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Sexy, funny, and cute pickup lines to entertain your ladies at the bar. Simply start up, browse for the perfect line, get your confidence in action, look sharp, alert, friendly, approachableā€¦ then walk up and introduce yourself. Say the line, and follow her vibe from there. Never be too intrusive, and pickup her body language, if she's saying she wants more continue smoothly. If you continue to show confidence and conformability, who knows, maybe she will be yours that night! If not, continue again on your search of ladies. It's all about the number of chances, not the rejections. Enjoy continuous entertainment to keep you occupied as you wonder which beautiful girl will you serenade next! For entertainment purposes only.

Customer Reviews

  • Funny but no just no

    by Cwilliams0127

    It's halarious but if want a gf u would have a better chance getting shot a million times without dying then use these

  • Lol!!!

    by Atlas22

    " I'll give you a nickle if you tickle my pickle" WTF!!! LOL

  • Lol

    by Tht one guy

    Wow. Great app and definetly funny.

  • People

    by you can call me cookie if youd like

    It's a joke. It's suppose to be funny. Stop being offended!!!

  • Lol

    by Smokeymc.pot13

    These r good

  • Lol

    by George jk not real name

    This app is hilarious!!!!I wil never use any of these I will get slapped into next year

  • Want more lines

    by Sovvy

    Maybe split them up into two catagories. Like "ice breakers" and "sexual". Get a few cute lines in the ice breaker section and you could have an actual use for an app like this. (other than humorous)

  • Hilarious!

    by Gamemaster94

    "If you & I were squirels could i bust a nut in your hole"? My favorite one!!! XD

  • Extreamly funny

    by ~*AMO*~

    This app is so funny! Get it and you'll laugh so hard. It's like stupid funny so if you have a good sense of humor then you will love it.

  • Sex winner

    by Luvsfreeapps

    Luv the "can I have a map to the intersection of my lips and your chest?" and the "nice legs...what time do they open?" great if u want sex with a lady in bed all night. I tried the leg one and I got a boob view and plenty of stick action all night!

  • Ummmmmm

    by Shsarah85

    Well ima girl but I just checked to see if these are corny are good.... There kinda gross and some of them are bad. There's only like 6 tht are good

  • Stop

    by DanaToGo

    Stop thinking about sex, you perverts !

  • Halp.....

    by 0w3n Dav1s

    Since this app is horrible plz giv me dating advice in the comments (I would like it if a girl would comment on what they would like from a boy) PS the app is horrible.

  • Hmmm...

    by Lilswagger89

    Ok I'm a girl n I downloaded this to see wht dumb freak thinks girls would like n.. #1. these r horrible pickup lines #2. No girl wants to have a guy come up to her and say tht #3. To all the guys who r reading this now here's a tip for ya...BE YOURSELF!.. be ur self around us girls bc thts wht we really look for in a guy

  • I have a pickup line ( let's have sex)

    by This is f**k

    Wanna do some math ( sure ) add a bed , subtract your clothes , divide your legs ,and multiply

  • Yuk

    by TheDataKid

    Even a hookie would turn u down if you used these on her.

  • Wow

    by OliviaIsAbeast

    These are uhmm... Intense. Def. Wouldn't pick me up!

  • Dissatisfied

    by Disciple1518

    This is horrible

  • Huh

    by Abel M.

    I thought these were pickup lines for going out with girls not having sex with em as much as i'd like to get slapped and reported i wanna keep this app

  • Suuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkssss

    by Yuitubi

    These are bad lines and I could think of much better ones

  • This looks bad is my mike on

    by LennyD1

    Who would say any of this first off mad old lies like 1959 lines back when there was no color and the rest you just get slapped for

  • Horrible

    by Lambda2walk

    U got 4 outcomes if u use these!!! Laughed at, rejected, slapped in your face, or the girl feeling so sorry for u she does it

  • Bad

    by DestroyerDylan

    If you actually use this, you have no life :/

  • Stupid

    by Katroker

    Laimest ap I've ever seen

  • This will get u rejected so fast u won't even be able to finish the line

    by Liquified dopeness


  • Dumb

    by Flameclaw(I am not allowed to give strangers my name)

    Wow really dumb

  • Yuck

    by Ronnoceel

    Used if for 3 seconds then deleted it. Sort of gross and all you will get from this is slapped

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