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1. modify the BUG of sync one by one
2. modify the display error while sync
3. modify the prompting message of sync one by one

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Sync G Pro is a software by which you can sync your Google friends information to your iPhone contacts.

It supports batch sync, bulk update, and syncing friends one by one, covering or adding friends data and so on.

Sync G Pro can sync friends' data from Google to your iPhone contacts extremely convenient. It can judge by friends' names and provide you with details about the numbers of friends in Google and in your iPhone Contacts respectively, the gap between these two numbers, and the inconsistent information of a friend in your Google account and iPhone.

You can choose different ways to sync friends' data between Google and iPhone. You can update all the information at the same time or just add a certain new contact, or update the inconsistent messages. If you need more than these service, you can choose to update every friend one by one in the friends list extracted by this software automatically.

This software can only sync friends' information from Google to iPhone but not in the other way round.

Customer Reviews

  • Cant do multiple accts

    by Xdrakkhen

    Cant do multiple accts and see others comments

  • Fail

    by Mia_21

    No sync more than the lite version(18/1065)

  • thumbsoft contacts for google sync

    by belvederepzs

    This softwre is horrible! Also no way for email supprot or credit!

  • Does not sync all contacts

    by FamilyMac6

    Only did half of my contacts and I have less then 100 contacts.

  • Doesn't do anything. Awful.

    by Gorophi

    Bought by accident.

  • Sync G Amateur

    by pvfj

    This app wont run period. It either brings you to the google home page in safari or it bails altogether. I am looking for a way to sync my google contacts with my iphone if anyone knows of an app.

  • Doesn't work

    by Younged

    Doesn't sync all my contacts only25

  • Don't waste your money

    by InMySpareTime

    Doesn't work. Crashes when you try to use it. I can't get past the log in screen. A code quickly pops up with a note to cut and paste it to the application, but it quickly shuts down the entire app. Not with the $.99... Waste of time and money. Doesn't work. EDITTED: still doesn't work. EDITED AGAIN: finally got a response from developer who said this doesn't work on an iPad, despite the fact this page specifically says it is compatible.

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