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Seller: Grindr LLC

Several performance enhancements and bug fixes

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The new Grindr Xtra takes mobile meet-ups to the next level. A sleek new design and more features than the original Grindr Xtra makes it simple to find the right guy, right now, easier and faster than ever.

What are you waiting for? With more than 7 million guys in 192 countries, there are always more than 300,000 guys online at any moment! Download Grindr Xtra on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and launch the app to start browsing photos of guys around you. Chat, flirt, send pictures and as some of our users like to say, “Grind it till you find it!”

Full List of Grindr Xtra Features (not available in Grindr free):

•No banner ads
•Push notifications
•See 300 nearby guys
•Access all Filters
•Join more Grindr Tribes
•Unlimited Favorites
•Unlimited Blocks
•Swipe through profiles
•Swipe in a chat to jump to the chat inbox
•View guys who are online now
•View favorites who are online now
•Send Saved Photos
•Send Saved Phrases

Note: Only males 18 years or older are allowed to use Grindr and Grindr Xtra.

Grindr Xtra costs:
USD $11.99/month
$20.99/quarter- 42% savings
$35.99/half-year- 50% savings
$59.99/year - 58% savings

Grindr Xtra is valid for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 1 year, depending on the subscription type selected. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged the price listed at the top of this screen for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the Account Settings screen in the App Store app on your device after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. The Grindr privacy policy is available at, and our Grindr terms of service is available at‎.

Customer Reviews

  • I'm in the middle

    by Livinglife79

    Ok I'm in the middle with this App. GRINDR STAFF. PLEASE O PLEASE IM BEGGING. I'm looking for something special, it would be awesome if us paying folks could see our blocked people and that we could unblock the ones we want and not all them. Then I'd give this app a 5?stars all the way. If not I'm going to Adam 4 Adam.

  • This app has come a long way!

    by astodrew

    Much improved!

  • Buggy as hell, but it's the only Real app

    by Gt212

    Buggy as hell but out of all the apps I've used, Grindr has real guys that actually want to meet up. Jackd seemed good at first, but no one talks on Jackd half the time, it's like Jackd is full of bots now, kind of like Adam4Adam. So while this app is buggy and needs fixing, the guys are actually more real than other apps/sites, which is great cause that's the point really.

  • Hot

    by Leopelaez1

    Always get 4 guys to gang bang me for a day overtime I'm on when visit mom LA n love it

  • Better?

    by Cowboymen

    Dare to dream? Many problems do seem to be fixed. I don't have the app telling me I have 2 massages when there are non, that's good. Pictures are loading well. HOWEVER...... The app crashes and deletes my massages that I sent to a guy on my end only, but only as far back as the time I opened the app for that session. I forget sometimes what I told the guy and with a number of people I talk to it makes for odd moments. Please fix and good job on the other fixes. Thank you.

  • just accept it

    by majik1213

    bugs but better than whatever else is out there

  • It's the men, not the app that gets 4 stars

    by CTSCTS

    Most of the ratings are 1 star, and can't really quibble with the reviewers' reasonings. Yeah, it crashes too often, and you may loose what you're typing, so I keep my messages short, and just restart the app when it crashes. Despite all the 1 star reviews, Grindr is hugely popular because of the millions of sexy men who use this service, and it is why I rated it 4 stars. So I hope guys won't overlook Grindr because of the 1 star reviews. It's really not about the app, it's about the community of men who use it. And in all fairness to the Grindr support team, they seem to be making a sincere effort to fix the stability issues.

  • Good

    by Meeee1992sss

    It's a cool app

  • Grindr Xtra

    by Gofudgeyo'self

    I've been on since Nov 2013. I'm on several gay dating apps and sites. I've had so much chat on Grindr, that I have to give it 5 stars. Some other sites & apps allow you to create a profile and demand $ to message, so annoying! To the admins of Grindr, I say, please DO NOT EVER implement this policy and keep up the good work improving this app.

  • Suggestion

    by ryancello7

    The app should show the distance while scrolling so that way you don't have to click the guy's picture just to know how far away they are from you.

  • Awesome

    by Roberoo!

    Loving the new look. All improved.

  • Used to be great now it's just slow and crashes every 5 minutes

    by KyleSeattle

    I can't see myself renewing Xtra unless they fix it soon.

