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Hanging out with the hottest people online just got even better! Like, chat, share…

New in this update:

* Stylish new design optimised for iOS7
* See your score and other people’s scores
* Discover how you know other users through Shared Friends
* Bugs fixed and other performance enhancements

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4596 Ratings
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Hot or Not. Get in. Get seen. Get fans! Check out if you are Hot, find interesting people around you and chat with them. The hottest online community with over 190 million members!

Here’s how it works:

* Check out how Hot you are. Get your score!
* Find out who is Hot around you
* Like your Facebook friends and their friends
* Chat with interesting people around you

Customer Reviews

  • Fix this

    by HoopalaGreg

    This app has so much potential, but I never get a score no matter how long I play. Fix everything!!!

  • G

    by Brhom93


  • Great app

    by Mikesree

    This a great app no problems

  • I can't see mine or anyone else's score

    by Hashtagrunner

    I had this app before and it worked perfectly fine and I actually enjoyed it. But I deleted it and now that I've re downloaded it I can't see my own score or anyone else's for that matter. I have the required 3 pictures uploaded, so is this a glitch in the app or just me?

  • by Bryan Santa

  • Whoop


    It's ok

  • Great but one thing

    by Aep98

    I for one very much enjoy the app. Yes, the picture thing is annoying but I got by and I have them set up the way I want them to now... But for some reason my rating has disappeared. It's not that I had 8 n it's back to 0 after changing the picture. No, the entire option has completely disappeared from the app. Just randomly one day I went to check my current rating and there was nothing there. Huh....

  • Score

    by ASAPkrs

    My score don't even show nomore

  • Fun but glitches

    by Caroline F.

    A lot of times it'll not load the pictures and you'll have to restart the app. It is just really frustrating cuz it happens all the time. Also it doesn't show ratings for me or other people anymore. It just stopped

  • Great confidence boost!

    by Booooosy

    If you're lacking confidence but u think ur attractive this app is for you!

  • It's ok

    by angel of god

    It has some issues like the app goes out a lot .. But it's a fun app .

  • Good good !

    by Dei Rae

    I get hoes from them !

  • Really cool.

    by ddaniix3

    I would probably give the 5 stars but all of a sudden in the pull-out tab where you can check to see connections and your profile, I can no longer see my score. So yeah.

  • It's okay

    by GEG5287

    It glitches sometimes but I guess it's okay

  • Waste of time

    by Dowers84

    Half the profiles are fake. And the rest of them are girls that live nowhere near you. Im in philly and after the first day never seen a girl from the east coast at all. What the hell am I going to talk to a girl in Arizona for? The app is fun for a day.

  • Score :(

    by Blackophopper23

    I can't see my score. Ever since the update I can't see my score fix that your else I like the app

  • It ok

    by Masked villan

    It need better connection

  • Anthony

    by Salvadoreño

    Esta algo buena

  • Stopped showing score

    by Dude643356

    This app needs fixing cause it stopped showing me my score

  • Why can't I see my score...

    by Fddggfcfd

    Interesting app. Has it's moments. Like I can't see my dang score anymore! It's very annoying to not see it anymore :/ some of the guys on the app are awesome while the others are disrespectful and will ask for nudes. Plus there are a lot of underaged kids on there. So beware on who you click hot!

  • Boring..

    by Adri1497

    It only lets me see guys that are around my area and most people use the app to chat not to actually meet people, I suggest you don't request using the GPS and let users rate and be rated internationally...

  • Does not say my score

    by connormeter

    The app doesn't even tell me my own score... It doesn't tell me anyone's score.

  • I didn't even get to try it out

    by Midnightcoconuts

    It doesn't work for me. I downloaded it and I kept pressing "sign in with FB" and nothing happens. What a waste of time.

  • Nice idea -- no execution

    by ~Aaron~

    So this app has a few nice ideas, but lacks the ability to follow through with these ideas. I've had this app for almost 2 weeks and have yet to see any type of rating. I also have no connections (maybe no one rates me or wants to "connect") and cannot rate any girls due to an internal issue. It acts like it going to load another person to rate, but halts and never loads the person... Causing a halt in using the app itself.

