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Seller: This Life, Inc.

**HowAboutWe Dating is now fully translated into over 15 languages and available to people all over the world.

**Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

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HowAboutWe Dating makes it easy to meet awesome new people in the real world. We have over 1 million members posting date ideas and meeting in person, every day.

It’s free to get started and fun to use. Install our app and start dating offline, today.

The new version of our app features our most beautiful, intuitive interface yet plus better matching and smarter notifications. Featured in: The New York Times. GQ Magazine. Cosmopolitan. Mashable. Marie Claire.

How it Works

1. Post a date idea. (“How About We... get a drink at a rooftop bar.”)
2. View date ideas from singles near you who share your interests.
3. Browse photos and profiles, connect, and meet in the real world.

Advanced Features

• Browse millions of dates from local singles - free!
• Find people who want to meet in person
• Check out profiles and view full screen photos
• Post nearby places as date ideas - instantly
• See who is online now, near you.

Download the app FREE to begin browsing dates. Upgrade to send and receive unlimited messages, see who viewed your profile, find popular users and get offline. Your paid membership services cost as little as $8.33/month. Your upgrade will be charged to your iTunes Account at the confirmation of your purchase and will auto renew each month. Auto renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being billed again. Upgrade is completely optional. Download the app free to begin browsing dates.

From our Members:

We have over 1 million members - and they love HowAboutWe. Here’s what they’re saying:

“We combined her date of sunset drinks at a beachfront alehouse with my idea of running into the ocean at night. Since then our jeans have dried, our feet have thawed, and we’ve seen lots more of each other.” - Rob, 29, Venice, CA

“Aaron's date idea was to go to a driving range, and I had the perfect place... He even managed to sneak in a kiss! Nine months later we are still together and happy as ever, thanks to HowAboutWe! - Sammie, 22, Washington DC

“Marcie and I immediately hit it off. On our first date we went for Italian in Chelsea... we've been a couple since and each day is better than the last. Thankfully yours (and completely in love).” - Tim, 29, New York, NY


Download the free app today and start dating offline!

Customer Reviews

  • Classy dating app

    by Who-gives-a-crap

    Great clean easy to use app. If your looking for a dating app that isn't full of thirsty and trashy women, then this app is for you.

  • Inspiring

    by Ankit2104

    Nice app,help you find your true love or somebody close enough. Simply smooth interface to find somebody and the search results are also pretty interesting encouraging to meet new and intreating people from all over the place

  • Great!

    by Wontonmon

    Love the app! Easy to use and great potential!

  • This app is sweet

    by Balls McGeez

    I have met a bunch of cool people here and they are nice and friendly

  • Great

    by Mystery1110

    Great app!!

  • Good but limited

    by Allen Hill Jr

    Easy app to set up and get going, a little pricey. Limited response for my area.

  • Nice app

    by Keganp86

    Nice dating app. Like the layout of the app. Seems to be a great selection of interesting people.

  • Great!!!

    by Mbracing1543

    I like how easy this app is to navigate, it doesn't make you fill out an excessive amount of information and it seems very easy to use! My mom is getting divorced and I think this will be a great app for her to use.

  • Great App!

    by TJones3

    Such a no frills app!

  • Good app

    by PRDr

    Not too bad

  • Beautiful and original

    by Epylinkn

    A beautiful app! Also love the refreshing approach to online dating that puts more of emphasis on conversing around ideas and less of an emphasis on profile stalking.

  • Simple

    by Sterling55

    So far so good. It gives you options that cater to your Preference in a partner.

  • Nice app

    by Sirreta

    I'm enjoying it so far

  • How about we

    by LazyTheKid

    Seen worse, but seen better

  • Feedback

    by Staff2424

    Cool app exciting concept

  • Great update

    by bustedcompute

    Keeps getting better and better.

  • good but can be better

    by tricksterboy 54

    Good app but indeed is expensive to subscribe for the better features. Graphics design is good, functionality is good also.

  • Loving this app

    by Courtney Burton

    I'm loving this app. It's easy to use and beautifully designed. I've read a lot of the other reviews and I understand it could be frustrating if you aren't a subscriber but it's a subscription based service like a lot of other dating sites so this critique isn't unique to the app. I highly recommend!

  • Makes dating fun and easy

    by PaulzReview

    Love the local aspect. Also, the profiles are pretty helpful.

  • Great app for meeting people.

    by Vp1980

    New to this app. So far it's an awsome app. Great to meet new people

  • Just not sure

    by treks1

    Let me say I'm not familiar with using dating sites/apps But from looking this one over and some of the questions it asks you to answer I'm not sure I would be able to find a decent match for me. Plus it has several times sent me pictures of people way too far away even though I had put a 50 mile restriction on my profile.

