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Languages: English

Seller: FarShore Partners LLC

-Minor Bug Fixes
-Performance Enhancements

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Welcome to The Black Sheep mobile app, where we’ve taken everything your nightlife needs and put it in the palm of your hand! Now, instead of trying to entertain friends with Scattergories and going bar-to-bar until you find the best deals, all your answers are right here. We offer several different features that’ll make your life easier, including:

-The Bar Grid: As broke college students we understand the value of a dollar. Use our bar grid to find the best food and drink specials at establishments on your campus.

-Drinking Games: Whether you have two friends over or twenty, we have games that will get your night started right. And no, there aren’t games for one person, that’s just sad.

-Party Pics: No one is going to believe that Dave hung upside down on a stripper pole unless there’s photographic evidence. Send us that proof straight from your phone with our Party Pics feature. You can also view all the pictures in our gallery right from the app – if there’s a better way to pass time in class, we don’t know what it is.

Enjoy the app and stay tuned for more features being added!

Customer Reviews

  • Fun App

    by VCUstudentVCU

    Nice bar specials. Hope they feature articles one day!

  • Awesome App

    by Jrou3321

    Great local specials!

  • Free!!!

    by Bulldog0008

    I love this app! It tells me where to go for the cheapest drinks and being in college that is the only way I can do DT (down town) THANK YOU BLKSHEEP FOR MAKING DT SO FUN FOR FREE!!!

  • Awesome App!!

    by Sibonee

    I absolutely love this app! Having all the daily specials with the click of a button is the best advertising idea!!

  • Great App

    by Paul Flores

    If it crashes for you... You need to get a new phone

  • Great app! Spy-larious!

    by Quinn Myers

    I laughed and stuff! HA HA HA!

  • Wish

    by IllAlum

    I wish this app was here when I was in school!

  • Best idea ever

    by Hokieshokieshokies

    Love this :)

  • Love it!

    by Flying Illini 83829

    New app is soooooo much better - doesn't crash and has awesome features!

  • Disappointed

    by PSU_EQ

    Uninstalling. No articles? Lame.

  • What they said!

    by SeñorStruggle

    Y no articles?

  • Articles

    by Old Yellerrhdffh

    Y u no have articles? Is newspaper!

  • Bar deals?

    by Michael Rogers

    Bar deals are on wrong days. Pointless.

  • No Articles

    by Dismay in the vajayjay

    Without articles this app is useless

  • No articles?!?!??!

    by SamStDaGr8

    This new update is awful. You can't read the articles.... This app is barely useful.

  • Crashes

    by KyleBean

    Crashes right after being opened.

  • Crashing

    by Aubrin

    I've had this app for about a month and it hasn't worked once :(

  • i want it to work!

    by Kara1124

    I really really wish this app would work but it crashes right after the black sheep logo!!

  • Crash

    by Illini11111

    I really want to use this app, but it crashes immediately after opening it.

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