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Minor bug fixes.

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Download the latest release of the official Blogger app, and start blogging on the go. With Blogger for iOS you can:

* Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish
* View list of your saved and published posts
* Switch account/blog if you have more than one
* Embed an image from the gallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app
* Add labels to your posts
* Add location information

With the Blogger app for iOS, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

  • Please Update

    by Peyton713

    I love blogger but the design is old, the tools could be better, and the icon needs to be refurbished. I would love this app if it could be updated, it hasn't been in years. Just enhance the design!

  • Good but needs some improvements

    by jeneckers8

    The concept of this app is great but it is missing some things that I would like. First and most important is it will only allow you to add one photo at a time. My blog is about my baby growing up so I want to add tons of photos and it's so time consuming to add only 1 at a time! Please fix this, app creator. Also the other thing is that you have to click edit like three times to edit drafts and I don't understand why. Oh and each time you want to add a new photo you have to make sure the cursor is where you want it to put the picture because it defaults to the top of the page and not the bottom which I think is weird too. This app has potential but I prob won't use it for my second kid simply because of these photo upload problems.

  • Easy to use but lacking

    by Kep803

    The app is very easy to use and convenient. However, it is missing essential features such as adding a small video. Features that are available on the blogger website.

  • PLEASE update to iOS7 and add more features!

    by morgan_lynn10

    I would use this app so much more often if it were updated and fixed... I love to blog and I hate going through the hassle of using my computer. Would love to blog on my iPad all the time. Please update!!!

  • Love the idea but

    by Lefty216

    Very difficult adding photos and you can't resize or center. If you could it would get 20 stars for me. Sadly I have photo issues using the website

  • It's useful

    by N-Nguyen

    I love this app. I can easy go my blog without using a laptop. However, this app should have more options when using it. It means like a full options as we use in web. Thank you

  • It's OK...

    by xemomuffinzx

    For mobile blogging without going to Blogger through my iPod, its okay. I can write or edit drafts, but that's about it... I don't like the fact that page breaks aren't an option. When opening a draft *with* a page break, it deletes it. It's missing many of the text editing options that I tend to use, like in-text links. I really hate not being able to arrange photos within text/write below them. The post will format itself to move the photos below text when I publish them. It's annoying! If you just want to write out a post on the go then put finishing touches on it on the PC, fine. It's nice for that. But to make the whole post the way you normally do with whatever formatting you like, don't bother.

  • Update!

    by people2543

    I really want to use this app for blogging, but I wish it was updated for iOS 7!

  • Missing a lot

    by mrs.fergiefresh

    It is missing a lot of features that are on the PC but one thing in particular that should be added is the page view counter.

  • simple, fast, great

    by Cestino-b

    If you want a total command and control center, this app is not for you. If you want to make quick updates to your blog from your mobile it is great.

  • Supports basic functions

    by climbbikesurf

    The app does well when I want to do a quick post but my photos are in google+ photos and there is no way to link to these albums like on the desktop program. The app doesn't have enough options for the image resolution. It goes from 640x640 to original size which is too much of a range. I can live with the other basic functions but this is a requirement for me.

  • It's ok

    by Catherine Carlaw

    I've loved being able to blog from the phone and hot down quick ideas. However, just today it started crashing when I was trying to paste some stuff. Also, why are there like 5 steps before I can edit a post? Maybe try to cut down the complexity a bit...

  • Could be better

    by Gaz-Gary

    The app allows me to write posts on the fly however it could improve its UI. Pictures appear stretched on the app and takes longer to load. The basic design of the app isn't what I would expect from google. I would only use this app as a last resort to blog however for now I'd rather stick with the blogger website as my primary portal to my blog.

  • Great!

    by 7 l w

    I love this app it works so great! I can now keep up with my posting time and post pictures since my computer won't let me. It would be better if you could make it so we can edit pages because I really want to post some pictures on some of my pages on my blog. If you could put this in the next update I would be forever grateful!

  • iOS 7 Update!!!!!

    by sf_rams_ms

    Needs to have iOS 7 update! I love the app, but it needs to be updated to iOS7!! Please do this soon!!