  • Pricey!

    by Slentz16

    Too expensive to just try it for a month, sorry. They should have a 7 day trial or something.

  • Howaboutwenot

    by dmotis

    Interesting Concept that od different From many other rating sites but the lack of info might as well make it Tinder

  • Terrible

    by mar da mar

    This entire dating site is terrible. There a very few actual people on it to even go out on dates with that the functionality of it is pointless. There just too few users to make the price worth it. I want my money back

  • I Like!

    by ambrrrjo

    Very well thought out app & super user friendly.

  • Nice try

    by DubbalR

    The concept is sound. It seems, that in haste to get the App out there, certain key features to protect members aren't included. People want to feel safe and have the opportunity to participate on their own terms. "How About" you increase measures to allow for a less worrisome experience! ...especially if you expect folks to pay for it.

  • Great idea, easy to use app

    by Bamabelle1986

    Love the site -- joined because a friend found her awesome boyfriend on HowAboutWe. App is intuitive and easy to use, especially for messaging on the go!

  • Not worth $

    by One-ton

    See above

  • Thanks for wasting my time!!!

    by Gregory Sawin

    This app takes all that time to input all your information only to tell you that without upgrading you can not view any messages or see anyone who viewed you. How can you connect with someone if you can not even see their reply. What A BUNCH OF BULL S#IT!!!

  • Alpha Development At its Worst Don't Waste Your Money

    by toni sov

    First the positive. It's a briliant idea, executed in the pooorest possible way. This is an alpha application that has major usability and navigation issues. The pages are not refreshed frequently, the messages don't come in on time but they are time stamped from a day back, there are limited amount of users. The mobile site is a very raw alpha site. The price for subscription is ridiculous.

  • Horrible

    by T_Ash4840

    Horrible app not worth a penny yet they make you pay 20 bucks so you can try to read a message from a person that doesn't even exist

  • The worst app ever

    by Elisabeth8400

    Waste of time and money. They do not let rate lower than 2 starts here! uggggg

  • Horrible

    by Zimbie909

    This site is horrible, all the profiles are old and "new dates" reference summertime and past events, yet all profile say "last online today". They clearly keep old profiles around and reuse old dates to make it look like its popular. No one is really on this site except old hags.

  • #####

    by Dwtoken

    Complete crap, I agree with the first comment and rating 100%

  • V E R Y. W E A K

    by It'sshite

    V E R Y. W E A K be a lil more definitive bout this app and its capabilities. Then ask for $ up front not AFTER we've filled out a profile and seen bogus "intrigues" that you are completely locked out of....unless you pay. Amateur.

  • Can't delete messages

    by KAlexKaz

    I really like this app and this website, but my only issue is that the app will not allow you to delete messages, only archive them. And messages I delete on my computer via the website don't get deleted on my phone and I have to deal with those.

  • Too expensive for what it is...

    by Oscar Torres

    Could meet people just as easy on FB or IG. The prices for membership here are ridiculous! Even just to message. No thank you.

  • Run away

    by Rockey.NY

    Bad service. And there is almost nothing that you can do without having to pay a pretty steep subscription price

  • So far so good

    by Saywhaaaaaa?!?!?!

    Only on a few days, seems ok so far. Haven't paid anything, seems a little pricey.

  • Terrible

    by Tatornuts

    Read below... I basically agree with most negative responses on here.

  • ZERO listings in 100 miles of Denver

    by Exgaysurvivordan

    That's right, I live in downtown Denver but there's not a single date listing within a hundred miles of me (ok to be fair I set the age range a very generous +\- 10 years). Also the app's functionality is completely broken, error messages (which don't provide an explanation) whenever I try to add a new photo or post a date. zero stars for this waste of time.

  • Its ok

    by Ben Burgess

    Its ok.

  • Excellent App.

    by Daniel Zulla

    Worth every penny; Great software engineers.

  • Not Safe, Ladies don't do it!

    by History Chik

    It's a good idea, but there is nothing to do with safety on here. I have the same guy putting non stop messages and asking me out. I've told the guy I'm not interested and it doesn't stop him. I sent a message to this "Jess" person who is supposed to be an admin person with no response. How can I block this person? He is a total stalker and I haven't even talked to him except to say sorry, but I'm not interested. This cost way to much to deal with that with no option to protect yourself. No success yet on a date, but a couple prospects.

  • Don't waist your money!

    by Emerson454

    Waist of time!

  • Miss

    by No name Mpls

    Not very user friendly, can't view profiles on daily matches, can't hide profile.