  • Just paid and...

    by derkcir

    Just bought a subscription but I can hardly use it because it keeps freezing and crashing

  • It worked

    by blackupshadow07

    It's not working no more after constant opening this app to get my messages it just force closes fix it only have 3 days :<


    by daniel boom

    Beware App is a SCAM full of bugs, VERY UNRESPECTFUL developer, CENSORSHIP beyond reason. No customer service. Do not support. Douchey App.


    by rwoo123

    Grindr advertises 6,000,000 users worldwide. Figure at least 25% are pay memberships. Assume most sign up at 6 month membership. Thats $10 million per month in revenue. With all the money they are making you'd think these guys could invest some back into the application. This app crashes, bugs, freezes, loses messages--you name it. This is the worst performing app on the market. Could you imagine if Angry Birds had even a tenth of these issues--and that's only a $2.99 one-time purchase! Total and absolute crap. Fcuk you, Grinder a$$hole pigs.

  • Crashing repeatedly!

    by Aqsan

    I regret paying for the xtra app. There are many options out there. Hornet, scruff and many more. They are charging too much and I can't even log in half the time.

  • What a Complete Ripoff!

    by Maxthecat1000

    I paid $12.00 for this app several months ago, but was very disappointed with all the crashing and bugs the app had, so I didn't log in since then. Today, I tried to use in again to give it another chance. Well, to my surprise they thieves asked me to pay another $12.00 just for one month membership even though they told me that amount, which I already paid, was a one time only fee. This is the most blatantly abusive app I've ever downloaded. Don't pay the ridiculously high membership price if you are against unfair corporations like GRinder.

  • Garbage

    by Submitted111111112

    Title says it all.

  • Crash crash crash

    by TBCJ777

    Does nothing but crash constantly.

  • Don't pay for it

    by Ugggghh

    I've yours Grindr for a couple if years and the last six months have been extremely frustrating. It shuts down constantly, location finder rarely works, and now it's showing blocked members. It's awful, an app that was the best is now the worst. I've still have time on my subscription and hate it. They need to get to work and fix this immediately or stop charging.

  • Don't bother

    by clwedel

    I listed my legitimate healing practice in my profile because it is an interest of mine and is very much "about me" and I was banned. I never used the app to get clients. Not to mention the app is clearly built by people who don't know how to build a stable app.

  • Scam app!!! Beware!!!

    by Sahibjann

    Paid for this app! It doesn't work!!!! Can everyone who has had problems please report it to the FCC!!! Something needs to be done. I want a refund!!!!!

  • Sir

    by Macdadiest

    Better than nothing but full of bugs, crashes and glitches. For a paid ap, it is very disappointing

  • Absolutely Horrible buggy app

    by ChicagoJohn

    For an app that charges such high rates, you think they could put out a decent app. But no, this app is CONSTANTLY crashing and CONTSTANTLY losing messages. This has been going on since it was first released and they just don’t seem to be doing anything about it. It took them a YEAR after the release of the iPhone 5 to come out with a version supporting the larger screen. I’m just fed up and won’t be renewing my paid membership until they fix these issues. It’s pretty bad when you have a 1 star rating from most of your users, especially for such an expensive subscription. It is by far the worse app of all the 100’s of apps I use.

  • Worthless

    by Wombatmatty

    Piece of crap that's not even worth 99 cents. Can't connect, can't display photos, and doesn't display any chat logs. Customer service takes about five days to respond to my requests for support and all they can offer is "sorry." How about offering a solution? Find me on scruff.

  • Crap crap and more crap

    by rwoo123

    Grindr advertises 6,000,000 users worldwide. Figure at least 25% are pay memberships. Assume most sign up at 6 month membership. Thats $10 million per month in revenue. With all the money they are making you'd think these guys could invest some into the application. This app crashes, bugs, freezes, loses messages--you name it. This is the worst performing app on the market. Could you imagine if Angry Birds was even half this bad--and thats only $2.99 one time!! Total and absolute crap. Fcuk you, Grinder a$$holes.

  • Won't upgrade subscription.

    by Ryan1148

    When I try and use the app it tells me i have to upgrade my subscription. Only thing is, the buttons on the screen don't work for this function. I deleted and re-downloaded the app and checked for updates countless times. Looks like you guys aren't getting my money.

  • Terrible since update

    by cgsnyder77

    This new updated version is terrible!! I cancelled my auto renewal because I'm not paying for something that costs more than the old one by a lot more and locks up multiple times a day. Not sure what they were thinking but this isn't worth your time...

