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New design for iOS 7, including a brand new messaging platform that will keep getting better and better over the next few versions!

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MeetMe shows you who’s nearby, ready to chat and meet — FREE!

Whether you’re at the bar, on the beach, or hanging out at home, MeetMe is the BEST app for meeting new people near you!

MeetMe is for all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds -- EVERYONE!

More than 90 MILLION PEOPLE are on MeetMe making friends, chatting, and hanging out.

Use MeetMe to:
- Meet great people near you by joining the conversation in Live Feed
- See who's right nearby and start chatting fast in Locals
- Ask and answer anything with Ask Me
- ...and much more!

MeetMe Stories

"[It's] probably one of the greatest sites... greater variety of people... everyone is at one place at one time... meeting new people." - Stevie S.

"I log on here, and these people you don't even know, they care more about me than my real friends do, these people are so nice." - Michelle M.

"I've met so many people from the world that I wouldn't normally meet." Jazzeh N.

*** #1 Social Network for Meeting New People in the US ***

*** As featured on ABC-News, CNN, CosmoGirl, and BusinessWeek *** !

MeetMe+ Information

While MeetMe is available for free, we also offer an optional premium subscription service called MeetMe+. MeetMe+ is available in one-month ($9.99), three-month ($24.99), and six-month ($39.99) packages. Please note that with all subscriptions:

- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Your subscription automatically renews for the same amount as your original subscription, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
- Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.
- You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal at any time by accessing your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.
- You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period.

View our Terms of Service at:
View our Privacy Policy at:

Customer Reviews

  • Why was the admiring changed?

    by BrandoN103

    I don't like how I can't buy more guesses now.

  • cool

    by DezNutsRichy


  • Really awesome app!

    by Juggalette4lifeWHOOPWHOOP

    Easy to navigate and fun! :)

  • No notification

    by Billy10026

    The new one does not send any notifications sometime with the old version they used to have push notification at all the times

  • Meetme

    by MAH1963

    Great place to make new friends!

  • Upsetting

    by Rico Galassi

    This new update was much a surprise. I really truly do not like the new match where you can no longer buy more guesses. Please, just put that back to normal and the app will be fine again!!

  • Needs something new

    by Tilter24

    It's starting to get boring, wish the blind date would've been brought to the mobile version in this update but nope nothing changed other than adding in more ads...

  • Please add auto draft save to chat messages

    by Zmanaug

    This is a great app overall and works well with the main site. My only rant is PLEASE fix the chat message system...where touching anywhere outside the text input box (even accidentally after typing out a LONG message) deletes the entire message. Draft messages should be automatically saved or allowed to be re edited. Frustrating to type a message or reply and while adjusting the text, one little tap outside the text box and POOF your whole message is gone.

  • MeetMe

    by J.a. Stockton

    Meet Me is a fun way to meet new people. I like it!

  • Eh..

    by Piercing_Freak

    Don't really like the new look. Prefer the old one better.

  • Suggestion for MeetMe

    by Mysticnightkiss

    Why not have a section where you can mention who you're "in a relationship" with, instead of just a status. :)

  • Awesome

    by Chris difani

    Great app

  • Like it

    by Viper 123

    Like it

  • It's cool

    by Ashton_love

    It works and I've meet a couple people who live close and are pretty cool. So I like it.

  • by Baboonnnnn

  • Great love

    by E-man61

    I love da app it like a wingman.

  • Not bad

    by Abe9586

    Haven't used it much

  • Yep

    by Jack<3house

    Better than I expected.

  • Decent app

    by Bigmacmackey

    It's all right just a few minor issues over all I use it kinda often

  • Only

    by silliam william

    Because the app won't leave me alone

  • Boo

    by Nickinickinicki7

    Match used to be fun but now it's so bad I barley use meetme anymore

  • Frozen

    by Lovely cay

    It's frozen on the matches it won't let me look at other things at sll

  • Just why

    by Misstarah12

    I hate it that it needs your phone number to even get into the app? Please go back to normal! Because if your account gets hacked they'll have your phone number! That's not uhmm safe? Please get it back to normal! I can't even use it because my account got hacked today

  • Complicated

    by longtalltex

    This site used to be fun. But the safety monitors over step their boundaries. I can understand censoring some words but yall go overboard. As for pictures, y'all let one person post any kind of picture but not the next. I, personally, am tired of all the sex bots that you try scam people.

  • Bug needs fixing

    by My BFF is gr8

    Meetme randomly opens the App Store every 10-15 seconds. I can't do hardly anything with it opening the App Store instantly. Please fix this!

  • Stupid update

    by _ariel

    Ever since the new update I haven't been able to open the app, keeps saying I'm not connected to my network. Clearly I am or I wouldn't be able to write this review. Fix it please

  • Mostly nothing but spam and bots

    by 2007honest guy

    This site has really gone down hill. They need to delete all the fake accounts! Every other message is spam!

  • Getting my feet um , wet.

    by Pelogh

    Nice set up !

