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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Simone Morellato

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What is Easy Search?

…a great interface to search Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Videos, Wikipedia, Google+, etc.

1. Type less, click more – buttons instead of text
2. Do more on less – optimized for iPad
3. Do more with less – overcome limitations of Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter

HOW is Easy Search better than just using Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Videos, Wikipedia ?

1. Provides an intuitive interface that is clear and easy to use

2. It is easier to click a button than type a keyword on iPad or iPhone

3. Extends the reach of search from conventional websites to social portals like
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace

Finally an "Easy" way to search all you favorite websites Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Videos, Wikipedia in a single app.

And you can also post everything you find with Easy Search on Faceboook.

No more long series of clicks or keywords to remember, all you need to do is to tap the appropriate button and you are ready to go.

Plus Easy Search does not contain any ads!! Enjoy the full screen real estate!

Easy Search is the only "all-in-1" iPad App to:

1. Browse the Web
2. Use Facebook,
3. Use Twitter,
4. Use Myspace
5. Search Youtube Videos
6. Use Google docs
7. Use Google Reader
8. Check Google Mail "gmail"
9. Use Google Voice
10. Use Google Scholar
11. Send free sms
12. Check your Google Calendar
13. Check your Google Tasks
14. Translate from/to any foreign language
15. Discover Local Places with Google Latitude
16. Check Google News
17. Chat with your friends with Google talk "gtalk"
18. Lookup your favorite magazine with "FastFlip"
19. See what other people are searching with Google Trends
20. Access Google Buzz
21. Access Howtos
22. Look-up Wikipedia


Easy Search gives you easy and fast access to:

1. Google Images,
2. Google Videos,
3. Google+
4. Google Finance,
5. Real-time searches,
6. Patents searches,
7. Blogs searches,
8. Local places,
9. Shopping with Google Products,
10. Check the Weather,
11. Look-up Words Definition,
12. Check the Time all over the world,
13. Look-up Movies,
14. See what other people are saying on Google Groups,
15. Find new Books,
16. Check the Score of your favorite team
17. Blogs

Easy Search is an international best seller, you gotta have it

For example:

1. If you want to know today’s score of the San Francisco Giants Baseball team, just type the team name and click on score.
2. Or if you want to know the weather in New York, just type New York and tap the weather button.
3. Or if you want to keep up on what people are talking about, just type in your topic followed by the Real-time icon.
4. Or if you want to find a local Thai restaurant, just type in Thai followed by the local icon.
5. And many many more just download it and try it yourself.

Or take a look at our website:

* http://justappsonline.com/

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Principessa Rosa

    This the best search app! You can search not only google but also yelp, twitter, Facebook, and all the other websites!

  • Love this app!!!

    by Clledford

    I am so glad that I downloaded this app! So easy to use and find what I am looking for all in one place.

  • Good app but don't waste money on accessories

    by Pixmanroa

    Fun app but I installed some of the stuff you can buy for it totally stopped working.

  • Cool App

    by HeleneZ

    It's very convenient, especially since I am lazy to type all the time for searching. Much better with click now :) Nice work ~~

  • Very Cool! I can even configure order of the icons, amazing!

    by AppsMaestro

    Really cool app for my new iPad. In used to love easysearch on my iphone but the version for iPad is even better. I really like the fact I can configure the order of the icos to use for search. Well done justapps

  • me gusta

    by Que bonito amor

    Es divertido

  • Scam

    by inspired!!

    This is only a series of buttons enters the URL and takes you to one site at a time, which you could do yourself with bookmarks. A web button that only takes you to Google, a separate Bing button that takes you to Bing instead there should be a web button that shows both search results along with many others and then strips the redundancy. Pictures is only Google/images etc. This is why there needs to be a refund policy in place in the App Store.

  • Not good for Twitter users

    by Setka

    I mainly wanted this for Twitter and Facebook. Twitter only half way downloads most of the time. You can see headers but no text. No app support!

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