazing fitness community!!!

    by WVCVegas

    I recently started working out and was looking for some motivation to keep it going. AS is so inspiring, that now I find myself using it more than FB and IG!!! There are so many amazing active people on here that give you motivation and cheer you on. Love it!!!!

  • So much fun! Keeps me inspired to go to the gym.

    by tallkatie87

    ActiveSide is the best workout app that I've come across. People are always posting inspirational and inspiring stuff. I really like all of the photos and seeing what people are doing. It's definitely helped me continue on my weight loss journey.

  • Love it!!!

    by Mrs k castillo

    I've only had this app a few days but I love it already! It's great to see other people with the same interests as me. Nothing negative. Only positive active life posts. Great idea!

  • Motivation

    by Jennyg09288

    Best app for motivation... Everything on it is about a workout after a workout and just normal cool people looking for people that are part or want to be a part of this growing part of life... Fitness!!!

  • Great app

    by GutsyFever

    This is my kind of social network. I find great inspiration from many others with similar interests

  • Active lifestyle, get the app!

    by diamondhol

    This app is motivating and works very well! If you like do be active whether its working out, canoeing, surfing or dancing this APP is for you! No video yet, which would be reallllly cool to see others in action! But for now its a 4.5 stars! Like to Walk??? Get the app, change your life!

  • Great app, gets you off your butt!

    by GMG1985

    Goodbye, other social media sites, Active Side keeps me motivated to work out and stay fit rather than express my feelings from the couch. Love it, keep it up!

  • Motivational!

    by Emptynester516

    Great app, & easy to use. Luv seeing other's success stories. Motivates me to be better & work harder. Share your sports accomplishments & disappointments with your friends! Highly recommend you join today!

  • Awesome app

    by Beachbum9

    Love posting about my workouts and sharing with other active people.

  • Great app!

    by The Heidi

    Best place to share your active life!

  • Great App

    by Vegascheer

    This app is awesome and has motivated me to keep up my workout routine. Would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to connect to others who are active.

  • Great App

    by Junelv81

    This app is a great way to encourage and be encouraged as you live an active lifestyle. So easy to use!! You won't be disappointed.

  • Great App

    by DavidRap

    Easy to use, and fun to see how others are exercising

  • Awesome!

    by EBierley

    Very motivational! It's great to see everyone else's progress.

  • This is awesome!!!!!

    by Shawnamj

    This app is awesome for the active, fit community! We can all share our milestones, daily activities, and triumphs. What's cool about this app is that everyone can become friends, and everyone is inspired by each others activities. The polar opposite reaction to what many of us receive by posting anything fitness related to Facebook! :) I hope this app continues to grow:)

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