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Seller: honggang li

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The best SMS app, in order to let you have a good time in SMS.
With it at your fingertips, be prepared to send.

In this application you will find SMS of all types:
-Good Luck

Sharing any content from this app through e-mail and SMS is available. Spread the fun to anyone in the world!

Add: Chat with strangers who are using this app too. Improved chat experience.
Add: Appwall that you can load more excellent free apps.
Add: You can answer others questions and ask questions too.

Customer Reviews

  • It's a fun app

    by KeinaBina

    Fun facts yeaaaa

  • Remove

    by Lvdyhfvkkkk

    Remove from purchase list, funny app

  • Sausage fest

    by Lwrdrmazda22

    Other than there being a lot of dudes.... Not to bad

  • Kuna978

    by Scratch 21


  • Naughty SMS

    by Cycodad

    Fun app

  • Good app

    by Caligirlvegasgirl

    Fun get to meet people from all over the world

  • Awesome

    by JM3_

    You get to talk to people for free that's awesome

  • F

    by Cinrung

    Pretty good!!

  • Great App

    by OutKastNinja

    Very fun little App

  • This is a very entertaining app

    by Todd Blackham

    Very fun with many different options depending on your mood

  • Pretty good!

    by XXxBlackarrowxXx

    I like this app! Pretty interesting

  • Good

    by Nick160$

    Wish u could actually find people u chatted with before

  • I love the variety of SMS.

    by Cautious Mom

    There's so many different subjects 2 choose from... Thanks!

  • Review

    by Malle Vegas

    Like it

  • Sexy

    by Nolove670


  • PrixyChick

    by Rebecca Ligon

    Great app!!

  • Best sex app

    by The coasters

    Lots of funn;)

  • It's pretty good

    by KC6543

    It is obvious the questions are not from real people anymore. Change it back

  • Good app

    by Dennis.bjorn

    Good app.

  • Good apps

    by Howshome421

    Better than most

  • Remove

    by Future rm

    Remove from purchase list!!!

  • Cool

    by JazzE56

    I've actually learned a few new things from this app. Pretty cool!

  • Only a few suggestions

    by Izgeorge

    This app would be great if you could a) talk to the same person twice, and b) input your gender, and the gender(s) you are interested in. Next update please?

  • Good app

    by Rj13827

    Interesting stuff.

  • Flirt App

    by Bossey Bev

    App is awesome

  • Good

    by Djteckz

    Still learning how to use it

  • Review

    by XxbassheadxX

    This is a good app but if u hav it n dont hav kik get kik

  • Ugh

    by countryagg

    This app is bad. Please remove it from my purchase list immediately.

  • Site

    by Qdrpcc


  • Helpful!

    by kelsey marlene<3

    I've learned so many things!

  • Awesome!

    by Mhmmm0912


  • Jffvyuhgt

    by -:;Bubbles.!


  • Great

    by Malayja69

    It's great me & my friends love it.....$$TEAMDWOODS4LIFE$$

  • Awesome



  • Tfddh

    by Tlow123fuvk buddy

    It's a very good app

  • Love it!

    by Stephanie Burns

    Great app

  • Sexy Talk

    by Mauiwannbe

    It is very funny and right on about what comes up when you turn the page. The quotes right on about the sex comments.

  • Great Ceasars ghost

    by Michael Klemm

    Its superman

  • Amazingly intriguing

    by ABKRulz

    This app is great and full of information and tips that help make your love-life even better! To the app programmer, thank you!

  • Sex SMS app!

    by TagWorm

    Nice app with very useful knowledge about sex! Could add a function where we could add like a pic or gif though.

  • Yum

    by iiiiaaaann

    Works just as total advertises ;D

  • nice

    by Bj Seamon


  • Lol

    by PSN Playa

    Some of em make the oldlady laugh. Then we do it

  • Newly single

    by Newlysingle

    This is a nice app and easy to use, Useful and trivial info. And s lot of fun at the same time.

  • Thank you

    by Sarahi14

    Love sex this is great

  • Boner up

    by Arias girl

    Most of the things I already knew, but still a fun free app.

  • Rev.

    by James Stevens

    Wish it had more info then it did . And pic. Would be a big plus !!

  • Wow

    by Diana AKA muzz minster

    Wow so sexy

  • Pretty cool

    by Jaecin

    Most of it is kinda useless. The chat part is awesome though. Would be nice if there was a way to share pics though.

  • special

    by malditosyato

    Thinking of my one and only

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