  • Pages and minor details

    by animefangirl21

    I would like it better if I could edit the pages that I have on my blog(s). There's also the links thing and bullets. So if you could maybe squeeze that into the next update I would absolutely love it. ^_^

  • Simple and fast.

    by xAbSoLuTexZeRo

    I don't see why people complain. This app is great! It does everything I want it to.

  • Good, but things are missing

    by bhurley99

    When I use Blogger, I see that the things in the app work well, however there are things not included in the app that I would like to see. The two things I use most that are not included are the stats section from the web version, and the feed of blogs I follow. Currently, I use the app to compose on the go, and the website to check stats, and it would be great if all that could happen in one place! What I can say for the all though, is that whatever is included, works well.

  • Colors?

    by Pakitula

    I missing text coloring... Please add it.

  • shuts down

    by magichorse22

    It used to work but now every time i try to put a post up it crashes. please fix

  • Remove this app please.

    by kokofesh

    Extremely inconvenient. Very easy to lose your unsaved data and publishing is bugged when containing many pictures. Fully trash

  • Seriously?

    by Joe7/7253434232

    Sort of works. Seriously? This was written by Google? Does anyone on the development team actually use this tool? Can't edit or create pages. No updates in almost a year. I think this is just another tool Google will let fade away, and then kill it because no one uses it. Too busy buying robots and thermostats.

  • Horrible


    i usually dont write reviews but this... i just lost all my work because of this app. i am heartbroken. this is terrible.

  • Can't upload pics!! Please fix

    by Every name is taken in 2014

    I like it but I get an error 403 when I try to upload a pic on my iOS. And that's a deal breaker. Please fix ASAP!!!!

  • Not worth it until a new release comes out.

    by S Michelle

    I manage four blogs using the Blogger app, but I really can't afford to anymore. I tend to use my iPad when writing blog posts, or at least jotting down an outline, for the sake of convenience. However lately the app always seems to crash, without fail, after I've put a decent amount of effort into my work. I've written some amazing things that I was very proud of that I can never get back, and there's nothing more frustrating than trying to rewrite something that you've already written and knowing that it's not as good. Of course the crashing problem needs fixing, but maybe including an auto-save function would be worth while as well.

  • Please fix

    by Deskofsquid

    Lacks even the most basic features such as page break.

  • It's ok.

    by Mvicsan

    It's convenient for blogging on the go, but there are editing tools that isn't available on this app. You can't resize pics, choose fonts, add a page break, etc. You can only add pics and bold, italicize, and underline your posts. Commenting on posts is a problem as well. It's very buggy. You have to press done before editing it or sometimes it isn't continuous. I wish it had push notifications. Yes, you may get them through g-mail, but it'll be more convenient if you're able to get them through the app. You're not able to put links, or see what videos were posted.

  • Good for posting but doesn't do anything else

    by VeeBJamN

    It would be great if there was some way to check stats from the app.

  • I want more features!

    by dforvendetta

    I like having an app for blogger, but the functions are limited. I want to be able to see the blog stats, such as number of page views and traffic sources, like you can on the website.

  • Could use improvement

    by Micaelove

    Could use a lot more settings when uploading pictures. Pictures always non-custom size placed at bottom of posts. Crashes at times after writing a post or editing. No options to read other blogs on reading list. Needs a lot more settings!

  • Horrible app

    by Realman24

    I just made an account it and it says No Such email . I've used it for two months fine. This needs to be fixed.

  • Can't even login

    by Noothernicknames

    Says my browser doesn't have cookies enabled...this is an app, what the heck? Why is it trying to use cookies on an app?

  • Terrible

    by Ccoleman813

    Never saves posts. Can write a whole post and can lose it with not a word saved as a draft. Never again. Kept giving this chances. I'm done. Uninstalling.

  • Just OK

    by flgrl24

    Other than making it easy to get pictures from my phone to my blog this app is kind of useless. The second it gets access to stats I would give it 5 stars!

  • by Alwaraki

    This app needs a huge update. It's so behind the competition and there's so much lacking. It's making me regret starting my blog with Google

  • Frustrating

    by Book Drunk Blog

    I am frustrated with this app. I hate that I cannot schedule posts from the app. I also hate that I have to enter in text format only, I use a lot of HTML in my posts but I cannot use it on the app.

