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- A guestbook has been added to your diary. Go visit your friends' diaries and write in theirs too!
- Navigating the Diary is easier than ever.
- New actions added to 1-on-1 chats.
- Fixed various bugs and improved functionality.

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Over 330 million users using the free calling and messaging app ‘LINE’!
Now we are introducing its official avatar service, ‘LINE PLAY’!!

LINE PLAY is a place where you can create an alter-ego of yourself in the form of an avatar, decorate your own room, swap diary entries and chat amongst friends.

This free communication app has the following main features:

- Picture Perfect Avatar
Simply take a photo of yourself to create an avatar which looks just like you! You can make normal male and female avatars but you can also choose from a wide range of eyes, ears, mouths and noses, as well as tails to create your very own animal avatar!

- Be Creative!
LINE PLAY really gives you the chance to be yourself. Try decorating your room with interior décor as well as loading your avatar with the latest fashion gear. We have a total of more than 1500 items for you to choose from, and we are continually adding new items at a pace of 200 per week!

- Diary Time!
Use the diary in your room to write your thoughts as well as sharing photos! See what other people comment on your photos and writings. Personalize your diary further by designing it the way you want.

- Play with LINE characters!
You can find many dolls, hats and other items featuring your favorite LINE characters; Moon, James, Brown, and Cony. You can use these to personalize your avatar and your room even more!

- 1 to 1 Avatar Chat
Avatar chat has never been so much fun. Use the action stickers to make your avatar laugh, do back-flips, as well as changing the whole atmosphere of the room! Try it! You’ll love it!

- Lounge Chat
If you want to hang out, try visiting the lounge. You can interact with many others and have a conversation about; films, music, sports, travel or just whatever’s on your mind. Find people with similar interests as you!

- Get Items with Gems!
Visit your friend’s room and clean, water the plants or simply use his bath! By performing such actions you can receive LINE PLAY’s virtual money (gems) for free! Save up those gems every day and get those gorgeous items you have been waiting for.

- Link with LINE
Yes! Of course you can play together with your LINE friends. You can even set your avatar as your profile image on LINE! Let’s gather all your friends in LINE Play!

Customer Reviews

  • Like Play

    by iSusan27

    Very cute game! Gachas are frustrating though...


    by Carin-beans❤

    I love this app it's just that I wish you could get more gems for things. But other than that I love it!!!!

  • My review~~~

    by Fumi Nekota

    Really cute game! Just wish its easier to get coins;; ZL-9013-0706

  • LPaddict79

    by IsabelS13

    Add me^^ ZE-4427-0901 ~game is so cute and addicting cx

  • Good game

    by Irongirl2354

    This game is fun, but earning money takes so long. The clothes are so expensive to buy. Other than that it's pretty good.


    by Khalinka-Inka

    This game really is perfect. It's adorable, fun, and friendly! Some people in other reviews were complaining about not enough daily quests or things to do, but I kind of prefer the limitations because if there was always something for me to do I would NEVER stop playing!! Overall, I love this game and would recommend to anyone! Here is my invitation code for anyone who's interested :) DT-5270-9701

  • Super cute

    by Ryechi

    Very entertaining and cute! I would like certain gachas to stay up longer though.

  • Awesome

    by DetectiveHunterX

    I loved it soo epic cute and just everything awesome I get to make my cute char. And dress her up and decorate her room and let her meet new friends and post in her diary =D My char. Is an animated me! KY-1481-0700

  • Line Play

    by Meg Line

    The best game y just in love.

  • Adorable.

    by Rutzdus

    Simply put I love this game. I wish there were more ways to interact with friends besides chat though, like actually walking together or interacting when they visit.

  • Cute addicting game

    by Hanna.loves

    It's good..yeee Add me! LN-7930-7505

  • Line play

    by Kyonnie1

    Such cute and great games just that it kinda hard to earn more gems but is a great game to play with when ur bored Lolz

  • Lineplay

    by krillykanskood

    I'm so addicted to this game! Very fun~ ZD-1151-6502

  • It's the best

    by Peachygirl23

    I love this and this is the best app ever

  • still my favorite XD

    by SerenaElfShawol14

    I got this a while ago but then I deleted it. Then later on I decided to come back and make a new one and I still love everything \o/ MK-7893-6502


    by Jokerjunhyung


  • LOVE IT!

    by kennyadollxo18

    Line play is a really simple yet cute game. The characters are adorable and it is very easy to get addicted to playing this game! (:

  • Fun

    by Yung Ceci

    I enjoy playing this game and I love that it has kpop stars in it too! I like how I can create my own style and add friends. I also love to buy clothes and hairstyles!!