  • So Many Bugs!

    by destineealways

    Ok let's start off by saying its a great confidence boost app if you're somewhat pretty. But you aren't going to find a soulmate on here because it's so superficial, most guys are just on here to get some. That's not the developers fault. But here are some suggestions/flaws 1. Everytime I add photos to my profile some of them delete themselves and I keep reading them and they'll show up for a minute and then disappear again. 2. You can't put your pictures in the order you want them to appear which can be frustrating 3. require more info about a person than their interests and location. maybe if you knew their height, religion, hobbies, smoking or drinking habits, occupation, etc. something like that, it would be easier to weed through the dirtbags or people we don't agree with other than just basing it superficially on looks alone. 4. The rating thing is stupid. why do you need to know how hot other ppl think a person is? if you think theyre hot it shouldnt matter what other ppl thought. its a dumb addition to the app to me. work on glitches or something. 5. with the photos you should have an option to add from instagram. thats where most people have their photos. they should also work on working together with apps like snapchat and instagram so people can connect through this site. so you can snapchat your matches to make sure their not catfishes, etc. if all of these were utilized this could be a great app. but for right now. its preetty bad.


    by roizmanj

    This app needs fixes. It got rid of my ratting and it wont even give me a rating screen.

  • What happen?

    by Spagan1000

    La aplicacion requiere mi num cel y cuando lo pongo me dice q esta incorrecto

  • Score

    by Only1Epic

    What was the point of the app if primary objective was to have a score and now there is no more score. Every person you like or dislike does not have a score. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!!

  • Boo

    by SWAGLORDdddd

    Doesn't support gays it's useless and oppressive

  • Where tf the rates at

    by Alex De La Paz

    With rates, this app is hella fun.. Without its wack.

  • Rating doesn't even work anymore

    by royce619

    Connections is still cool I guess but my score doesn't show up anymore, nor does anybody else's. Fix that please.

  • Glitch?

    by 21st_Century

    The app itself is what you'd expect it to be. It's just that nobody's score is showing up—including my own. I don't even have the "Your Score" thing on my sidebar. Did they take it out? Or is it a glitch? It'd be pretty dumb if they took it out

  • Can't see score

    by Juniorjay92

    It's an ok app when your bored but I can't see my or anyone else's score anymore

  • Not good

    by xSaucy TF

    Anytime i log in or try to sign up again it says i live in gilroy and i dont so i dont know how to fix it

  • Problems

    by dannam96

    I have iOS 7 and I don't have the option to see my own ratings. I don't know if it's just me but I can't see my own ratings which bothers me the most.

  • I liked this app... But no scores anymore?

    by Ponyygirl94

    Where did the scores go for everyone. They all say zero....... Dumb. That is the whole point of the app. Please fix.

  • Okay I guess

    by Kinton1023

    It won't let me check my rating and it won't let me see my connections

  • P

    by Francis12281988


  • I can't see my rating anymore..?

    by Kitkatcat skittles

    It was really fun to see what people rated me and to watch my rating go up. But now there is no option to see your own rating. Please bring it back!

  • No score?

    by John Croswell

    Maybe they removed this feature but I cannot see my score or anyone's for that matter. Anyone else having this issue.

  • Disliked.

    by iBreezie

    I dislike this app a lot because now that the ratings are disabled, it takes away the fun. I decided to download the app because I was curious as to what guys would score me. I've seen people complaining and saying things like, "I didn't deserve the score I got." Obviously, you're not as cute/pretty/etc as you think. If you are just soo upset about your score, delete the app and don't use it. Simple as that.

  • Hot or naw

    by Scheivert00


  • Help

    by Christian Munoz

    I can't find my rating!

  • It stopped giving rates

    by DGonz2000

    My hot or not porfile never gave me a rate and it only lets me rate people with a rate of 0.00 i hope this is a bug if it is plz fix it! I really like this app its fun because you meet nice people in it sometimes and that is always good!