  • Fun, but buggy

    by CalifDude

    I love the update. Great design. Unfortunately, the app is still buggy. I must have about 50 apps on my iPhone and this one is the only app that freezes regularly. I'm talking like freezes once every three times I check it. And the app recently lost all my saved messages and favorites. The freezing usually happens when I'm typing messages. The keyboard slowly freezes and then the app is completely stuck.

  • Horrible

    by Dean45.33

    Couldn't even get the app to load. Every time I launched it, it crashed. After 5 minutes I have up. There are a lot better options out there now. Don't use this; use those.

  • Greedr DO NOT BUY !!

    by daniel boom

    Beware App full of bugs, VERY UNRESPECTFUL developer, CENSORSHIP beyond reason. No customer service. Do not support.

  • Fun, but buggy

    by CalifDude

    I love the update. Great design. Unfortunately, the app is still buggy. It's the only app I have that regularly freezes and the app recently lost all my saved messages and favorites. The freezing happens when I'm typing messages. The keyboard slowly freezes and then the app is completely stuck. It happens every day multiple times. Very frustrating.

  • Not worth the cost for this app

    by Marzd1unv

    This app always crashes. Once you open it it works fine but when you reopen it as it is still running in the background, it crashes and you'll have to restart the app. The app runs slow when trying to update people around. Also the price is just so ridiculous high for an app. Maybe if they fix the issues and lower the price more people maybe willing to pay for it.

  • Continuos problems, refuse refund

    by PuterSaurus

    I have use this app for over two years and in the last six months it has gone downhill tremendously. I have filed technical support tickets and they refused to fix the problems. I've tested this app on many different devices and it still does not work correctly. The latest issue is not showing profiles between approx 10 and 20 miles. They refuse to refund my money! Apple really needs to look at this app and company before allowing them to release it on the App Store again. HATE IT.

  • Buggy

    by SticklerForDetails

    The new version is horrible. Freezes and crashes with every use. They aren't doing enough to fix it; it just goes on and on that way. Used to be a good app, despite its battery drain and frequent crashes. Now it's constant crashes. They need to get technicians who can fix it.

  • Not satisfied

    by Alltforb

    Tried submitting a support request 11 times and it kept crashing. Blocking doesn't work. I can block someone but they can still message me. The update keeps crashing, and stopped pushing my messages which is why I paid for a years subscription in the first place. I wish I never updated it. It wasn't amazing before but worked a little better. Definitely seeking other apps to replace it. Xtra claims to have unlimited guys but I'm maybe get another 50 then it says max guys loaded. Push is enabled on my phone but it never works part of the time. By far the worst app I've ever downloaded and their support staff doesn't care. I texted the creator Joel Simkhai personally and he referred me to his horrible support staff that does nothing to help.

  • Slow

    by TJminor

    And boring

  • Can it get worse

    by Bleafy

    Every upgrade gets worse and worse. This one crashes constantly. Loses chat histories. Takes forever to load. And to think I pay for this! Wow

  • Bad

    by RMSE

    Crashes constantly not by far the best app others don't have as meany bugs

  • Worst waste of money

    by srogoff40

    Don't bother. Total piece of crap. They came up with a logo but forgot to design an app that actually works. Garbage.

  • So buggy

    by Gay H.

    This version has more bugs than the last. Crashes within minutes and caused the iPad mini to reboot on several occasions. Could be a great app if it didn't crash.

  • Bugs

    by PaulVKC

    Newest thing... Very few people within 100 miles but lots of people over. I'm in a metropolitan city. Wow you can't get any worse than this app. I think people are moving on. Every time an update is released there are more bugs than the last time. I'm not getting messages for a couple days and some are hidden under recent messages instead of all..why can't u release a decent version.

  • Crashes and more problems.

    by Tapdaht

    Crashes, eats messages, receive messages hours laters, doesn't load prof pics well. Deleted or blocked people keep reappearing

  • Very sad site

    by Me so sad

    Do not pay for extra not worth the money.

  • Awful

    by Jeremy Tyler

    Awful. Needs to allow for the ability to go offline. More privacy options.

  • Terrible

    by JasonWDC

    App constantly crashes, doesn't work in landscape mode, doesn't sync between multiple devices, character limits on profiles. This app went from top notch, to bottom of barrel.