  • Really awesome

    by CheerryCherry

    Hi . I really love this game . But why is everything so costly . Why can't I change my characters eye color ? But still it's really awesome way to chat to people and meet new friends .

  • Line Play

    by Soap_Skate

    This is a fun game with many things to do! You can create your own character and make new friends!

  • well....

    by hihojncnxjlkcdxbkcjdhxkb

    i wish we could change the basic look after its been created, easier way to earn gems that arent so tedious, and games that serve a purpose and give gems the clothes and avi are cute

  • Line

    by Lilyann3

    It's fun and cute. KW-5145-7405

  • Fun!

    by Maximum-ice

    Although it's really easy to find yourself with nothing to do, and I would also like more chances to receive gems, (pets would be amazing too!) bit overall, a great game!

  • Current update

    by echoing infinate whispers

    SLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW... I stopped playing this because it takes FOREVER to load! It is not my network connection! PLEASE- i loved this game and dont want to quit!

  • Cute

    by Sasha5656

    UH-1095-3200 cute

  • Very Cute Game !!!

    by Tjamest

    This game is so cute and addictive ! It has a few issues such as loading glitches and sometimes freezing. Other than that it's very cute and extremely compatible to my interests and my friends !! It has tons of adorable items and trilling gatchas ! I strongly recommend this game to those who love all things cute and kawaii.~~

  • kawaii

    by Recoil-addict

    I love this game so much!

  • <3

    by Kona-chan

    Super cute game!!

  • LINE play

    by John N (baby bear)

    I really enjoy playing this app. I've just gotten back to playing it and I think it's very fun! One flaw: it's still hard to find ways to earn gems. But games help a little. I think everyone should get LINE and LINE play! Invitation code: EC-9301-5304

  • addictive!!

    by Duckyaisha

    so much fun, i check it almost every day!! after the new updates it almost never crashes, would rec 10/10 !!

  • ^ - ^

    by TeaBunny

    This game is so cute, I love it!

  • Super cute

    by Pyonkotchi

    It's a super cute app but I wish there was more to do

  • Add me!

    by Aliyah

    JX-6240-9100 Add me as a friend and accept my invitation with that code!

  • Love Lineplay :)

    by NicoletteJeong

    Super cute!

  • Adorable!

    by crumpetseeds

    Love the app and I've been playing for a long time now. Recently there haven't been new interior sets that have more kitchen items though! It would be great if another full piece customizable (corner pieces) kitchen set was released and in a more mature design like basic code. I've been waiting to update my kitchen for months but all the recent kitchen sets only have two or three pieces that don't fit well around a corner!

  • Really cute!

    by aleksthe8th

    This app is adorable. I mean, the clothing, the furniture... The one problem I have is that everything's really expensive in comparison to the rate you can earn gems. Most items cost at least 1,000 gems, and it takes a while to earn just 100!

  • Fun, addicting and cute

    by xfrozenyunx

    The game overall is addicting because of it's cuteness and variety. I like how there're so many Gachas with a variety of items, however it'll be nice if they were cheaper... The mini games crashes from time to time, and it annoys me. Overall the game is addicting and cute. You should give it a try! If you do invite me :) DU-2053-7006

  • Good app if you want to spend money

    by no nickname00000

    I like this app but it's not fun unless I spend money on it.

  • Awesome <3

    by Mangarocks101

    Line play is really fun! Any1 could play and enjoy it. Designing your house and avatar is also really fun.

  • Nice game

    by steve gardiner

    Pretty nice but the fishing keeps messing up on me

  • Good

    by Subst


  • FM-7823-6703

    by My_Beutiful_Doll

    Perfect game, fashionable, and other stuff... Also you can go fishing! It's pretty cool! Love it!

  • Line Play

    by kimmykokopuffs

    Line Play is awesome!

  • Good could use a little kick but good!!

    by ⊂((・x・))⊃otaku for life

    I like this's a lot better then majority social apps out there but regardless it's worth a download

  • Love it! Fun and great to talk to others overseas

    by Purplegabi

    I love Line Play! It's adorable, fun, and easy to use. Sometimes there's glitches and whatnot, but nothing that would take away from the overall game. Very cute! You can also still play without having to spend money, but the option is there if you'd like.

  • Egg

    by A creep, a weirdo


  • TJ-9522-4304

    by littlepuppets

    fun and cute, but shopping is pricey.

  • LINE play

    by Chibi-desu

    Line play is the greatest game ever and it's one of the only games like this I like SG-3735-7402

  • cute cute cute

    by Alejandra Santos

    Very fun and everything it's all cute and pretty. The games within the game to earn gems are cool. Keep it up guys ♡

  • more quests!!

    by Peanut butter and jelly Time

    love this game but rly think it would be better if u could earn big amounts of gems in ways other then inviting line friends

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