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Mobile Version of Airsoft Society the International Airsoft Forum Community.

Forums for every single make and model of airsoft guns.

Plus Everything related to Airsoft from Guns to Milsim plus Gallery, Reviews, Blogs, Classifieds, Clubs and Links.

Customer Reviews

  • Please help me

    by Plz add this stuff

    I got banned from this app forever from stupid guy. I did nothing wrong. I really like this app but I only giving 4 stars because I was banned. Could you guys un ban me my username in it is CreeperKing08. Please.

  • Fjjdkenene

    by CarbonMercinary

    Giggle mark single snark mister Mackey does the flark!

  • Awesome

    by Duffer189

    This is a great forum. The people are nice, the mods are strict (in a good way), and it is an intelligent community. To all those who complain about getting banned, it's either because you were a troll, or because you had the grammar of a three year old. Or, it's because you are below 13. Austin (Administrator) is required by law to ban those below that age from the forum. Please, do not take the low rated reviews with any seriousness. They are almost all garbage, and the rest are just people who had a bad experience on one occasion and couldn't stand being wrong. One of these reviews I'm particularly fond of is one that states our most popular member and our "leader" is Magpulman123. While he is a respected member, and a far cry from the maniacal bastard that the review makes him out to be, he is far from mod status, and is in no way our leader. Also, the mods are pretty great. You will get into arguments and disagreements with them, but you will come to respect them. Heck, I used to hate Knief, but now he's probably one of my favorite mods. The thing that makes them great mods is that they are strict to the rules (to keep away trolls and butthurt 12 year olds), they are very active, and they do everything they do to better our community As you can tell, I've had a great experience with this forum, and, if you are respectful, intelligible, and follow the rules, it wouldn't surprise me if you did too

  • Great forum, few quirks with the app

    by AppRater #383746(7839292)

    I have been a member of this forum for almost 2yrs now and there are some great people on there ready to help you out. The app however, has some problems but the admin is very helpful and is working to sort them out. 5 stars when fixed. ;)

  • Love it

    by L96 airsoft

    It is so helpful for me

  • Very Nice App for Airsofters

    by INeedANickname1199228833

    This is great tool for Airsofters everywhere. It is easy to use and many people will help you. Many reviews give this app bad ratings because they were banned. Staying unbanned is easy, follow the rules and don't argue with moderators. They are Austin's (the owner) enforcers and they have the final say. Don't break rules and have fun talking with Airsofters all over the world. I highly recommend this app and forum to everybody.

  • AS society

    by Miles Keane

    This app is amazing because it helps me keep connected to AS even on the go.

  • Good app

    by Szechuan72

    Allows you to connect with fellow airsofters

  • As forum

    by SumdumFooka

    Great app for anyone in the airsoft community.

  • Great community!!!

    by Milkman38

    Great layout of the app! The community has been nothing but helpful to me and my friends! Thanks AirsoftSociety!

  • super app

    by DT 2969

    Airsoft Society is great forum. I recommend it to anyone who likes airsoft or wants to get into airsoft. The rules may be strict for some people, but that's what keeps it a great forum. Airsoft Society is full of people willing to help, recommend, and guide you in the right direction for airsoft weather it's gear or gun help, load outs or impressions. I highly recommend this app for new players, people looking to play, and anyone who just enjoys airsoft.

  • Does the job right

    by AmericanMilitia09

    Good people, good info, gets the job done.

  • I love it!!!

    by Steeeevvvvvoooo

    This forum rocks

  • Great app

    by jennifer furrier

    Love this app, I'm addicted at this point. I've been airsofting for years now and decided to start getting into building and modifying my guns, this app has been a wealth of knowledge, and a great learning experience, moderators fulfill their positions unbiasedly and with great precision, the forum is neat and not very cluttered, older members have no problems with newer members, everyone works in unison to provide the ultimate fountain of airsoft knowledge publicly available. I highly recommend this app, hope to see you soon. Badger out

  • Good App

    by Appworld Reviews

    Great information and posts as well as a great community on this site.

  • Best

    by Ghost 7

    This is exactly what your looking awesome app I love it.

  • Awesome

    by zebam curet


  • Handy-Dandy Airsoft Society

    by Tankillerluver

    If you like airsoft, then this is the app for you. It has helped me in my airsofting career with purchase decisions and useful tips.

  • Threads

    by Mr.Nbdhy

    I have, multiple times, attempted replying to a thread, but the comment was posted to a completely separate and unrelated thread. Otherwise, Great App.

  • Very nice and useful site

    by Coolblue101

    Very nice and useful site

  • WTH guys

    by KillerShadow6

    I was banned forever an it says: No reason!!! WTH dude ur a g*y!!!