  • Grindr is the Time Warner Cable of apps

    by jakeycakes

    You have no choice but to use it because it has a near monopoly, but the technology is awful, it crashes all the time, and they won't acknowledge they make mistakes or lower their prices or really work to improve it. If only Scruff would just surpass it. Joel Simkhai should be embarrassed of his product at this point. Like, apps that crash is so Windows 95.

  • Not worth the money. Foul!!!

    by Angrybottom119

    I think I paid like $9 or $10 for the first month and the app had some sort technical glitch that shut it down for some period of time, everyday. I think they were referred to as "hangovers". Then, the price went up to $13 a month and it got worse. Maybe cut back on the drinking? Totally not worth that kind of money and wildly unprofessional. Maybe $5 a month? Maybe.

  • Awful

    by Bears are Fat

    Nothing good about this app. Scruff is far superior

  • Paid features don't work...

    by tumba2005

    Newest update crashes often... Blocking still doesn't seem to work despite being a paid feature.

  • Fix the subscribe option!

    by sean.doherty

    I'm PAYING to use this app, but it locks you out 2 days before subscription ends, and won't unlock until iTunes renews the subscription on its own or you force it through. F*king absurd bullsh

  • Has accounts, but accounts don't sync with multiple devices.

    by Joel Nosek

    Frequently crashes, loses, or delays messages. Still does not sync chats across multiple iOS devices (scruff has from day one...).

  • Really bad

    by Yousif Ali 87

    bad services..Crashes .. Freeze when I try to send my pics..

  • Tried to renew & can't log in!

    by Ericdouglas81

    First I feel black mailed to purchase xtra for blocks that some how people seem to get around anyway. Then when I do buy it, I can't log in. This despite apparently getting message because it keeps adding numbers to the unread message count :(

  • What ARE we paying you for??

    by BY90069

    3 hours into the update and it crashed. What a joke. 30ppl work for this company vs. 4 for Scruff. You'd think they would get it right.

  • Crash!

    by Jimbo40

    Please don't waste your time with this app! I downloaded the update and immediately upon launch the app crashed and closed.

  • Epic fail

    by Nonononononono No!!

    Crashes- bugs galore- so frustrating

  • Epic fail

    by Nonononononono No!!

    Crashes- bugs galore- so frustrating

  • Major drawbacks

    by Doug526

    1) In the new version they got rid of the Sign Off option. That means now your buddies can stalk you for exactly how many hours/minutes/days ago you were last online. 2) (Xtra only) When your subscription expires and you open the app, you still show up as online to others and they can still send you messages. Bad design. 3) Also they employ overzealous moderators who screened my profile because I said I was new to the area and looking for a roommate. And they want us to pay $12 a month for the deluxe version??

  • Boo!

    by Erick Chalambaga

    Y'all have totally managed what other apps in the App Store haven't and that's to make every update worse than the last...Bravo!! And the unmitigated nerve to increase your prices! So glad my subscription ends tonight because I will NOT renew it!

  • Stay away

    by Don't use grindr

    The reviews say it best. This app is not even useable anymore. Grindr has done themselves in on this recent "upgrade". Many of the users did not upgrade. Messages come in days later. What's the point? Use Scruff, jack'd, Hornet or something else. Anything else is better than Grindr. Too bad.

  • Don't waste your time

    by iHate_useless_apps

    Grindr says my subscription expires two days before Apple says it expires and won't let me access the app even though I tried renewing my subscription three or four times. At peak times I can't even logon. Check out another app like Scruff. I never have problems with that app.

  • Gotten worse over the years

    by Dave 1million

    Is way behind the competition now. Can't even see who has viewed me, let along log off so everyone doesn't thing I'm ignoring their late messages. Designers should check what's out there and improve the system soon. Otherwise this app is doomed.


    by Wannnanam

    if I could give Grindr negative stars I would. After having the application for several years now I can unequivocally say that this is, hands down, the worst application I have ever used ever, full stop. "Buggy" is a gross understatement. The application, while a truly fabulous idea in theory, has NEVER worked. With the hope that this great idea could be developed by some good programers, I have continued to support it. But, alas, I have finally sworn off it for no other reasons besides false advertising and a bunk product. From not being able to see other peoples photos and information, to constant freezing and crashing the application is an unceasing, unabated failure, whose continued, troubled existence should be of great embarrassment to its developers. I was hoping after I recently purchased a renewed three month subscription, having been off for a time, that it would be different. It was not. After sending a request for refund, i checked their terms of service to find that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are refunds to be given. I am still considering reporting to BBB for failure to render services paid for and false advertising. This is literally the worst application I have ever used. And it had such great promise!

