Emoti for Facebook Social Networking App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: nodconcept, LLC.

Updated to latest Facebook Graph API
Updated to the latest Facebook iOS SDK
Facebook Single-Sign On support (lets you use the facebook application to authorize Emoti)
Post as Page
Privacy options when posting to your wall
Improved recipient search
Better handling of app permissions
Better handling of errors when downloading new emoticons
General bug fixes and optimizations
Minor copy edits per Facebook Guidelines
Bug fixed from version 4.2 to allow Posts without message content

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
43 Ratings
All Versions:
377 Ratings
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Works with Facebook. "What's on your mind?" has never looked so good! Facebook updates & posts are more interesting & colorful with Emoti.

Emoti is a great App for Facebook users. Don't just take our word for it, look what the media are saying:

Jennifer Van Grove of MASHABLE says "Given the widespread appeal of emoticons, the vast selection of adorable and hilarious ones to choose from, and the sheer size of Facebook, we expect this app to be a hit."

Jim Dalrymple of LOOPINSIGHT says "One of my favorite app developers just released a new app that is already one of my favorites."

Lex Friedman of MACWORLD says "If your aim is to become the envy of all your Facebook friends ... this may be just the app for you."

Mike Rose of TUAW says "if you want to have your choice of 192 emoticons to decorate your Wall, your best bet is probably the new Emoti app from nodconcept."

Simply select an Emoti emoticon, type your message and share it on your Wall, or on a friends Wall. Simple, easy, fun! Your update will be visible to everyone on your Wall, in their News Feed and their Live Feed.

192 custom-designed, Emoti emoticons to choose from and you won't find them anywhere else.

Got ideas for different Emoti's that we don't have? Send us an email, we'd love to hear from you!

Uses Facebook Connect to access your account and friends list.

Posts with images are always more interesting than text alone. You'll love it and so will your friends!

(Note to users: If you have a question about Emoti, email us. We have no way to contact you from a review.)

Customer Reviews

  • Emoti Review

    by Snoopy_80

    I have been using this app for over a year, and I haven't seen any recent updates, and now I can't post Emotis on friends walls due to an error. I have no problem posting on my own wall. I hope the developers can fix this issue soon.

  • Awesome

    by Oibaezm

    Its excelent app but i'm having trouble to do the new download new images in the app. Thank u


    by Audrey222

    Great app !!!! I can't wait for more updates!! When are you updating again!? Love using this app for posting on facebook. Ill miss the emotis with the iphone/itouch . Staff is great ~ wonderful customer service team.

  • Shazam

    by Tuuvok666

    Great app, but they haven't added any new stuff for over a year

  • :/

    by Shellycerv

    Only posting on MY Fb wall, not in the news feed/everyones status updates like it did before.

  • Love the app but...

    by Michele Moore

    The images used to be full size on my phone. Now they show on my FB phone app in a little box that cuts off part of the image and makes them not nearly as cute. I think they still show full size on my PC. Makes me sad.

  • Emoti

    by tocham1

    can't get it to post on facebook????????

  • Problem

    by Carb_Clark

    Mine is posting to my wall @ weird hours & not posting in the new Facebook (all stories) it used to post in the News Feed. Does anyone have this problem or no how to fix it??

  • Please ADD more!

    by PeanutBaby

    I'll give 5 stars when you guys add more. I've had this app for over a year and it's been just about a year since the soccer ball smilieys. Come on please please please add more. Besides that the app works awesome. Never a problem.

  • Needs an update

    by Mrsglass

    Need new icons

  • not showing my pages

    by divinelyhid

    love this app but now it's giving me all options BUT the one I actually use! MY PAGES. it loads everything but those? I use this to wrote on my page wall as my page. please fx

  • Update ASAP

    by akamariio

    I love this app and use it on a daily basis...but need more icons...and there should b 5 new ones a month at least.. Also need one holding an app phone.

  • Love it!!!

    by MzPrttybrwneyez

    I do hope that you create more emoticons though. :)

  • Need more emoticons

    by Dayling

    Need to add more emoticons, there's a lot more in other apps, anyways we are paying for it.

  • Please fix!!

    by Mileena25

    It's a good app, I love it but nothing shows up anymore on the newsfeed when I post. Please fix!!!!

  • Good App but...

    by Argust5

    NEEDS TO HAVE AN UPDATE.. it's been a REALLY long time!!! Otherwise I love it!!!

  • For twitter

    by Bjkf

    This app is just great for FB and would like to have one for twitter it's wonderful

  • I absolutely  this app

    by Sucelmz

    We need more smileys though 

  • Great app!

    by mindycb

    Love, love, love this app! Such a cute way to express how I am feeling on facebook!!! Would love an update with more emoticons please!!!