  • Not good

    by TheMAN05672

    I was being spammed continuously by the popular people on there, their leader being Magpulman123. He spammed me so much, then when I said one word saying to back off I was banned. He's gained so much popularity he can ban who he wants. This is a horrible forum. Don't get sucked in to it. It will hurt you. Listen to me. They'll tell you their opinions, their dirtiest, most disrespectful opinions, and all because they're hidden behind the screen. You'll get mad at this app. Don't get it. They've banned me forever. Magpul did. I managed to create another account online, and I'm going to virtually smash those punks, it might involve hacking the forum though. Stay away from it

  • Good but BAD

    by mw2 guy

    Lots & LOTS OF ERROR CODES. Sometimes takes forever to load and/or send a message

  • Do not get!!!

    by Ryeguy2

    This app is full of people who judge on how many posts you have and treat you like your worthless garbage Today I was using the app and all the administrators do is sit around and look for a grammar mistake of the non respected members and I got annoyed so I brought to their attention how people treat me and they should do something and they wouldn't do anything because the guy had 1,000+ posts then after all the crap about that I get banned by the ban happy admins... Don't even waste your time with this app!

  • Not as I thought

    by 6mmmaster

    I thought they'll give you encouragement and stuff on like what gun to get and stuff but instead most of the time it's just rudeness from them. One was rude to me so I said something back then a mod gets mad at me instead of the one who originally started it all

  • Horrible

    by 9mm and a churro

    Mods are inconsiderate jerks, the app kept crashing, and there are trolls everywhere. This site is for children.

  • Was good, but the people man...

    by Dinosaurr:D

    I used to love this app. The people(most of them) are nice and friendly. Airsofters all around can gather to help other airsofters, it's a community. Yes, there are rules though, and they are strict. It's a pain because the rules prevent any fun in writing. It's like writing an essay for your english teacher sometimes, when say your question was simply "what battery do I use?" Other than that, the forum would be four stars. Except for the moderators, which makes me change my review. Don't get me wrong, some of the moderators are nice(VERY few). But most of them are jerks, and they ban you for everything. They can pretty much say whatever they want to you, and if you say anything back, BAM, your banned. It is really a pitty that Austin (administrator) picks some really bad people to be moderators. Austin must kick out some moderators and add in the nicer, understanding people. Pretty much having a debate on anything with a jerk moderator will get you banned.

  • Disaster

    by B $ swag

    The monitors banned me for correcting one of them. They can practically ban anyone they want. Even still everyone on it is critical and criticizes you for every tiny mistake you make.

  • Forum

    by Mahpg

    Terrible.. Doesn't even deserve 1 star

  • Got banned.

    by David.Houck

    Really bad. Apparently you can post more than 3 or more times at once. And you can't say "lol". There is lots of stupidest rules they have listed (not listed on application website only). They have admins, and they just love to abuse people and ban them for the stupidest reasons. Well I guess this is there application. But I do not recommend this what so ever.

  • Airsoft forum

    by the98tman

    This is a great app. Is extremely helpful for any questions you have as there are many very knowledgable people on there. Only problem is that the app crashes occasionally.

  • I like it

    by below5ft

    This app is so cool and i love airsoft So this is the app for me.

  • Good app

    by Ox-M4

    This is a pretty good app for airsofters. A good way to find games, people in your area, product or tech info and more.

  • Neat App

    by Adrian Dickinson

    Cool app to keep other airsofters together and talk about airsoft related things.

  • Nice app except

    by Jakezkilla

    Very nice app, just some of these people on the forums are pompous disrespectful pigs. Some Moderator banned me for "being an arse". That moderator should be kicked off of the Internet. Anyone that tries to say something will be challenged by "experts". Pretty much a bunch of fat swine who have never actually played a game of airsoft but instead enjoy sitting at their computer all day.

  • Useful

    by Brianna1234

    Great way to get all your Airsoft info

  • Awesome

    by Hdveooayrnbckksoehtybxmsa

    I love this forum easy to use. Lots of knowledgable people

  • Great

    by Giantsfan2000

    Helps me with everything airsoft

  • Good app

    by Alepra

    Very good app. Easy to use and very descriptive. Would suggest this to a veteran or starting player.

  • Freakin epic

    by Cadenmaster

    Let's me talk 2 airsoft pales and find out about new teams

  • Just okay

    by Ryanthedhinl

    Good for sending and receiving messages and looking at the classifieds but that's about it.

  • God

    by Dawson Jones

    God this app is helpful

  • This app is awesome

    by Shadowshifterz

    This app is very helpful to new people that aren't good at airsofting

  • Love this app

    by Bubbajam123

    This is the best airsoft app so helpful

  • Long time member

    by Pezturbator

    This app and forum is great! I wish there was some features the app should have but still. I love almost everyone on here. I am a long time member

  • AS forum

    by Mnmetalhead1

    These people on the forums are extremely knowledgable and as long as you follow the rules the mods are happy to help. Must have app if your already a member.

  • Great forum

    by Squish6669

    Awesome forum with decent and helpful people.

  • ...

    by soticman

    Great app, most members are always helpful. Overall great community.

  • Freaking moderators

    by Troh1916

    These moderators go in and say how your not using correct grammar and say stop asking questions and listen and you end up getting banned because they report you for asking questions and not using periods. Do not ever download this unless you wanna see for yourself!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent App

    by Redneck Warrior

    Great app for account holders. Must-have for those with many airsoft related questions. The classifieds are a great touch as well.

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