  • severely limited

    by Rhenish

    regardless of the service itself (I've had three great dates within aweek of signing up, though many profiles are fake) the app offers nothing particularly useful othe than messaging, and even that is really weak. For example, if a cute date sends you her phone number, there's no way to select-copy-paste the number. And when flipping through the five daily dates, you can't check out their profiles, only their main photo. So, stay away from this unless you want to be a beta tester and report back on the app once in a while.

  • Great until you try to message someone

    by BlazedGarrett

    Great until you try to message someone then the pay wall comes up, are these fake profiles or not I don't know until I pay which means its probably a scam. Uninstall

  • Saki

    by SakiSenka

    Great app. The navigation is easy and concept is comfortable.

  • Awesome

    by Abu Alzain

    Looks good but need to pay for chat!!

  • Try it!

    by Guser3

    Very easy to navigate. Great selection of people. Love the concept of centering it around date ideas

  • Review

    by Sigh6790

    Really disappointed with men on the site. And impossible to delete my profile.

  • Easy to use

    by Lostintranslations

    Fluid design- see some genuine profiles lets see how the response is

  • Not a real active site. Not worth the money

    by Sandyb215

    Not worth the money. Lame site. No quality men. Pretty boring app. Don't waste your time. Going to cancel and hopefully get my money back. Seen other reviews of how hard it is to delete your profile and get your money back. Big waste of time

  • Waste!!!!

    by LauraBeth8888

    Do not download.

  • Cool

    by bigg1516


  • Well designed app

    by Marena Fritzler

    The app is very user friendly.

  • Great app so far!!!

    by Joseph Maddy

    I like the app so far because I have been single for a very long time and this app might just be the one for me.

  • Great app so far!!!

    by Joseph Maddy

    I like the app so far because I have been single for a very long time and this app might just be the one for me.

  • Dating

    by Pickle-59

    I love it

  • Where do I begin... Ugh

    by TechnDiego

    First of all let me say I stand behind every word I am about to write and I will speak or email or message with anyone who would like further feedback. I do not give reviews loosely and I do not get emotional about applications and give bogus reviews. I realize it's a brand-new app so I will give them a little bit of leeway but for the most part it is horrible! Normally I would not trust anyone who gave a review and did not at least pay for one month of the service. That is why I paid for at least one month so I could get a real impression of the app. Do not waste your money or your time. Do not pay attention to reviews of bitter people who did not get a date. I am strictly reviewing the app and the service itself. Complete joke! The data it provides about who has looked at your profile is not accurate. Tested it and verified it to be wrong. Daily dates come in for 2-5 times a day rather than one time as it is advertised and for the most part are stale profiles of people who have not logged on for quite a while. A large majority of the female profiles are not real! We will be reading about a class-action lawsuit within a few years. Run away fast this app is lame.

  • Rip off

    by Bellatrix4574

    You can't do ANYTHING without paying through the nose. Way too expensive.

  • Not worth it.

    by Loveless in SA

    I've been working it. Sending messages, suggesting dates, but I've yet to go out with someone. It does not deliver.

  • Pay pay pay!!

    by Sweethazelk

    It's awful... They're making pay for everything... To look your messages, to see's just stupid

  • Nope

    by Cflo017

    Way too expensive just to be able to message someone.

  • Site is too "busy"

    by No dead

    Lots going on in several locations.... Would be nice if these were in one main location.

  • Fantastic Idea, but

    by jmoney003

    I think the concept of the app is fantastic, but I can't get over the fact that you have to pay premium just to message the person. Like I can understand if you have to pay for some of the advanced features but how am I suppose to meet someone without messaging them. It's stupid and it should be unlocked for everyone. I would pay for a membership, but the price is ridiculously high for what it's worth.

  • Fake profiles

    by Fake profiles

    Scammers galore! Fake profiles from Africa, beware. Women be careful.

  • Doesn't offer much...

    by Toshua Absher

    Both the website and the app doesn't offer much for those unable to upgrade.

  • Excellent (mostly)

    by SansP7

    Well designed app with a few missteps. The user experience is great, very easy to navigate. I'm let down by the syncing of actions from computer to phone. Dates are delayed, messages are repeated, etc. Also, the app tends to fail loading photos of prospective dates. Lame..

  • Good app

    by Thundermonkey420

    Not bad. First time user

  • Great idea and good site, but pricey.

    by Yvieartist

    Really like the app just too pricey for me. Will reconsider when price comes down.

  • Height Issue

    by Ladyofsplendor

    When creating my profile, I notice that I must continuously re-enter my height... I am 5ft 7in... Otherwise I find this app to be adequate... I give it 3 stars... Sorry...

