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Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Seller: Hangyu Li

1)fix a login bug:switch wifi to 3G or reverse
2)add new mail arrived notification.

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Important:Please remove the installed version,Then install the new version,Thank you!

1st Gtalk Pro is an APP for immediate communications based on google-talk protocol, convenient and rapid. It helps you communicate with your friends at any time and in any places.

Besides chatting, notification of friends’ going online and saving chatting records, it can also notify you the arrival of new emails, unread messages, offline message receiving and sending emoticons, etc.

1st Gtalk Pro is users friendly. We hope it can bring you more convenience and fun!

***Text talk: share your ideas and opinions with your friends at any time
***Animated talk: share your mood and fund with your friends and the talk becomes more convenient, interesting and real.
------Emoticon, Emoji & Unicode keyboard,
------3000 puls Martian words ------unlimited quick expressions.
***Offline message: receive and send offline messages at any time and in any places.
***Status swatch: see whether any friends are on line and what are they doing
***Multi-task Supported: can run background with iOS 4 and need not to worry to miss any messages
***PUSH supported: push enable when runs in the background
*** Emails View: unread emails are reminded, easier to receive and send emails..
***Avatar: you can choose your own avatar
***Friends Management: You can add or delete friends at any time and edit the friends’ names
***Session Management: the talk list helps you know who are you talking to, you need not worry about missing any messages, as when the message comes, red bubble and sound are set to remind you
***Background Setting: 16 delicate background pictures are provided, you can choose whatever you like.
***Personal Messages: you can edit you own nickname and personal messages
***Log-in Setting: you can set Log-in status, remember the password and log in automatically;
Select your own account from the users list or cancel the accounts saved before.
PS: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • POS app

    by ALM llc.

    attempt after attempt & the app says my login is incorrect....don't waste your $, time/energy on this crap!

  • I want my money back can't sign in!!!M

    by Edmundo Magallon

    Muy malo!!!

  • Won't Let You Sign In

    by AngelZash

    This application has never let me sign in. I put in my email and password correctly, but it just says the log in failed. I've tried to fix everything I can imagine could be wrong, but nothing has worked. Fact is, this is simply a terrible app. Don't waste your memory or money on it.

  • Crappy app

    by Christina Schick

    Wish I read the reviews first. I can't login either. What a waste!

  • Crap

    by Rv2424

    Won't let me log in, fix now please

  • Hate it

    by Trinidiva13

    This was a waste of my money it won't let me sign in at all wish I never bought it will never let my friends buy this App wish I could give it 0 stars.....

  • Zero stars

    by Brianne Quinn

    I bought this app but it doesn't allow me to login with my username and password.

  • Terrible

    by Sassyfrassy74

    Not worth the time or money.

  • Nonr

    by Laodayeye

    Never works, and it should have never been on the shelf !

  • Doesn

    by Kathy Westbrook

    Kept on telling me my username/password was incorrect when it was not.

  • Does not work

    by pete44556

    App doesn't work.

  • No se conecta

    by Javier4413

    Descargue este programa y no logro conectarme siempre dice vuelva a intentar! Con mi correo o con cualquiera porque ya lo probé también! Simplemente no se conecta! Siento que perdí lo que pague por esta aplicación.

  • Can

    by LeahAbbey

    I even tried switching from wi-fi to 3G. Doesn't work on my phone. :(

  • Gchat

    by Davidlee192

    Same as others.. Won't let me login??? Piece of junk... Took my dollar and ran!!! Do not buy!!!!

  • App inoperable

    by Amanda Cardenas

    Purchased App and have yet to be able to use it. I continue to receive an error message saying my login information is incorrect when in fact it very much is correct. Please issue refund back to my account immediately. I will be submitting a complaint to Apple and the BBB.

  • Does not work

    by Sarahart4335

    Do not purchase! Refund my money please!

  • Never worked

    by Terrible after update

    Never let me sign in. Just says log in failed. Really terrible.

  • Wow

    by tee-bone1313

    What a POS. I imagined at least the log in feature would work. Total waste of money and probably a scam to get passwords.

  • Never worked

    by PrncesMely

    From the time I downloaded this app it hasn't worked! It won't allow me to login, what a scam. Apple should do some quality control on the apps they allow to be sold through their site.