  • Grindr product management and support terrible

    by Alberto Panganiban

    Glitchy app and terrible support. The execution of upgrade efforts have been a total failure from my perspective as a paid subscriber. For example, my custom filters aren't working, my entire photo library has been deleted, and I'm seeing blocked members unblocked. There's more yet why go on? This is an indication of unprofessional planning on product development and support. What's worse, I think, are the management notifications positioning these mistakes as small isolated incidents. To Grindr: you have paying customers! Own up and tell your customers the plan to remedy these bugs with timeline expectations, and then extend our subscription renewals for that amount of time.

  • Why did I pay for this?

    by Mr Marz

    Loses messages, crashes all the time, chat server goes down often, notifications are iffy.

  • WORST WORST WORST APP & Unhelpful staff

    by UTgrad2001

    Version 2.x - holy cow. This new release with a new UI and new features is a downgrade. Grindr must have a roomful of monkeys doing all the developing for them. I can't believe this moronic company is still in business. This app should only ever be looked to as an example of how NOT to build a mobile-based social network. HORR-I-BLE. ============ Problems I had with version 1.x -- I haven't been able to use Grindr Xtra for days because the app won't stay open for more than 15-20 seconds before it crashes and closes me out of the app. So far Support has been no help. Unfortunately I paid for a three month subscription and likely won't get any kind of credit for the amount of time I haven't been able to use it. Something else that's frustrating is I don't get messages many times until I restart my phone and re-launch the app. Then I'll get notifications of messages sent to me hours before that never came through at the time. Also, the way the profile pics are moderated and censored is a joke. Anytime you want to change your pic, it's at least a half a day wait...even if you switch back to an image you'd had approved before. --Why can't they make the app let users store up to 3-5 images they could use so the pics don't have to go through the approval process EVERY time???

  • Terrible

    by Wilmywood23

    Waste of money and time. Better apps out there, at this pace grindr will be the next manhunt.

  • Horrible App

    by Mr Backlin

    For as big as Grindr is, their app is total garbage. Their updates are garbage. Each new update is supposed to fix problems and it usually does not while bringing it's own set of issues. This huge new update to grindr is long overdue and they still cannot get it right. The app constantly freezes and crashes. It won't connect to the server most of the time and it's slow when it does. The grid of guys is totally erratic and gps is off. The online statuses are never right and blocking doesn't stick right. Messages disappear or come back after being deleted. It's a garbage app and they're totally clueless on what to do.

  • Wow

    by Effing nick

    What a pile of garbage and the newest add of auto renew to keep your profits up because everyone canceling is the best reason for me to cancel. Constantly crashes errors takes forever to load the most frequent screen I see is "would you like to send error report" f this app

  • Definitely has bugs to work out

    by Nathan1981

    Message sending / receiving issues. Though this seems just standard for grindr. Maybe they see it as a feature.

  • Cheap company

    by Jor-doh

    I just wasted my money on this app that doesn't even's CONSTANTLY DOWN. They keep saying sorry too many people are on so are servers crashed. Well buy some more with this money I'm paying so I can use the service that's promised...simple facts.

  • Expensive Bugs

    by Cucchiarrow

    Not working properly and should considering the monthly fee. Jeez.

  • Bad bad bad

    by Vince Coetzee

    Poorly designed software that has not been adequately tested under load. The developers obviously don't know how to write scalable web services that degrade gracefully under load ( theirs collapse catastrophically ). Pathetic software by pathetic developers managed and supported by incompetents.

  • Terrible app

    by BMWGuy85

    This is the worst developed app crashes on a consistent basis.

  • Junk

    by Johnboone77

    App is crashing daily now! What a rip off!

  • Way to expensive for the service they provide

    by Pete Dorrell

    Way to expensive for how crappy the app is and the app and service is always down! Horrible company!

  • Get it together!

    by Very Frustrated 6969

    It's not acceptable that a monthly paid subscription app crashes or doesn't work as often as tins one does. Great concept, but take some of our membership dollars and upgrade your servers for goodness sake!! You're on the verge of losing ALOT of clients if you don't get your act together!!!!!!