  • Notifications

    by Ed696996

    It always says I have a message when I really don't

  • S

    by Qudf


  • Ughhhh

    by -RyanD.

    This has the most bugs ever like ever... Like If I had a bug collection it still wouldn't measure up to this. Like c'mon man

  • Fun to mess with

    by Gibson Studio

    I just put random pics off Google and it crashed after that

  • Missing scores?

    by Jmoneycashmoneypaulson

    Ever since the update, hot or not doesnt show my score or anyone elses? What the heck, thats the whole point of the app. Its pointless without it. Fix it please.


    by Alden48

    It crashes all the time and deletes my profile picture ever time. I can't see my matches. This app is horrible. Fix it please

  • Horrible

    by MVP_mike13

    Gets stuck on the same page every time I try to go through the app.

  • Rate

    by Kharmon24

    It's alright. It really makes me frustrated I can no longer see my average rating!

  • Add This In

    by Patty Tillman

    A search bar so you can search for people and friends

  • Ratings gone?

    by erisee

    Was a fun app, but my rating is gone now and all girls are shown as having a 0 score.

  • The hate & love for this app

    by EliCruz94

    At first I enjoyed the app very much & loved it! Until it started to get all dumb & so many glitches. On my sidebar my rating completely disappear & shows everybody as a 0.00

  • No score

    by Hivim

    At all


    by Devbabby

    So far since being on the app it crashes every 5-10 minutes....also for some reason the rating section isn't showing up?

  • Buggy

    by jktxjl

    My score disappeared and not able to see anybody's score for the past 5 days... The whole score tab is gone... Please fix. Thanks!

  • Fix this app!

    by KayKay88

    I can't see my score or others. I can't log out or sign in on my iPad. I've been waiting for the email confirmation and it hasn't come yet. It's been weeks. Are you going to fix anything? I'm going to delete this app

  • Fix

    by JefferyP

    Need to fix some spam on this

  • Good app

    by Brown_eyed_beauty_13

    I like this app other than tbe fact i cant seem to find the hot score for me..but i like this app its really cool

  • Bug fixes

    by Tre-4sGreatest

    The app won't let me load the score of myself. Can't view my profile. I think this is a bug with the app. Launch an update to fix it. Thanks.

  • adrian

    by King_AB

    this app is gold!!!! met so many hot chicks!!!!!

  • adrian

    by King_AB

    this app is gold!!!! met so many hot chicks!!!!!

  • Great

    by Titoodog

    Great app and already met like 6 girls in less than 2 days. Good app

  • Hot or not

    by Rissy01999

    Needs an update but it's a pretty good app overall

  • Good and bad

    by Cristian Garcia

    I cant see my rating isnt even on the menu options and idk why. Other than that its good a lot of ugly girls though

  • This is a good app

    by Superbuttsaklitus

    I think this app is great but there are some problems I keep on having to rate the same people and it won't let me see my score most of the time but for the most part this is a great app

  • No More Rates!!!

    by Awsomeace

    There used to be a rate now all rates are gone, needs to be fixed.

  • Needs a lot of work

    by SleepyWaffles

    First of all it always deletes the pictures that you put up there. Also we should be able to pick which pic we want as our profile pic. There are so many scammers that it's almost all you see. There needs to be a better way to get rid of them.

  • by Sky wheel 234

    I would give 5 STARS IF YOU WOULD FIX THE FREAKING APP! I would cuss but they might remove dis comment so please update hot or not so I can see my score and other peoples scores as well. Thx in advance

  • Needs to Fix things

    by Hxihhsitghuduh

    They need to fix a bug... It won't let me sign in at all. It says that it cannot recognize my information. The problem is they don't even ask for a password!!!!

  • Fun

    by Jjjgggg135794327995

    Fun app

  • Doesnt work (photo problem)

    by Danfofff

    The profile pictures get deleted every 5 minutes.