  • Ridiculous! DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

    by Jakey23

    I will be writing to apple about this app. It should not be allowed in the app store. I know I am properly writing my credentials a d it still gives me a login error. FIX OR REFUND MY MONEY!

  • Can't log in

    by Chicka is sad

    Please refund money I trust this would work and it don't

  • Can't log in!

    by zotfan

    I can't log in, this is super frustrating. I want my money back!

  • Not at all useful

    by digitalbetty

    Every time I tried to log in to gchat, this app failed. I wish there was a refund option because it was incredibly frustrating.

  • And another bad app

    by Kobster

    This app is not just a waste but an embarrassment to apple that they would allow this to sold.

  • Login failed

    by Toes in the sand

    Wasted money. Fix it or give my money back!!!!

  • Rip off

    by L!SA

    This app does not work. I purchased it in a hurry so I didn't take the time to read the reviews. If I had read them, I would have known to save my money. Don't do it.

  • Worst App Ever

    by rlh$$

    Login failed, login failed, login failed... That's all the comes up... Total waste of time and money... If I could give zero stars I would

  • Horrible

    by Lilone2484

    This app is a rip off. It doesn't work i logged in once and after that it says log in failed. Not to mention it hasn't updated since I downloaded it 6 months ago. The free version works better, but still not well.

  • Upsettttt

    by Dineshi

    Doesn't work at all cant even log into my gmail. I'm giving 1 star because it not letting me to give 0 star..

  • Does not work

    by Puppets Re-Mastered

    Want a refund. Does not work. Can not log in and can't get app support!

  • Won't even let me log in

    by Gwenny23

    I paid for this app and all it does is say "login failed".

  • Don't buy... Has a login bug that will not allow u to login!

    by coune95

    Was a great app until it refused to let me login!!!! 3 months after buying the app I still can't login... I want a refund ASAP

  • login issues

    by ronidawg

    I keep trying to login and it says login failed. Can you please fix this ASAP

  • Will not let you login

    by Murph043

    Even purchased the plus version of the app and the login still fails. Horrible app.

  • Login failed

    by Alfa Kilo

    Login error not fixed, I cannot login at all I had the free version which did not work, the upgraded version is not free but has the login bug so called fixed. Please fix this, paid version does not work......

  • doesn't work

    by petitesirin

    stopped working after a month... :(

  • Messenger

    by KellySwier

    I want a refund. Keep telling me login failed.

  • It's not working and I was hoping you would fix the problem. I bought this app in trust

    by Ladybaesexy

    I want to see how it works please

  • Save your money...

    by AtHillHouston

    I want a refund....does not work and repeatedly tells me my login has failed...Not worth it!!

  • Awwful!

    by Kackac56

    This is not worth .99 itkeeps saying login failed mangoo pls fix this little problem!!

  • Broken

    by Sl8s

    100% broken. Total ripoff.

  • Garbage

    by Lggj

    Does not work

  • Hideous experience

    by bsMSK

    Installed the app and configured it. Couldn't log in. Support link on app store and iTunes pages are dead links. Apple won't help and just keeps telling me to go to the dead link. I guess this is just a case of buyer beware. Good thing it was only a buck.

  • No longer working

    by Donnie Moreno

    I'm experiencing the same problems as everyone else who has recently reviewed... The app worked fairly well before, with a few glitches/unexpected shutdowns here and there, but it completely stopped working at the end of March. I've been waiting for some kind of update to fix the problem, but nothing yet. I'm wondering if the company went out of business...

  • St

    by Aly012369

    This app worthless I can't log in should get refunded

  • Do Not Buy

    by Ipad2user!

    App doesn't work. Unable to login in no matter what I try. My money should be refunded.

  • Failed to log in

    by zarbeat

    My app stopped working and does not allow me to log in

  • Fix it already!!!

    by you_rock

    It's a good app when it worked. I can't log in...FIX IT please!

  • Constant Failure

    by Mk1562

    Login failure is a part of both the free version and the paid. I have never been able to log in after my purchase of the premium app. Waist of money.

  • Terrible

    by Hansmasheen

    We should be able to rate it with negative stars

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