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It uses computer vision (OpenCV) to automatically recognize human faces & features in photographs taken from the camera or the photo library.
The faces are measured and scored: 50% of the score is calculated based on the Golden Ratio criteria and the other 50% is by comparison with census.


1) Press 'Use Photo' to select a photo from your the photo library or take a new photo using the camera.

2) Press 'Face Rank' to start processing the photo.

3) A ranking number appears next to each face.

For better performance, please take note of the following conditions :
- The photo should also show the head of the person and not only just the face.
- The face should be at least 50x50 pixels.

(The human faces in this application are computer-generated composites, any resemblance is purely coincidental.)

Customer Reviews

  • Quick and accurate

    by H. Krinkle

    Well done! I'm an artist and this is quite a useful, fun and time-saving tool for my work. I tested this app's "golden ratio" determinations against the same photos that I had calculated by hand. The results were consistent. (Be careful using this on someone with a fragile ego. If they score low, you could just tell them they scored a 10 using the "bronze ratio".) ;-) Minor suggestions: 1) Instead of a whole number result, show a fraction (with decimal point). For example: 6.4 instead of 6. 2) Include an info section which explains the best types of headshots to use (straight on, head as level as possible, etc).

  • Doesn't work

    by Disappointed!1

    Software can't find facial features. On one photo it picked the right eyebrow as an eye and the left nostril as the other eye. Then it still scored a 5. I wish iTunes App Store had an unconditional 30 minute refund option! They should also have a zero star option.

  • Doesn't work... But I wish it did

    by Sherriebarri

    It doesn't recognize where facial features are and comes up with weird placement of where it thinks they are... Like my eyes sitting way below on my cheek? It would be helpful if we could adjust things because the software has no clue.

  • Doesn't work

    by tutolandia

    I was bored so I ran like 50 pictures through this app, all celebrity images from the Internet, and it scored every single one a five. Jessica alba got a five.

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