CoolApp for Google+ HD Social Networking App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Minh Nguyen

- Support iPhone 5 screen

- Better compatible with iOS 6.x

- New passcode view support up to 9 digits

- Fix bug sometime hang at 20% when login

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An app for Google+ that helps you easily manage and use multiple Google+ accounts quickly, full support for Business Page, Stream, Photos, Circles, Profile, Notification, etc. and with a lot of productivity and time-saving features (please continue reading for details)



This app is based on Google+ mobile web, however, we expand it to a new horizon to bring unique features and experiences that you could not find anywhere else. Besides our unique features, this app also provides full support for Business Page, Stream, Photos, Circles, Profile, Notification. etc.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. Happy Google+ing with our app on all your devices.



★ [NEW] Support iPhone 5 screen and iOS 6.x

★ Support Google+ Business Page

★ Support 2-step verification

★ Manage up to 5 Google+ accounts securely and easily

★ Support auto login with any of your 5 Google+ accounts

★ Support one-click switching between Google+ accounts

★ You don't have to enter password every time you need to check your streams or circles (just need to enter 4 digit passcode)

★ Support passcode to protect your accounts and the usage of this app



★ [NEW] Support Google+ Business Page
★ Support re-sharing a post
★ Support sharing a new post easily
★ Support Stream (also support near by stream, incoming stream)
★ Support Photos
★ Support Circles
★ Support Profile
★ Support Notification
★ Support Location
★ Support Sparks



Among the most basic of human needs is the need to connect with others. With a smile, a laugh, a whisper or a cheer, we connect with others every single day. And Google+ come to fulfill your need of connecting and sharing, and we make your Google+ experience even better and more enjoyable with this app.

Now you can share and connect with people the way that you cannot do with Facebook or Twitter.



This app is developed by MMobileDev and our app is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Google in any way.

For more information about us, please visit

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Bizz77131

    I like

  • I like it

    by Young Cougar

    This is the best google+ app that I've seen. Good job. The others are garbage!

  • Coolapp for Google+

    by Dolupduk

    Really need to get apple (iPad2) & google working together, so much you can't do because of competition, plus want app for twitter/ Facebook/google+ allon one screen for quick responses in all 3. Get on it please!

  • hmmm,

    by joe mommie

    not a bad start, prob still even ahead of most of the (few) other google + apps....HOWEVER...1st reomve that twitter icon from the main UI, that should be placed in the settings screen, im sure 100% of everyone thinks that a "share" icon for twitter and not to the app maker's page...2nd why is it so difficult to naigate this app? see google's own app for how it should flow.... 3rd who the hell is gsparks, and why should I care? once again, wasting UI space and forcing the user to somewhere we dont care about... much props to a simple flow to switch bewtween and manage google plus accounts! REALL THO, the makers of this app need to spend time on google's own app to see whats up and then top that app!!!

  • Makes Google+ usable in iPad

    by DoctorObvious

    Looks way better than Google's own app and you only have to enter username/password ONCE - that is a big deal to me. I got so tired of the re-logins required by Google's lame app that I deleted it in a rage fit. CoolApp is perfect for me. Some users have mentioned crashes but that has never happened to me.

  • Cool App

    by Color me gone

    The app works and looks good. Now I would like to be able to switch between the name page and the business page.

  • Great on iPad for Sparks & 2-step verification works!

    by glttrktty

    EDIT - new review; promised I would update if/when they resolved 2-step verification. The developer for this app is very responsive and wrote back when I asked them via email about this problem, working hard to resolve it. The big win here is for people who want to see Sparks on the iPad and have a native iPad app for Google+ - that makes it really worth it. Hopefully Google will roll out Sparks in the future for the mobile site, which this app is based on. It is similar to the G+ app in the iPhone version; of most value right now for iPad owners. --------original review--------------- Will not accept application-specific password generated by google if you have 2-step verification set up. Login fails. Tried on iphone and ipad. Other apps like the official GVoice app work with these passwords. Will update this review if/when the issue is resolved.

  • Nice

    by 1000 Splinters

    Clean implementation, highly responsive developer. Still testing out functionality, but everything seems to work well and the ability to easily switch between accounts seems useful.

  • Awesome app!!!

    by Bankman46

    I love this app

  • Needs more

    by xuleria

    I have the iPhone app of google+ and its better than this app. It does not feel like its for an ipad.

  • Delivers!

    by 260MOT

    Great app that certainly delivers

  • Great Work

    by SynthetikSoul

    Looks great guys. Just stay up to par with the latest changes and you'll be on point. You'll have my reference!