  • Great app

    by PornStar Rocky

    Easy to limit your search and utilize

  • Dumb

    by Ojs30

    Must buy a membership to do anything

  • Classy

    by Hawaii boyee

    This app seems purdy cool so far, and the layout is very clean and classy! We'll see how it goes!

  • Great idea. Way overpriced.

    by jazzphan12

    The concept is really cool, but definitely not worth the money.

  • Avoid - don't waste your time.

    by Xproudfoot

    Hefty membership fee to even read mail. Its not uncommon to charge a modest fee to send mail, but this is dowright pricey. And you can't even read or write back if someone contacts you first? To top things off, the only people who seemed to be interacting on yhe site were very unattractive and below usual standards. The attractive profiles appeared to be inactive or spoof accounts. Its also convoluted to delete your profile and unsubscribe, giving the appearance of way more folks on the site than there are. Cool idea, decent graphic design, Horrible business model and Terrible for actually getting dates. Avoid.

  • Are you kidding?

    by Asdfghkllqwertyuoitvjfhgk

    This app is an awesome concept, but $30 a month to see who looked at my profile? Seriously? Don't download. It's a waste of time.

  • Nice app. But pricey to subscribe.

    by AliyaJC

    HowAboutWe is actually an awesome app. Love the design, the usability, the concept. It is probably one of the better dating apps out there. However, because of the almost extortionate subscription model.. Almost $30 for a month's subscription, outrageous! It's priced itself out of the game. Anywhere from a fiver to $15 a month is reasonable. In fact, they should have messaging packages, where one will cost $0.99 and a pack of three, $1.99. I hope the developers take note of this. It's rendered itself almost useless and unusable, which is such a shame for a well thought out and designed concept + app.

  • New

    by Soldiers Woman

    Just started the app, very disappointed. The choice of men is very few. AND! You have to pay to talk to them

  • Good !

    by Makhfous

    It is a good ap

  • Not really good

    by jello521

    Not really a good app. Some glitches in it. Doesn't let you delete your profile

  • Meh

    by Auperk Monkey 7

    I find the way that it lists people's disposition to be very uneducated. Straight? Really? C'mon that's so disturbingly uneducated. Put the proper terms in there. That's like calling a penis a thingy or a vagina a hoo hoo. It's not to cool.

  • Total scam!

    by Closmv

    This service is a total scam. In order to have any contact with people you have to pay. And if you put your email address (in any format) anywhere in your profile for others to contact you, they delete your answer! Basically, you can't use the service if you don't pay the outrageous monthly fee of $27.

  • Great site, buggy app

    by Hug hobbling

    Nothing wrong w site but the app is buggy. Doesn't sync w inbox on site, pics don't always load..have had to delete and reload several times. So mostly works, hopefully haven't missed the love of my life because of the apps failings!

  • Lame!

    by Sailor am

    What a rip off!

  • Can't log in

    by damnHippie

    I can log in to the website, but this app fails to log in with the same user name / password combination.

  • Ehhhh

    by JSmith25

    I wish there was more you could do without paying but overall it's ok.

  • Worse app ever

    by truepimp9900

    Now before you do almost anything you have to pay I remember when he first came out at least I can send a message this app is horrible

  • Good concept

    by Jlickfosho

    Good concept. Doesnt let you do anything without purchasing a membership though. Sends lots of junk emails and no way to unsubscribe with the app.

  • Good concept

    by Jlickfosho

    Good concept. Doesnt let you do anything without purchasing a membership though. Sends lots of junk emails and no way to unsubscribe with the app.

  • Nice

    by Peejay12


  • Very unsafe and dangerous

    by Mojo5647

    Girls, don't use this app!! With the map, they can see exactly where you live!! Once you start this app, you can't delete your profile or hide your image. Not a smart safe app.

  • They sell your email

    by PaulKos

    Cant unsubscribe from this garbage, they sell your info and they wont let you close your account. Get tons of spam email now! Pure garbage cause the women are same ad on other sites, stuck up fat pigs!

  • Review

    by Triciabackus.

    It's more fun than a lot of the others!

  • Nice idea, WAY OVERPRICED!

    by Doveiu

    The idea behind this app is good, but to do anything you have to pay WAY to much. So unless you're willing to fork over $$$ stick with OKCupid.

  • Rip off...

    by Trisybear

    Seems like a cool idea although people hardly pay for dating apps anymore. You can't talk to anyone without paying, so it's kind of a rip off. I'll stick with Skout, POF and OkC!

  • Meh...

    by Just.Jill

    I like the concept, but it hasn't proven to be a smashing success for me.

  • Keeps getting better

    by emeldee

    Love this app. Couldn't live without it -- my dating life would be much less exciting if I didn't have it at my fingertips!

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