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Seller: Paul Abraham Jaimovich

Bug in uiwebview error detection fixed.

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Our web browser for iPhone and Ipod touch will browse any page without leaving a history. With this application you do not need to clear your history, cookies or cache; no more auto-completion of undesired urls!

Thats not all: Your homepage runs an unfiltered search engine!. You will be able to see some results that normally do not appear in regular search engines. Just imagine all the possible uses of this application.

Unlike other applications we have added the BLACKOUT feature. To activate it you simply have to press on the
"http://" area. The navigation screen will then turn black instantly. To go back to navigation mode simply touch the blackout screen, its that simple!

Finally you can enjoy the privacy of web browsing at your finger tips! We are constantly working on updating our applications, please send your suggestions to

Enjoy ;)

Customer Reviews

  • Doesn't work on iOS 7

    by wivel

    It was a great app but sense the iOS 7 update the app no longer is working please fix

  • faster

    by locohockeyplayer

    i occasionally use this only cause it is faster than safari.

  • Pretty good but...

    by DNaidoo95

    The blackout still shows your web adress please remove

  • Change the name/icon

    by WolfInDGrass

    Great concept has good privacy features but it needs to be labeled as an icon/name that is more anonymous. Call it browser or something and make the icon stand out less.

  • This is a good app.

    by Phippsly

    I use it daily for porn.! It has the best stuff.

  • Pretty good so far

    by Liljj2500

    For all of u who said things about bookmarks and not resetting the browser wen u exit the's supposed to!!!! if it wasn't like wouldn't be anonymous!!!! the only thing u guys r right about fixing is about the landscape view and the zooming in and out problems if they fix that then this app would be perfect

  • Great app

    by Src:

    Works like it says

  • Awesome!!!

    by iPod touch fan!

    I luv this app it is so cool I really liked it for privacy matters! Nice job!

  • Really good

    by Livvy101

    Best Web browsers EVER!!!! Download it asap because it's really good

  • Great

    by Irish toole

    Highly recommended for buisnesses

  • Good

    by Cskee98

    When you save a picture it saves exactly what the screen shows

  • good but

    by dipalshah

    I love it but u should add tilting horizontally and a less suspicious name cuz anonymous www is kinda telling

  • Nice app

    by D_c_J

    Works ok, sometimes crops photo of text too severely at import to PDF. Good enough for a free app.

  • Sweet

    by Dragonflyz76

    Guys arent the only ones that can secretly look at porn ;) your girl is prolly doin it too

  • Thank you!

    by DaddyBigMac

    Any App that Values your privacy is fantastic!!! Privacy is becoming extinct, so thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Temptation

    by Lupi dgekgfghcewtoo

    Good app DOES leave history when u use google :/ so a little deceptive. Not dloading again though

  • Fast and basic

    by JohnGomm

    I was impressed by the speed and it managed to load pages that were causing Privately to hang. To the people that ask for bookmarks and it starting where you left off - read the description: no saved data. Only issue I really have is with the diisplayed name. Does it look a little suspicious to have a www app called Anonymous on your phone? If I need to hide my activities, I want a subtler name on my screen.

  • Amazing app

    by Tomcat94

    This is an outstanding app that you should get. You just have to get over the fact that you can't zoom or go into horizontal mode, and see how great it is. Faster than safari, no history/cookies/cache, instant blackout, it's free,and it goes back to the main page anytime you restart it. It's great! The only thing they need to do is update it. It's great overall.

  • awesome app!!

    by crazy love peace miss kidnshsjnsjdjjdjdjdlkdjdndjbslsidhsjkdirbksiskzsl

    really good, totally private :)

  • Good but NOT private

    by Rockbrook464

    Great with speed and stuff but I tried to sync it with my computer and I also had saffari open (on the computer.) when I synced and charged it I went to this app and I looked at my google history. It was the same as my computer google history. Left me wondering if this one will sync onto my computer history too, not good.... Any solutions?


    by .K<3

    Love this app, but it doesn't work with iOS7. Please update!!!

  • iOS 7 compatibility

    by Caryl Marie

    Doesn't work with IOS 7???

