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Omegle instantly connects you to new friends. This update makes the interface more responsive.

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Omegle is an app for meeting new friends. When you use Omegle, it picks another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you choose to.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app could use improvement

    by Su7hl0rd

    It's awesome to use the app whenever you want, but if the dev can make the app more multitasking friendly then it would an amazing app. I love finding new people to talk to but I hate when I lose connection from swapping between my apps to see what else is going on with my phone. Fix this problem and it would be and instant 5 stars

  • To many guys and bots

    by Okayhaj

    Their is to many bots !!!! Their should be a place were it says want to talk to male or female

  • It's good but

    by RinlyMonster

    This is a really good app but two things need to be changed. One is that the common interests arnt working. Me being a total nerd needs omegle common intersts to roleplay. Because I have no life what-so-ever. Another thing is that there isn't a video option. That word make it a perfect app but that can come later. Please fix the common interests first. I have nothing els to do with my life.

  • Doesn't work half the time

    by Rntt123

    I love the app when it's working but lately it's just been shutting off for me and it doesn't work well off wifi

  • Error

    by 56135

    When I put a common intrest in it says error but random chat works. Otherwise then it is a great app

  • Decent

    by Klaker07

    I would really love a camera for video chat though

  • Lol

    by ¡¡!!Aawweessoommeeee!!!!!!!¡

    Need video chat!

  • Great

    by Musicbitch

    I'm glad I got this app. I wouldn't of met my 3 months boyfriend from this

  • I love the app!

    by Kitten4579

    This is a good app and fun when you're bored. I have one little suggestion, you should add the camera option for when you talk on the app. Overall a good app!!!

  • Please stop

    by Itsmee35

    I really do enjoy this app but the captcha is got to stop. I have it even tho I don't even disconnect fast! Please remove that .-.

  • Great app...but

    by Guy u dont kno

    Its a great app, but whats up with the captcha thing before I comunicate with some body, it didnt do that at all last week. Nobody wants to do those things before you can chat with somebody. PLEASE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Also you can just do captcha once not every time before you can chat with somebody

  • Good, but

    by Nickpapa62

    It's good, but I wish it had video chat not just texting

  • Add more updates



  • Video Chat and New setup


    The app for (iPhone 4 to iPhone highest) need to have video chat. I dont like texting all the time and i wanna know if I'm talking to a creep or not. I think the app maybe needs a simpler setup. Other than those problems the app is great!

  • I like it

    by Silly Dil

    I like the app. It needs spell check. Also I would like to have the video chat. Everyone has a smart phone with a front facing camera now a days. It was worth the 99 cents though.

  • It's cool

    by Kayla12346789

    I think it works fine :)

  • Works fine...

    by illuminyx

    Not sure what all the complaints are about. Works fine for me. Only suggestion is video, that would be brilliant...would be willing to drop a few extra bucks for it, too.

  • Pretty good

    by Halpal34

    Honestly it isn't that bad I like it and yeah there r some things it's missing but it's better than going on safari to use this so yeah I like it not too shabby

  • Official

    by Justsomeguy2211


  • It needs an update.

    by Deadros

    It's a nice app, I can make friends easily even though I cross myself with 50 hormonal men before I manage to find somebody, either ways it needs an update so the auto correct is permitted in it. c:

  • Stop cutting out

    by Drase15

    I hate when it cuts out mid conversation

  • it's ok...

    by _kyliemiller_

    TOO MUCH ASL..... js but I mean it's really annoying but I mean otherwise it would be better without asl...(;

  • Fix

    by Bilbon1575

    It never lets me connect to a server when I put my

  • It won't let me in!

    by NONE OF YO BIZ!!!!

    Okay, omegle. Let me in the app please. I just want to go on and talk with people. I'm not gonna do anything bad!! Did you ban me or something or block me?! Come on, just let me back on.

  • Server

    by A-booGirl<3

    Your servers are not connecting. Please fix.

  • Camera please

    by volleyballplayer8


  • Video chat

    by Laylahhermann

    I bought this app so I could video chat little did I know you can only text. I'm so mad because I wasted my money on this app. The developers need to make an update where you can video chat on this.