  • by Joeboken

    Nuff said

  • Meh

    by Pieluver123

    It's good, but I keep getting stuck on the same person and the photo won't ever load and it won't let me move to the next person. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

  • Decent

    by Keeirjsjsjd

    It used to let me view my score but in the last update that section disappeared. Now all I can do it rate people, chat or see my profile. Please fix this

  • Terrible

    by Nick louis23

    This app is so bad! It kept crashing and was deleting the photos I kept posting. And they completely stole the idea from Tinder which is a much better app. They even stole the fire icon. This is a terrible app.

  • I can't add photos

    by John McPherson

    When I try to add photos they only stay on my profile for a few minutes and then they're all gone except for two. Please fix this as well as the many other issues of this app

  • Needs more features

    by Kameron Banks

    - Allow users to go back - Allow users to integrate twitter and Facebook accounts - Improve overall UI

  • Why?

    by Tymyg

    Why won't this work on my ipad?

  • Well

    by Chucknedmonds

    I have the app and it took weeks to get rated by 10 people, even after uploading 4 pictures and completing my profile. Then a few days ago the menu doesn't even show the "your score" option? It just has three choices and i can only edit my profile, vote, and see connections. Just a very crappy app but a good idea.

  • Nice

    by _douglas-

    I like how it always showed where I was and where I am! Very easy to use and for the most part privet I like to think in a way...

  • Giving 1 start but it should be 0

    by Thisnicknamewasnottaken

    Downloaded this app and I can't even get on it long enough to make a profile before it crashes.

  • Doesn't even work

    by xdyvfbjtfjdd

    This crap wont even let me log in...fix it noobs

  • In terrible need of updates

    by Boatsnhoes2231425

    Cool app. Infested with bugs. Deletes profile pics every time I click on anything. ratings don't show, but not the real problem.

  • All around.

    by Terry white 161 love game

    We should be able to choice if we want to see people that live by us, or people anywhere around the world. There's not a lot of people who live by me that have the app, so I don't have a lot of people to pic hot or not too.

  • Okay

    by Tommyfox499

    It's a fun app to try

  • What happened to the scores?

    by gracefaceeubanks

    Okay so I enjoy this app a lot. It finds people you have common interests in and also common taste in looks. But what happened to the ratings and scores? It used to show my score as a 6.89 and now it doesn't show anything? Why is it gone? I'm confused.


    by Slyfoxxx0777

    Need to fix rating. No longer shows your rating. Which makes the app useless then.

  • Glitched

    by Dimitrios Potamousis

    Not completely working!

  • No rating

    by Itsbradyt

    Was great but now our rating doesn't show! I was almost an 8! Now I don't see the point in it!

  • Awesome! Just cant see my score

    by scmgames2


  • Doesn't work

    by Seanbh

    The rating system isn't working anymore Btw someone is jelly(below me);)

  • Needs improvements

    by WolloWizard

    Can be slow and glitchy. And u can no longer see ratings at all

  • Really?...

    by Prewitt95

    Worst update. Keeps kicking me off before I can even sign in

  • Kinda interesting

    by MooMoo8

    Only thing wrong is that you can't see your ratings and others ratings.

  • Awesome

    by Darkar360

    It's awesome

  • Ratings

    by Arlo Monschein

    Honestly, I was only on the app for the ratings. I mean if a girl wants to talk or hang out, cool, but I wasn't here for hook ups. But the few people I know who have the app say their ratings have disappeared and so have mine so it's just not really fun. It's pretty buggy, and I get people all around the country but it's a good time waster.


    by ccoorreeyyy

    I downloaded HotOrNot about a month ago and it was, I thought, great. I found it interesting to see so many different people rate you and it's honestly a big judgement game. Which in fact seems wrong but it's truly life like it or not. Anyhow, about a week ago, they stopped showing me a rating on myself. Still haven't been able to see my score. And even now my pictures are getting removed and it doesn't give me the option to choose which pic is shown first. It automatically picks it for you. I don't like that. I've had so many issues lately with it, it's not worth having anymore. I've deleted it all together. Even I contacted the developer and haven't received anything in response. I would say, don't bother wasting your time on something that is just glitched. Hope you have better luck than I did recently, if you decide to download:)!

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