Anicons Emoji Free - Animated Emoticons/Emoji/Icons + Greeting Cards! Social Networking App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Hudson Entertainment

- Now, Anicons Emoji runs on iOS 4.

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Express your E-motion with Animated Icons that really moves!
“Anicons” creates and sends emails using animated graphics.

No need to pre-set, just start up the application and create!

"Transfer"-You can transfer icons and greeting cards to Anicons Emoji, which is the paid app that has more than 500 icons and greeting cards.
*This function will only be available for the users purchased Anicons Emoji.

[1] 50 items including icons and greeting cards!

[2] With Camera functionality added, you'll be able to take aphoto and attach them to the e-mail.
*Be careful not to attach too many, it will enlarge the data and may cause the app to crash.

[3] Additional Anicons packs can be transferred to Anicons Emoji which is the paid app to add to your Anicons library.

・Even without Shake, it's easy to Undo!
・Tap and hold the Icon/Line to add a Bookmark.
・Double tap the bottom title to return to the top.
・In order to reply to a received mail, press “Copy to reply mail” at the sending screen and
paste to the mail.

DynaFont is a registered trademark of DynaComware Taiwan, Inc.

Facebook/Twitter ID: aniconsemoji

Customer Reviews

  • Luv luv luv

    by Mindy808

    This app is so awesome!!! So cute So stylish Man u guys should make more!!! Man this is awesome U gotta try it I give it 5 stars Don't listen to all the haters Once u try it it'll be awesome N for FREE!!! OMG!!

  • Xanne Xanne  FANCY EMAIL APP

    by Finga Frenzied Fun

    Easy to use! Super cute animicons! Tested it out & it works! FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! Sparkly double rainbow goodness! (no double rainbow though) (hint hint)

  • Fun

    by Persephone Rose

    I love it. It makes my emails so much less boring! It's alot of fun!

  • Coool

    by Toby wham

    This is a really cool ap and it's free so get it

  • Great

    by Mari Myers

    I luv it! U should try it!

  • Misleading

    by Jay1676

    Anything you try to use just takes you to the App Store to buy the full version, to me it's a waste of time to download

  • Don't bother dowloading

    by Meow666

    By far the stupidest app ever. Idl what the maker was thinking but he needs to come up with something that actually works!

  • Awful

    by Danidoo83

    This app doesnt even have anything it just takes you to the app store so you can buy the full version and if you try to press the tranfer button it doesnt do anything. Totally not worth it

  • Bad

    by Adorable!!!

    Barely any animations. Not worth it for free. I have a better app that's free to and way better. It's called emoji free and has a ton more. U can use it in ur own texting app, own email account, and the Internet  those r just a few!!!

  • Not worth it.

    by OK_Sooner_Fan

    This app only has a few things you can do. Not really worth it even free.


    by 258097531:(

    It won't let me transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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