  • Update please

    by ILvMyItouch

    I  this app buuuut...can we have an update At least 1 smileyMaybe something with words like hello, I love you, good morning, goodnight...Last one gave me nothing 

  • Disappointed

    by bob1111MNMNN

    I have contacted the app people and they just keep telling me that they are working on a up date. but when you do a follow up on it they won't email you back. WHAT'S UP WITH THE UPDATE?????

  • Facebook

    by Gwenluvs3

    When I use it now it doesn't show on my Facebook! It cuts half of it off!! I can't post on my friends wall!! Ugh so aggravating! Please fix ASAP!!!

  • Cannot Post to Newsfeed Error

    by AusTex01

    I'm done trying to figure out how to fix this error. Can no longer post to friends pages. This App is useless. Proceeding to delete this App now...

  • Facebook Posting Issue

    by m.square

    The reason I got this app was to be able to post pictures on others walls. No all of a sudden that option doesn't work. I get the error that feed story publishing is disabled. What a rip off.

  • What's with the advertising?

    by Gracenmercy4u

    Haven't used App in over a year...used today and saw advertising for App along with greeting! It takes away from the personal feel this App once had! I will not use this App again.

  • Update

    by 12345577890

    Needs update and can not load new icons. Fails

  • Used to be good

    by Steve813

    No new emoticons. Doesn't post full image. Moving on to another app.

  • Update?

    by Highsmith

    Need an update with more emoticons. It's been FOREVER! Come on, Nod.

  • Great app

    by Debi911

    Need more emoticans though, no updates in last year:-( also cannot use it posts a HUGE link to the app on fb wall this was not a FREE app, total BS save your money they have not updated it and instead are now using it as a big form of SPAM....deleting it

  • Doesnt work properly.

    by Sol Mendez

    It isnt posting on the newsfeed. Its only posting on my wall. The emoti is posting with a real big and bold link to nodconcept and it takes away from its coolness. Its looking cheap and not worthy of purchase! I gave it one star because this message will not post otherwise. I would have rated it NO STAR!

  • Not happy Customer

    by My love Liam

    Not posting in my news feed only on my wall and friends can't even see it when they click on my page. My wall is not private it's viewable to all my friends!

  • 

    by Michfu

    Love it, but PLEASE UPDATE!

  • Nothing!

    by Elsie2504

    It didnt work at all, don't buy it!

  • Don't do it

    by 65mstang

    This app wants to access all parts of your FB account at all times exposing you and your friends to privacy issues.

  • Where are the new smileys??

    by alfredjp

    Pretty ol' app... Smileys havent been updated in a long time!

  • Review

    by Y3187

    Cant get it to post on facebook 

  • Update??!!

    by Zervando!

    The update said downloading new smileys but There were no new ones after!!! WTF?!?!?! 

  • Emoti

    by Teressapink

    I love EMOTI! I like being able to post on Facebook!!!

  • Disappointed

    by Sunny0909

    I can't get the app to do what it claims & I emailed the developer who told me it was a facebook problem. I emailed for an update & haven't recieved a response. Don't waste your money until they fix the issues.

  • Luv it!

    by Alexsandra Diaz

    I use it daily it's a very cute app! It's someones b-day and all u have to do is post a b-day icon ;)

  • So emotional!!

    by Danigirl4u2c

    I love this app cause how I'm feeling it can express while I write it down!!

  • Satisfied

    by joeyrr71

    2 words: fantastic! App

  • Emoti for facebook ROCKS!

    by Gonzomini

    These little icons are a blast! My friends get a kick out of them and I use them almost every time now! Even when I had some issues the tec support was top notch! I would give it a 5 star if I could use them in comments. Still worth every penny! Keep them comming! G Raymond, NH

  • They keep adding new emoticons!

    by r_u_mad

    Great and fun App. Love using it for my Facebook posts. They keep adding new emoticons in free updates. The new Halloween ones are awesome.

  • Very cute app

    by luka1234

    This is a very cute app, cute pics, easy to use 

  • Love this app

    by HisBoricualove

    I use them on FB all the time. Have had no problems with it and have recommended it all my friends. Love the new Halloween and Christmas additions. Would really like to see the puerto rican flag added as well. Tons of other flags have been added but not PR. Keep up the great work!

  • Need golf stuff but still like

    by RhondaDalton

    I like it just wish they had some golfing stuff on it.

  • Love love it!

    by Melody808

    I don understand how this app gets less than perfect 5 stars? It's one of the coolest, fun and easiest to use app for FACEBOOK! It's so fun. I can post to my wall, to friends wall and to a bulk of my friends. Keep it coming with the choices. Love it!

  • Don't like the app

    by Slo_Poke

    Don't really like this app as it can't be used with the FB app. It has to be used thru the face book via the safari browser, and is seems like you can only post with it not reply.

  • Emoti for FB

    by cccmoore

    Love, love, this app. I have told all my friends about it. It is easy to use and it's a lot of fun. Every time I use it someone always asks how they can do it too. Keep those Emoti's coming. Sincerely, CC Moore, Austin, Tx

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