  • very limited

    by UnheardCry

    For anyone wanting a current review of this app I would be glad to help you. To begin with this app has a cluttered interface, and orbits around the old ios 6 interface. They also have not added a video chat option, which is what most people wanted this app for. Overall this app needs much improvement.

  • Upsetting

    by Sherlockianthatsupset

    Every time I go to check something else and then come back to the app, it refreshes and my recent partner from chat is lost. Very upsetting


    by Mr. DmYa

    Main function works, but u needs a major update. iOS 7 keyboard, and new features.

  • Video

    by Asian beuty

    Needs video


    by Lurchumz16

    Update this freaking app to iOS 7 please! If it were, I would rate this app 5 stars. UPDATE THIS APP TO IOS 7

  • Needs update

    by Lee bennett

    By adding in the capcha now at the beginning has screwed up the app

  • Terrible

    by JarrettMaster

    Don't download, use mobile website instead.

  • Should've read the reviews before I purchased this dung

    by Amira A

    No autocorrect and I was only using the app for 10 minutes before it disconnected and offered the lamest excuse. Is this what I have to look forward to???! I want my money back!


    by Paige Smith

    Omg this app would be perf if only it had video chat, not worth the 99¢

  • Taty_thoee

    by Tatyyy<3

    Ughhhh, to many pervs! It's annoying and disgusting!!

  • Please read maybe u can help?

    by combustablelemons

    The app doesn't do anything it just says it can't connect to the servers......

  • Awful

    by Double T 27

    Seriously, this app reminds me of the very first phone I had, it's inexcusable for an app to be this unintuitive, in addition to using an outdated keyboard without autocorrect. You're better off just using safari and not wasting $0.99 like I did on this garbage.

  • Not good app

    by jill cummins

    Don't get it you can only chat

  • Captchas

    by fluffy wolf

    Never had to enter captchas before. Now I have to enter them every time I lose connection or partner disconnects. What gives.

  • Bad

    by Latsofunf

    I can't even get anyone to talk to thats how bad it is

  • Security

    by Box_truck

    What's up with the stupid captcha thing

  • Take it off

    by KingMatt0990

    Please take of the two words thing it's so annoying

  • Security

    by Lacrossekid19

    The security thing is so stupid I get it there's a ton of spam but seriously I'm not gonna type two words just to have someone disconnect with me

  • Ridiculous

    by ZIGZAGGER62

    I can't even connect to a server.

  • Losing Connection

    by MCRfan1492

    The only problems with omegle is that it takes forever to connect to someone, and sometimes it doesn't even connect! If you get that far and actually connect, you will eventually lose the connection to the server. Needs to be fixed now.

  • Dumb

    by chocolate fudge 115287

    App should be called nothing but bots

  • Why bother?

    by Brain Weasels Millennium

    It's just the mobile website.

  • F***ing Captcha, seriously?

    by jerminfestation

    You let the bots on the site, but not the app? Just get rid of the captcha, or make it a one time thing. I'll wade through the bots, it's quicker than the captcha.

  • Needs a few fixes

    by crazy squirl

    Well to start of there are way to many fake people I get disconnected and vid would be perfect for iPhone.

  • Remove

    by Dugczegdthb

    Remove from purchase list nowwww!!!!

  • Omegle

    by JuanPlaysMC

    Needs video chat! It's so boring without it!

  • Video chat?

    by DaveDaveDaveDav

    I'm rating it one star because there was NOTHING in the app description that said I couldn't use video chat within the app. And come to find out, I can't. Biggest waste of $0.99 ever.

  • Disappointed

    by DustyWeim

    This app was good before you had to recaption words for each new conversation. until they remove that I won't be back.

  • Needs an update.

    by AlligatorQueen

    I like this app but sometimes messages don't send. Apparently this app hasn't been updated since Oct 2012 so that's probably why it doesn't always work correctly.