  • Pop ups and redirects

    by Dog007

    Used to be Pop ups and redirects ruin any chance of doing what you want

  • Ugh

    by ZoeiMichelle

    It works fine but safari is a web browser so this just takes up room and with safari you can open up more than one and go back to it. This is useless

  • Bad

    by DragonRose2012


  • Awful

    by RhiiRebellion

    As someone is trying to hide the sites that they're viewing, OBVIOUSLY somebody wants to hide that they're watching porn, you dumbfucks. MAKE IT SO YOU CAN WATCH VIDEOS ON THIS APP.

  • No work

    by Jezzy M.D.

    No work

  • Its Google with a mask

    by Bangbrawl

    It tracks stats and IPs just acts like it doesnt. Lies! Lies!

  • Needs work

    by 1981 Hydrodyne

    The screen us up to far when your typing something that you can't even see what your typing...annoying

  • ???

    by hathair

    Who loves poop?!?!?!? I dooo!!!

  • Not Anonymous

    by Business Girly

    This app shows YOUR ip address, it's not anonymous at all. Go to when using it and you will see your ip address. It worked when I first got it but had not worked since. A very big waste of my time.

  • Good app

    by creeperSD

    I just downloaded this app n its alright. I got it because it doesnt have the tilt function. the tilt thing is anoyying so i got this.what this app needs is a zoom in an out function because when i load myspace (my test page for this app) It is too zoomed in and i cant see the page all together like safari. Great loading time though n happy without the tilt

  • Crap...



  • barely usable

    by moki b

    sure it's free and anonymous, it doesn't zoom or tilt with the phone! boooo

  • Can't see fields while typing

    by BGR

    Tried to comment on a blog but could not see top of form while typing and gave up Unusable

  • NO !

    by BrandOn-dOOd

    You Shouldn't Get Thiss App It's PointLess Dont Get It

  • Ad are are all ya get scamish

    by KB's Tunes

    Minus 4 stars

  • Stupid

    by crispybacon2009

    I couldn't make this app work

  • One Star too much

    by Oaxer

    1. Before the search results come up a chase bank video plays and you must watch it on and on. Extreme anoying!!!! 2. You always get connected to buy another app, more extreme anoying. 3. Do not download it!!!

  • Really faster than Safari

    by sunboricha

    but why multi toucj zoom does not work? plz thanks

  • need update

    by isumaniac

    good at looking at "things" but need zoom and tilt

  • by VE2

    Not worke 

  • Not worth the time

    by Mama iPod

    A better private browser is Aquari. It works way better and addresses the issue of this app. Which are: #1: There is no MULTI touch functonality. Meaning you can't zoom in and zoom out by touch ("pinching"). If the app had another way to zoom in and out I wouldn't have even brought this up. #2: Tilting does nothing. Meaning you can't turn your ipod/iphone horizontally and view the page horizontally (landscape view). #3: If you stay on a page too long the app won't let you go backwards (hitting the "back" button) or anywhere else. I was looking at a text site. It's like I have to speed read to avoid the app locking up. #4: You can't have more than one page open at a time. #5: Your cookies are NOT automatically deleted upon exit. And FYI: This app DOES store cookies. Don't be fooled. FYI: I am using an iPod Touch and I have installed the iPod update. ( I think it is 3.0)

  • Running slow

    by goconcertfan7

    It's been running slower recently, and appears to be developing a problem with QuickTime videos.

  • Good!!!

    by Arasas

    Realy good app. Thank You.

  • Fast but sad

    by Nintenman

    It's a bit faster than my other browsers, but it's definitely not anonymous. It saves cookies, and it does not hide your IP addy. Furthermore, blackout only hides most of the web page. I'd rather just press the sleep button and put it in my pocket if I were trying to hide something. 2/5.

  • Good but,

    by Jsereno93

    It needs a landscape view, ability to zoom in and out, and a less obvious homepage icon. :)

  • Great

    by Thevdogamez

    For those lazys that r too lazy to delete their history to make their browser faster. *Cough* Me *Cough*

  • ????

    by Ultra dragon

    Does the history show up on the computer connected to the wifi?

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