  • Not bad

    by Dat Dude 10

    Exactly like the online version. Nothing special, but works perfectly.

  • Not working in China

    by zoroaszter

    Butat least I finally got an invitation, which I can use abroad. Google+ can not be reached in China, blocked, just like facebook is. The app seems to be fine though :)

  • Looks good!

    by winbird

    An app for the iPad, yes Google iPads really do exist, that works beautifully. Perhaps more users for Google+ now will come on board.


    by ScottySauce

    This is a fantastic app for those of us who have wanted to use Google+ on the iPad and I'm very happy to say this has all of the features I could want. I have already used Google+ today more than I have sine signing up for it. This truly rocks and free today only!

  • bad does not work

    by ladyrx66

    won't even let me log on

  • Doesn't work

    by CouchBananaMeow•_•

    Contacted support twice a week ago, no response. Don't waste your money. Gives error messages on my iPhone 4S

  • Fail & Ripped-off

    by akrosebug

    This app wont go beyond the "loading" screen. Plus, I bought the paid version of this app to avoid the ads, but they still are shilling a link to candy crush saga game at the bottom of page - false advertising! What a rip-off.

  • Problem with layers version

    by nsg219

    Unable to load latest version. Loads 20% of Google+ stream and just hangs. Tried to load app on 11/28. It now loads 40% and hangs!

  • Garbage

    by wolf183

    App hangs at 20% when opening. Does not allow me to edit business page. False advertising. Don't buy this app. Use the free Google app instead.

  • Deliberately Misleading

    by Cathmor

    When I purchased this app, the description said that it had Google+ Business Page support. Of course, I needed to post to my business page and thought I'd struck gold What this ACTUALLY meant was that I could only LOOK at my business page. Can't post, upload photos, nothing. In an email the company admitted this limitation. The way they wrote the description, they knew what people would think. They were deliberately misleading. I'll carry around my laptop to post to Google+ before these snake oil salesman get a dollar from me.

  • Constantly Crashes...

    by Parkster250

    I was excited to try this G+ App for iPad...It has potential, but crashes literally every use...I will be looking for a replacement app...PLEASE the interim, buyer beware!

  • Do not buy until updated from 12/22 version

    by NCBob

    Does not work because of a change in google authentication. So I've paid for an app that does not work right now. When they update it and it actually works I'll be doing another review.

  • Not impressed

    by MrsKohoutek

    I bought this to switch between google accounts.  I can sign out of one and sign back in another on the Free Google+ App faster than this app can "switch between accounts". Also, photos don't have the same quality in their appearance in this application v the Free Google+ app or Safari or Picasa. Not a terrible app, but serves no purpose to justify charging a fee. I do not recommend this app.

  • Useless

    by Ttraci

    This app did absolutely nothing for me. It wouldn't load right on my iPad and it overall sucked!!

  • Not a Native App!

    by DGHill

    Be aware that this is not a native app for the iPad. The developer says as much in the help menu, which you can read after you have paid for the app. It may go native once Google releases the API. Until then, this app is little more than a shell for existing (and free) G+ interfaces (Safari and G+ for iPhone). Let's hope there will be a significantly improved GUI after the release if the API.

  • Really?

    by PikachuEXE

    Login Your account is not google+ enabled Logout Haaaaaa? Well I can just use the official one, without any problem

  • Doesn't work

    by Justroach

    Entered account info, set up passcode, now all I get is a box to enter my passcode with no keyboard to do so.

  • I will use safari, not this app.

    by nickname4review

    DEFINITELY!! waste of money. It's just a 0.99$ but still waste. It is exactly same feature with google+ on pc. With safari, it's free but totally same with this app. (This app does not have 'huddle') And this app works tooooo slow to login. I can even log in my google+ account with safari during the waiting time. I know the original google+ app is not good for iPad and that's why i picked this app. But there is no difference between using this app and using safari Yhen why do i need this? I'd rather use FREE safari for login my google+ account than use this $0.99 app.

  • Bad

    by Musaab750

    I dont like this app Because its so so so bad and need more support

  • Unable to Login

    by Vectorian

    Keep saying login is wrong although I am 110% sure it is right. Will update my review and rating once this is fixed.

  • Very slow load time

    by əʞɪɯ mɪke

    Oh soooooooooooooo slooooooooooooow.............. Paint dries faster.

  • Hmmmm

    by ShelliO

    Cannot get past the loading screen.

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