  • Worst Gay chat app ever!

    by JDJFan

    If your not waiting to connect, you're waiting for guys to load. Lost messages, messages that won't delete. Even though my account was synced on my iPad and iPhone the conversations don't update. Scruff, Jack'd, and Hornet are all better apps.

  • Glitchy

    by Jnchl1

    I just bought this app and it hadn't been 24 hours and it's not loading any profiles. Save your money! This is all you will see: We are aware of an issue with Grindr users being unable to load their cascade just now, our technical team are working to resolve this as fast as we can.

  • Won't load no matter what..

    by Alex_SEA

    Well you asked me to rate.. After you stole my .99c

  • Crap

    by Eric Nelson

    Lost messages, unable to connect to the web, poor location services. Nothing much has changed, even with the updates.

  • Horrible app

    by Niceguynva

    I cannot believe how horrible this app is. Grindr support said it would get better and for the past 6 months I have paid for this app nothing but problems have been happening. Then you try to contact customer support for a refund or anything to be honest and you can't contact them. I will never use this app again and I definitely won't pay for it either. At least adam 4 Adam doesn't freeze up.

  • Wow

    by Reviewer #958

    I don't understand how this company is charging people for software that doesn't work. I block someone on the app and receive a message from them a day later. Clearly they can't have been blocked. Why did I have to pay for a feature that doesn't work?

  • This is the WORST App!!

    by Carlos Wyrick

    I use to like this app. It was easy to navigate and it was fun to talk to friends made across the country. I bought a three month membership on December 3rd and it didn't register on my app and kept asking me to renew my membership. Thinking it was a glitch I bought a month on December 6th thinking it might kick my last purchase in. I was wrong. Today it said my one month expired and it's the 3rd of January. So I paid for three months, then one month, and didn't even get a full month. What's up with that? Also, support hasn't been helpful in anyway. I have the receipts of my purchases and I have yet to have the three month membership credited to my account. I suggest you stay away from this app. There are other more reliable apps out there for the gay community. But this isn't one of them.

  • !!! DO NOT BUY !!!

    by daniel boom

    Very Greedy Unrespectful Developer ! New App is Crash galore, full of bugs, Ads and totally Retarded. The App isn't just the only problem with Grindr. No customer service. Extreme profile Text and Photo Censoring, very intrusive experience. No respect for its users. Lipo, Botox Advertisements. Way too many issues. Pioneers of a POS App. Do not support !

  • Terrible

    by DDM77

    Grindr is an unreliable, unstable app that, during the rare occasion when it actually works, lacks key features of its competitors. It's user support is unhelpful and it takes days for them to respond to a service request, if they even do at all. Terrible experience trying to use this app.

  • Buggy and crashes frequently.

    by Gay H.

    Very usable and simple app when it works but please fix the bugs.

  • Give us back the Original Grindr platform.

    by Rocco R

    Bugs, Freezing, consistently crashing, harder to navigate, delete and read messages especially if it's refreshing who's online every 2 mins. Been a subscribing member for at least 2 yrs and may have to say goodbye. Can't stand the app now.

  • Too many crashes! Come on guys!

    by smudhaf

    Blocking doesn't work, slow servers, and constant crashed are some of the annoying things about this app!! This app is buggy to a stupid level. You guys need to work a bit harder and FIX THE CRASHES!

  • The absolute worst app

    by Kevin_Johnson

    This is how horrible this app is. “Your Grindr Xtra subscription has expired” is what it tells me. Then it says my subscription will automatically renew on the 30th. So it blocks me and locks me out for a full day. Wont even let me renew and see the messages I am getting. Terrible is too kind of term for this app!

  • Keeps losing messages!

    by Eric Dominguez

    I like the push notifications but for a paid service, it loses allot of messages. And even ended paying double for my monthly fees since it wouldn't update until my subscription expired. If it wasn't for the popularity of the app I'd use something else. It constantly disconnects and send messages hours later. If I'm paying for added features I'd like to be able to connect at the very least. In the last two days I've had to restart the app at least 100 times and it still won't stay connected. And I've tried connecting from multiple devices. At what point does Grindr refund your money for only being able to connect for half the month. Instead they raise the price.

  • Crash Crash Crash or just slow!

    by ShadAZ

    This app crashes, slow to open, delays messages etc.

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