  • Upgrade overdue

    by MeetMeMan

    MeetMe could be huge, things need change drastically for the better, hire me!

  • Good

    by Gawdxilla009

    Really like but could use help letting people know I'm online. Just looking for a good woman.

  • Needed

    by Daredevilteen

    Needs to be able to support over cellular data, I should not have to be on wifi just for it to work.

  • Awesome

    by Meetmefan

    I like the app

  • It definitely needs an update !!

    by Beautifulxjenn


  • by Novet23

    The app was great but it's starting to get annoying because it won't let me upload any new pictures . Keeps giving me an error message

  • It's so great

    by Olivia Paris

    It's a great way to meet new people.

  • Eh

    by 143chivalry

    Just started, too soon to tell

  • Great

    by Fullmetal2T


  • Cool

    by Tyrerel

    Best app ever but still cool meet new people

  • Problems

    by Maverick Horvath

    Sense I'm 18 It would be nice to have age groups more separate because I have 15 year olds hittn on me and I don't like it.

  • Photo board??

    by Kmay;D

    What the heck happened to the photo board button?? I loved looking at those when I went on... Pleaseeeee bring it back!! I thought it was one of the best things on there:3 Oh! And you should put how many admirers we have instead of 9+, just like when you go on the computer(: Other than that, it's pretty alright(:

  • Like it

    by Jessi5873

    Love the site happy to have it

  • Excellent


    Awesome!excellent application .i recommend it for everyone

  • Good

    by Sean's Apple


  • Ok app I guess! Lol

    by Azim Azimov

    I like it! :))

  • Great App!!!

    by L8terz

    Very user friendly.

  • Very nice

    by Amirazazil

    Very nice

  • Pretty good

    by Zfzrazgiho

    Good people to talk to, but quite a bit of fake profiles

  • No credits

    by ShaneDizzle08

    I use this app to pass time for the most part. But I recently decided to try and buy a few credits. Well I purchased the cheapest one for 4.99 a few days ago. As of now I have been charged the 4.99 through apple but I have not received my credits. My credit balance is 0. It doesn't help that they make it very difficult in order to contact any kind of customer service. It is in fact so difficult I am sure they did it on purpose. Less support employees equals more money for the hoarders up top.

  • It's ok

    by Batmanfan_1986

    This app is ok wish ppl wrent so picky on the app though

  • Just an Opinion

    by Drake King

    It's a pretty good app. That's all, really.

  • ميه ميه

    by ساعووود

    ميه ميه ههههههه

  • Ummm

    by Jeanette4197

    It was better before the last update!

  • It's awesome!

    by Manydays20

    I just started and already it seems wonderful!

  • Good But This App Needs Something v.2.22


    This app needs to bring back the live chat n needs to bring back the my mag

  • Just downloaded it but love it.

    by Djdhdxy

    Easy to meet new people and it's great if you need someone to talk to.

  • Love it

    by King master5737

    It's a good app but I think you put the popular number back on and we should be able to post videos and pictures and statuses

  • Good App to have

    by Jsparxk

    Cool way to meet new people

  • Better than Facebook and twitter

    by We Are Spartans 300

    This is way better than face book and twitter combined. I hate all of the game and twittes I get from both of those sites. Plus I'm on this way more and I like meeting new people and talking to them. Get this app.

  • Meet me

    by Hollow child

    Interestingly enough it's like Facebook bit for getting gf's or bf's.

  • Loading.............

    by Keithykeithla

    Itll go striate to phone verification after an hr+ of uses and Phone verification is bugged or something. It will load, Forever.. And When i go online, it'll say, "cant be process". So i have no way of getting access of my account till MeetMe fix this problem..

  • Frightening

    by Me?You?Doesitmatter?

    I was going to download this app until I looked into their privacy policy and saw how much of my that they claim to have a right to. They very clearly state that they are allowed to install cookies, keep and use your information at their discretion even after you remove your account, and many more. I only read the beginning. I am more concerned over this app than I am over the NSA. They get a second star for honesty.

  • Love it

    by Terry white 161 love game

    I love the app! I just think you guys should add a search in there to look up friends.:) but over all I love it:)

  • I used to love the app but...

    by JustAChatter

    As a result of two changes since the last update, I barely use the mobile app. Mostly I use chat/messaging. On my phone. Or I did. First issue, bug really, mentioned by at least one other person: if you tap outside the text entry box while composing a message - accidental, want to refer back to what you're responding to, etc. - your message is completely erased. Extraordinarily frustrating. Second and, in my opinion, worse: sent and received messages are all lumped together and you can't go from one new incoming message to the next easily anymore. I reply from oldest to newest and generally have 50 or more messages to reply to. Step 1. Find oldest message and reply. Step 2. Use the arrow to go back to the list of messages and I'm at the newest message again, which is probably the reply I just sent. Step 3. Scroll forever again and repeat steps 1 and 2. Time consuming and tedious at best, but now my replies are part of what I'm scrolling through. Then new messages in response to the replies I'm sending join the fray and it becomes harder and harder to be sure I'm finding the oldest message and not skipping anyone. It's an absolute nightmare.