  • Please fix, reasonable review.

    by Jeep bend

    Fix problem of cutting off conversations with people saying that it cannot connect to servers. I have switched networks and restarted the app multiple times . I know some peoples conversations last 12 seconds but when I'm reaching an hour on one person, it's incredibly rude when I just quit on them. If possible, make it so we could send them one last message before we rudely get cut off. Thank you

  • Please fix, reasonable review.

    by Jeep bend

    Fix problem of cutting off conversations with people saying that it cannot connect to servers. I have switched networks and restarted the app multiple times . I know some peoples conversations last 12 seconds but when I'm reaching an hour on one person, it's incredibly rude when I just quit on them. If possible, make it so we could send them one last message before we rudely get cut off. Thank you

  • Terrible where's my refund?

    by Fgjjytresaxvbkioiut

    Video chat dose not work. Don't waste your money! I want a refund!

  • Plz


    Put a camera on for all users

  • Worse App Ever

    by theonlybabygurl;)

    why doesnt it have video chat!!!!! it should have it!!!

  • Needs video chat

    by jaqlove

    Needs it

  • video???

    by Cole quidley

    can u please make an update that ads video! or be able to send pictures! it's so much funnier and more fun like that! once u ad those ill rate it 5 stars

  • Doesn't work

    by Joao15santos

    It stopped working now for some reason. They can't do that I spent my money

  • Not usable - try something else.

    by Love this Chatous App!!

    Used to like this app. Kinda broken now. If you like this type of app though, you should check out Chatous - similar to omegle but better.


    by anthony gurnari jr.

    Very slow to connect to someone and you should really add the video chat!!

  • Video chat !!!

    by Juanfranciskitu

    please videochat

  • Review

    by Ninja man99

    Needs a camera to show faces. Also you need to fix the bugs said by others or take this app off the store. Its not good but could be. It hasn't been updated for a year. Very ridicules.

  • Tech error

    by Nota bumtumbler

    Every time i get in a good conversation the conversation looses connection. I travel alot and this has happened in every state Ive used the app in. This needs to be fixed.

  • Fix it . it is so so bad

    by Hamani99

    Fiiiiiiixxxxx it , if you r reading this don't pay for the app

  • Awful

    by Candycanecraver

    I want my money back!!

  • FIX IT

    by robguil0429


  • Video chat

    by Martina Fraga

    Make it able to video chat like for real

  • Good, but needs work.

    by Ipartyrockelmer

    The app work decently, but it definitely needs some work. For 1. Make a cleaner Interface. 2. Definitely add video chat. Other then that it's work just like the webpage for me at-least.

  • Stupid App!!

    by Chreriberi

    Fun if you want to chat with 17y/o boys about sex. Otherwise, dumb. Worst app ever

  • I absolutely love it, BUT..

    by Yum3candy

    This app works amazing, but only for a while. After about 10 minutes in a conversation with somebody, it disconnects me. It's getting really activating! Fix it?!

  • Please fix it!!!

    by T-Bone7991

    I used to love going on Omegle and making friends. But now every single time I go to a new convo, I have to enter in the stupid captcha. Why can't that be a one time thing? I have to sit through those and enter them in repeatedly just to end up talking to a horny dude, or a bot. I can't even have a conversation!! This captcha doesn't even keep bots off. There's more bots than people by now. >:(


    by Mangalover100

    Te security question are dane annoying!!! I got then correct and did it let me connect? No!! Its still saying : verifying. It disconnects from conversations randomly and takes FOREVER to connect!!!! Please fix this now!

  • Connection problems

    by Deadmanrising13

    Every time I start a decent conversation I get a technical error, fix it.

  • Awesome

    by Johnnynevs

    Good app! I don't understand how these people's apps don't work it works fine for me! Helped me out alot when I'm bored!

  • Camera

    by Gators2134

    It's good all it needs is a camera so we can see other people

  • Hi!!!!! :)

    by Jake the dog 12

    Can you video chat on this?

  • Not worth it.

    by I_ish_a_licorne

    There's not even Video chat..


    by I've been ROBBED!!


  • Pervs, Pervs Everwhere

    by .JFM.

    Too many horny men!!!! Only once have i hade a normal convo and it was with some dude in India

  • .

    by mariaam11

    Wheres the camera section?

  • Technical errors make people angry.

    by supergirl5911

    Please fix the technical errors or make it to where you can find the person you were talking to again. It's very disappointing during the middle of a conversation when the app disconnects you.

  • Yea

    by Dead ops island

    Pretty boss but need video chat

  • Just make an update

    by Tnklugman

    Because I want there to be as webcam ok just do it please.

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