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Seller: Matthew Schwartz

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The app gives you FREE access to everything available on in a more convenient and easy to use format.

New users may register via the app or the site while existing users can use their current login.

- Post your Profile
- Customize your profile colors
- See who's online
- Send and Receive email and winks
- Chat Room w/Photo sharing
- Upload Photos from your device, camera or Facebook
- Save up to 3 searches
- Find members near you
- Much more

Customer Reviews

  • Oy - I told you Momma!

    by Shalom B

    This app is okay as far as functionality goes..... Yeah, you start off with a password given to you. No biggie. You can change it once you're in. The interface is pleasant enough and the response to command works fine. The only functional problem is that one must manually log on each session (the website has the same problem BTW). So? Nu? Why so low of a rating? Perhaps it's the DLINYC (Don't Live In New York City) factor. There are very few potential dating partners on this site! Most who are offered live quite a distance away from me. I actually find many more Jewish potentials on the other, much more popular sites - those that are not religious background based! Too bad! The price is good and the objective is sound. Hopefully more people join this site or it will go the way of the dinosaurs. For now, it's like Miriam trying to find the wells in the dessert - few and far between. A nice Jewish girl? Sure, would love one! Another Jewish dating site to try in an effort to find her? Well..... Good luck! Or, as I said, Oy - I told you Momma! :-(

  • Full Featured Jewish Dating App

    by MichMatt70

    Not a subset of site features like some other dating apps. Easy to communicate with other members and has a chat feature. Only issue I had was it emails your password, but once registered it’s not an issue. Check it out

  • Great app

    by Dan345667

    One of the best social apps , love the chat option! Wish more people were on it tho.

  • Meh.

    by Incakolaking

    There needs to be more filter choices.

  • Check your spam folder when signing up.

    by Davie99

    This is the best (only?) Jewish dating app for iOS. It really does work very well. The only issue I found is that you need to check your spam folder after signing up, especially of you have gmail like me. I wondered what was going on until I found the registration email in my gmail spam folder.

  • Needs People

    by H0H0H

    While the app works extremely well, there are very few men here, and those here are almost never online, perhaps because there are very few women.

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