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Minor changes for iOS 5.0

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** LITE VERSION! This version limits you to just a few phrases and adds text to outgoing messages.

EasyText allows you to send SMS (text) messages with as few taps as possible using your iPhone.

Store your list of commonly used phrases such as "Be right there, can't reply" or "Busy, i'll call you later"... then just tap on the phrase you want. Apple's Messaging application will start, allowing you to paste the text into a message and send.

EasyText takes the tedious typing out of texting when you can't afford the time or attention.

Simple interface allows you to add, delete and change phrases quickly and easily.

A "Contact Us" link is available right in the app, please let us know what you think. Ratings and reviews are important to us!

Customer Reviews

  • I really like it!

    by Ive 34

    Its easy and convenient... There are so many friends I text for the same simple questions, and been able to create your own quick answers its just awesome. If im driving and i just have to inform somebody i cant answer ur text, just 2 taps will send the msg.


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