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•••• One of the Top 100 Apps of 2011!

• Tired of your old Facebook app?
• Ready for a fresh, new experience for Facebook?
• Then try Facely HD for Facebook today!

Want to try before you buy? No problem!

Just search for Facely HD in the App Store and download the Free version. You'll love it!

Only Facely gives you a consistent, customized experience for Facebook with as much personality as you have! Optimized for the high definition touch screens of iPad and iPhone 4, and easily customized to match your mood, you'll soon wonder how you ever lived without it. With Facely you can do everything you want on Facebook, including:

• Browse your live feed
• Comment on posts
• Chat with friends
• Upload photos
• Upload videos
• Pull-to-refresh
• See birthdays
• Call friends
• Share links
• Save photos
• View albums
• Watch videos
• Friend/Unfriend
• Poke/View pokes
• Receive notifications
• Send private messages
• Plus much, much more!

Facely HD is also the only app that helps you fully customize your interface for Facebook. Choose from a variety of colors, fonts and themes or create your own! Effortlessly browse links using our built-in browser, with actions to help you email, copy or share links with friends with the touch of a button. We've even built in Facebook chat from the ground up. Get the full experience for Facebook in the palm of your hand today!

• Tap the Facely icon to access extra features
• Tap the Chat icon to flip to the online chat view
• Tap the Lightning icon to see recent notifications
• Tap Messages to read/send private messages

• Stellar customization features
• Full, native chat + notifications
• Take pictures + upload photos / videos
• Convenient photos interface

To get help or suggest improvements now, feel free to visit our Facebook page. Your feedback is appreciated!


The Facebook name and logo are copyright Facebook, Inc. This application is not produced by or affiliated with Facebook.

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Rw1215

    Love this app

  • Facely, a very good app!

    by Skinny-dip

    Great app, very well in how it organizes Facebook.

  • Love it

    by Amicque

    The more I learn how to use this the more I love it!

  • Me

    by Lg1992

    Great app. Love it and use it a lot.

  • Great app

    by DuchessÇheeky

    Much better than Facebook for iPhone

  • its the best


    and ive tried quite a few...i recommend it..for me---.it has the best options--I gave my ipad to my daughter for 6 month and it was so cool to log in and see Facebook in cherry red again!!iiiiiii llllliiiikkkkeeee it

  • Muy buena

    by Usaedupeca

    La recomiendo

  • Nice

    by Jr Rafael

    Good apps...necesitamos update pronto gracias

  • Nice apps

    by Philforeit

    It works well

  • Great alternative to the very poor version they Hand over to iOS.

    by like a rainbow

    very poor version they Hand over to iOS.

  • +10!!!

    by Osvaldo J. Gutierrez


  • Cool app

    by Marshall Cheer

    I've used this app for over a year and it's great.

  • The share feature

    by Ixtar

    I can't share things, it's always asking to put shared photos in an album. That's the only problem I see. :)

  • 6 * * * * * * app

    by Antknee from lil Rhody

    I love how intuitive the app is in comparison to the standard boring FB application

  • facely hd

    by Malapaju

    good so far. Make it a little bit fast.

  • Getting Better

    by Strykehope

    The most RELIABLE Facebook app.

  • good

    by capegirlx0

    just good. sometimes doesn't update.

  • It's Just Okay

    by The Blakes

    This app is very slow to load every time. The messaging never works right and, most of the time my likes and comments do not actually load.

  • Needs an update

    by Gamerty19

    It is the old one it needs a new update but it runs good on the iphone 5s good app!

  • Facely HD

    by CanWllht

    I really like the app, especially the choices of themes, fonts, and entire layout! I also like that I can copy and paste!!! I don't like that it kicks me out of the app quite a bit?! Would love to see this bug fixed!

  • Can't log in

    by LittlePixels

    I can't put in my FB credentials. When I do, there's no button to click, so I can't log in.

  • Friends

    by Steven Nyberg

    How do I add friends to my "chat" page?

  • Not happy

    by shinogak

    Not a good apps, crashes every time, i even bought the pro version but still the same... Not so much option to use the apps..

  • Update 2.0 is no BETTER

    by Junkload

    I have had this app over a year and still have the same post on my timeline since June. Does not update posts.

  • Just ok

    by Jenny12751

    Paid the 99 just to keep that question from popping up every time I open it but it still says "error opening photos". Why????

  • Don't get it!

    by Aubaa16

    Adds too many ads and things in between Facebook posts and doesn't always work.

  • Update app

    by Go free

    Don't waste your money. Freezes constantly, not all my contacts are listed, lucky if it even loads. Supposedly this was supposedly this was suppose to be fixed a while ago. Guess not that important to keep people happy with app.

  • My opion

    by debbie smith

    So far it's okay. Haven't ran into problems.....yet

  • Love what I get once it loads

    by BLKinOR

    I, too, have waited what seems like forever for posts to load but do like the appearance and the navigation. Crashes much less often than other apps I've tried. Would love to see an option to see only the messages that have triggered the badge. I can't figure out which ones they are.

  • Mmhmmm

    by CassieKDubs06

    It's a great app, I just wish there were more font variations and more customability.

  • Been 10 min and I'm deleting this app

    by Sunniskyes

    Photos won't load Not intuitive No functionality better or diff than Original FB app

  • Works well most of the time

    by JamesC48

    I like it because it is easy to access my Facebook page.

  • Appearance vs Load Time

    by Newmooncrazy1

    If the loading time equalled the appearance options you'd have a great app. Work on it guys...then u get ur "5 stars!"

  • Facely HD

    by TerriLD

    I like the simplicity of Facely, however it's frustrating to not be able to hide a comment/posting or to delete a comment you've posted but then decided it wasn't what you wanted to say and need to change it. Also, I keep getting posts from some sites that will not allow me to block them entirely. In other words I get a lotmofmpatients"junk posts" that need to be gotten rid of. Would like to see these things fixed. Thanks!

  • O.k.app

    by Merlin champ

    A little slow but o.k.

  • Sometimes crashes

    by Chelle94

    Not always but quick navigation

  • Facebook

    by Mad Claire

    It is so slow to load

  • It's ok

    by IAmDolledUp87

    It won't allow me to send messages!

  • This app does its job well.

    by mar20701

    This app does its job well.

  • You may like it better

    by BGM4

    It isn't perfect, but it is a good alternative to Facebook's own app. You may like it better. I use it because it seems to permit a quicker viewing of the latest activity.

  • Favela HD

    by Shell301

    I love this app! I'm changing the color of my page. I've never had any problems with if freezing. Hope this helps..

  • Great

    by M. Yelverton


  • Greeeeeet!!

    by M Ab

    This is the best app in Facebook

  • Hey

    by Peewee557

    LOVE IT!!

  • Good app.

    by Pdf25

    Good for the efforts, but nothing special.

  • Excellent

    by Nmv8engs

    Very useful

  • Review

    by BreezieBree

    Very good on iPad. Makes Facebook access easy.

  • Copy & Share

    by ShakyJello

    The ability to Copy & Share! All I have been looking for in one app! Thank You!

  • Pretty Good App

    by Billiken73

    Good app except I can't view friends photos and sometimes my comments don't post and I have to go to Facebook

  • Good app.

    by SharonKN

    I like being able to change the screen colors and the font. I wish when I deleted the page link, it would stay that way but so far it hasn't. If it would, I'd consider this app a five.

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