  • This app. . .

    by LyraTheWolf

    Why must I verify my account when the thing dosent even work? When i punch in my number it says: Invalid number. ?! My phone is right next to me, so I dont want to verify it anyway, so the only way i will is by E-mail. Mostly because my phone dosent always recive messages. It was good at first, untill the verifacation thing keeps popping up, and it will noy go away! Do please, favor on this comment if you will. This is my opponion, not a fact.

  • Love it

    by Nelly10810

    I love this app! Perfect

  • Good

    by Staayweird


  • Cool

    by 1234wad69

    Just get rid of the fakes

  • Cool apps for meet me

    by Thomydoljoop

    Nice apps makes it easier to chat anywhere on my iPhone. Easy to use

  • Good

    by Brn2kll

    Just getting into it and its asked me to review the app 3 times already.

  • Little bugs

    by Nemi Wolfe

    A few times a day it will crash or not give me all my notifications. But a decent social site.

  • Rate of meetme app

    by Danieller4201995

    I LOVE IT! (:

  • DONT GET THIS APP It won't let me delete my account!!!

    by AsianPERSUASlON

    It was an okay app before some 14 year old chick told me to get on a cam with her. Then I wanted to delete it. When I tried, an error popped up. It said my username and password weren't compatible.(You need to enter your password before deleting your account). I tried again and again for 20 minutes, and with no luck, I gave up. A few hours later I came back, and a security check popped up when I did. I had to sign back in with my username and password. I made sure that I typed in exactly what I did before. Low and behold, it worked. When I tried to delete my account once again with the SAME password, I received the same message. I'm beginning to think it wasn't really an "error". Rather,them keeping accounts to make money off of ads.

  • About this app

    by Yehuda g.

    I think this app is way better! Then facebook or any of those sites it's really worth downloading, also much easier to find freinds or gf or bfs its awesome just get u wont regret it i promise! :-)

  • Bad notification alerting

    by AaronDaMan

    It's really SUPER lane how most if the time I don't get a notification in the app when someone likes or comments on my stuff

  • Why you got a three!?!?

    by MrPolarBearx

    Great app to meet new ppl build friends even date. But they have to cycle out the spammers and fakes it's upsetting getting catfished all the time other then that you would have gotten a 5 * out of my review.

  • Meetme

    by KaylinGarcia2

    It's dope got some chill ppl

  • Great but buggy

    by Eat da poh poh

    I love the idea but it messes with my phone whenever it is installed. Having difficulty even typing this.

  • Great app

    by Jaiymst Philios

    It just needs more people on it.

  • This app is the best!!!

    by Abz!!

    I think this app is pretty tight!!!!

  • New update

    by YourBASEMENT

    Everything runs smoothly!! Awesome app!

  • Bug needs fixing

    by My BFF is gr8

    Meetme randomly opens the App Store every 10-15 seconds. I can't do hardly anything with it opening the App Store instantly. Please fix this!

  • Good but..

    by justateenagegirl15

    It's sending out messages for me please fix

  • Stupid

    by Mc brody

    I don't have a phone so i can't use it. You have to put in your phone # or it doesn't work. F U.

  • Sad

    by Mandylooo

    Great app but it messes up frequently . :(

  • Excuse us while you can't connect

    by Britasaur19

    The error message stating it cannot communicate to the server is annoying on a daily basis

  • Awesome

    by Themannymanmans

    Cool app

  • Needs work.

    by Bcoons1

    Constantly opens ads without you clocking anything. When you're in live feed and click somebody's profile, when you come back to the live feed ,because of the auto refresh feature that you cannot turn off, it jumps right back to the too of the page for you to scroll all the way back down to where you were. There's always a phantom message in my inbox, that is completely empty. I will not be using this app until a new update comes out fixing their horrible mistakes.

  • Not happy

    by Scott Pelley

    I love this app but they took down the photo board! Bring it back!

  • Great site.

    by Carlcr16

    I've met a ton of really nice people that live close by. The site is great for trying to get to know new people.

  • Hello

    by Thumper yo

    I meet new people like it said I would lol

  • I like this app

    by AlyceLovesShadow

    Pretty good

  • Rate

    by Kingdom 109

    Awesome app

  • Amazing

    by Dangdggcgbvcd

    Awesome site

  • Decent app

    by Pgtg1

    Just signed up and met someone already

  • Sweet web site

    by Theoldman69

    Have had Any date yet.

  • Meet me :/

    by Joshua_1994

    I am really getting annoyed with this app. It rarely works. The random pop up ads and other crap is very frustrating. They need to test an app before they release the update. I have many of the same problems as other people.

  • Yeah yb

    by Wardawg71

    Keeps signing me out. And takes forever to sign back in

  • Meetme for iPhone

    by Brandon Paige

    The app works great, and I spend tons of time on it.

  • Great app

    by ThaThirstIsReal

    This app is awesome tbh add me Queen P ✌️

  • Great app!!!!!!

    by Dustinkt8

    Very nice and easy to use

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