  • buggy, only simple editing

    by Qwertybeast

    Glitchy problems in their UI. Worst part IMO is that it's very basic whereas I embed flash, vimeo videos, etc, and wow it's rough to do just video in this app.. It's so glitchy I can't even edit just the text in previous posts without messing up the embedded items that we're working fine. I like the idea of blogging from a mobile device, but you'd have to be doing some simple stuff to make it happen in this app.. Plenty do, though, so check it out if you're one of them.. I'll check in later to see if multimedia handling gets any better

  • Fix the issues

    by Me99595958585

    -make it possible to change post date -app crashes when trying to edit posts, not able edit -show stats, etc -only very basic options on app, please make so we have more options and abilities from this app

  • Google Services

    by Jittlez

    I have experienced first hand how much any and all Google account services and Google+ services are completely useless. They don't work and take control of EVERYTHING! Stop forcing people to use Google social services to be social on apps such as Blogger! It would make everything easier for everyone.

  • Confusing

    by 45Skyler89

    I don't have a computer right now but I still want to start a blog. This app is SO confusing! I can't find blogs to follow, it won't let me sign in, I have to go to sign up and get in from there, I don't know what I'm looking at half the time! Needs a lot of improvements.

  • ??

    by Monica Kirkman

    This app is so confusing and complicated dont waste your time...please fix the app

  • Basic

    by Deep Democracy

    I'm using an iPhone 5. Blogger allows basic functionality: posting new pictures and text, viewing blog. Doesn't allow video uploads or changing dates of blog posts (I have to use my laptop for these). Recently, videos started crashing when I view them on my iPhone.

  • Issues

    by Beautiful1985

    I cannot access my account when trying to log in. I keep getting an error message saying "no blogs posted" and after reading through the reviews I'm not the only one with this issue! I tried the list of troubleshoot FAQ's but that is no help.. Has anyone found a solution to using this app or is my only hope sitting in front of the computer..

  • Meh

    by JerrFuen

    Not much accessibility as far as statistics are concerned. Main reason I thought for convenience, since its mobile, but its nowhere to be found.

  • No blog found error!

    by amber dawn

    I keep trying to log in to my account and it won't let me! It keeps giving me the no blog found error!

  • We should be able to see # of views

    by NeneBBOYBA

    I would like to be able to see the number of views to my page. I like the app though!

  • Not that great

    by TinaMis

    I want something that I can customize 100% on the Ipad and not have to run to the laptop to fix. Also, I don't want my google+ account associated with my blog and it won't let me remove or change that option on the "about me". I believe I will be scooting over to Word Press.

  • Fix it Google, PLEASE!!!

    by Moonfox86

    Make this app ergonomic, efficient, and fun to use!!!

  • App is junk

    by Todd white

    This app is not even on the same page as the web blogger. Unless there's something wrong with my signing in, I go through the full login and then the app simply closes out and I'm back to square one having to login again. On the web I have many blogs and often have other blogs to other people I'd like to review. This blogging app as it now exists to me is worthless.

  • Needs work

    by beesnoww

    I am not happy with the Blogger app (or most other apps associated with it) because I am unable to upload videos. I've downloaded Google+ and enabled auto backup as suggested and still cannot access videos. This app is good for little more than text-only posts.

  • ios6 friendly

    by Tulsacardsfan

    Good but come on, one of the largest and most technologically advanced companies in the world can't update their UI. Im disappointed Google. Update your apps.

  • What the hell

    by Diz13oymike

    This is garbage!!!!!

  • Useless

    by Another nameuebdhdbd

    Poor editing features! This might be forgiven if I could at least copy text from Pages, Notebook, or any other app with word processing capabilities.

  • Annoyed

    by PrincessLaila

    Update it ! It keeps crashing every time I try to publish something, it's so annoying please fix it because I'm about to drive my head through a wall

  • optimizenla para ios 7

    by ricldj

    esta app tiene muy mala interfaz no merece ni una estrella

  • Needs iOS 7 update!

    by GreydonK

    Has so many bugs.

  • This app sinks

    by Joan Livingstone

    I can't even make an account

  • Needs more features

    by LTMFBH

    Overall I really like this app, but if you're loading multiple photos to a blog post it can be ridiculously time consuming (upload 5 at a time, maybe?) It would also be nice to be able to get into your settings from the app to be able to see your page and posts views. A toolbar would be great, too- to change fonts and stuff.

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