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Explore and share stories from friends and the world in immersive designs and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts. Paper includes your Facebook News Feed and sections about your favorite topics.

· Browse stories from your Facebook News Feed in beautiful new layouts.
· Customize your Paper with sections about your favorite themes and interests.
· Unfold beautifully designed article covers for news and stories from trusted sources.
· Tilt the screen to explore vivid high-resolution photos and see details up close.
· Watch fullscreen videos that come to life and fill the screen.
· Use simple, natural movements to thumb through Paper uninterrupted.
· Craft your own stories and see exactly what your posts will look like before you share them.

Customer Reviews

  • Better than the Facebook app!

    by Pgraham415

    Paper is better than the Facebook app.

  • Cheers, but...

    by Alex Hax

    Now that You made a good looking yet somehow functional app, would it kill You to make LARGER FONTS adjustment in settings, for us that are going blind.... Oh, and a bareable looking icon would be nice .... I mean jeeess, bilion dollar company and that crumy icon spawned?

  • Awesome

    by Fitraveparty

    Made me care more about whats happening on Facebook

  • Very nice app, but wish they included Instagram

    by Eazy1222

    I really like the design and feel of the app, but I wish they included Instagram photos as well, especially since Instagram is more photo-oriented than Facebook.

  • Fantastic

    by JBSF

    Simply Fantastic ! Love this interface for Facebook.

  • Beautiful

    by Creavite

    NEGATIVE: -no option to copy link to post -no option to go straight to the profile of who you are chatting with POSITIVE: -this app is beautiful. Actually (and surprisingly), this is the most beautiful UI I have ever seen in an app. -capable of most things you can do on the Facebook app. THIS SHOULD BE THE MAIN FACEBOOK APP. Good job!

  • Ridiculously good

    by Asrarhunk

    This app takes mobile computing to another level with beautiful and seamless graphical interface

  • I never use Facebook a lot but this is just law dropping!

    by 123456789ffjudsth

    This app makes Facebook so amazing to use, it connects you to more than your friends- all the interesting things in the world even easier to find, if ur on Facebook u need to get this !!

  • Love it.

    by akiracat

    Love this new app it's addictive

  • Wow amazing

    by Twitter @SelfMadeLouie7x

    Twitter gotta do the same thing n twitter got everything they got for it

  • Repeating News Feed

    by Yickcy

    This app is great. Love the look and feel of it this far. Still some kinks to work out, I fear. The news feed keeps showing the same stories as I scroll through. (I've seen the same post 3 times while scrolling through in 2 mins.) Fix this and other bugs, and I'm sure this will be a favorite soon enough. :)


    by GarciaG9

    To be honest this app is beautiful. It's very smooth and I'm actually starting to use Facebook more. This app is just pretty amazing.

  • Chat

    by EmreCLk

    No chat Chat should stay away from the pictures must be corrected

  • Fabulous

    by patukasc

    Absolutely love it. I wish it had push notifications so it could completely replace the normal facebook app though.

  • Some FIXES

    by Pulkit_khanna

    Cant see likes/comments on “own profile pic” Please change the app icon

  • Awesome

    by Israel Santiago

    Love it..!!

  • What a Creative Designer!

    by 3RF4N

    Sir, u did a awesome job!

  • Almost Perfect

    by TheRescue

    There's no way to change your profile photo or cover photo. Otherwise, it's perfect.

  • Amazing job, Facebook!

    by sflomenb

    This app is a pleasure to use. The interface is very nice and I like using it much better than the regular Facebook app. I wish it could just replace it. Can't wait for the iPad version.

  • Stunned!

    by Austin Hart

    I love this app! It's a great way to display a heck of a lot of information in a beautifully designed app.

  • Why bother

    by ejward13

    Maybe I just don't get it but I don't see why people are excited about this. It's like every other news reader out there without the customization features. If you want a cleaner way to browse your Facebook newsfeed this is nice, but that's all I see here, and I can get that inside Flipboard. Nothing particularly wrong with it, just not worth it because it doesn't actually replace anything else.

  • I hate all the swiping

    by Philbert81

    Way way too much swiping to get things done in this app. Also there is no option to select most recent post. Needs more options in the settings.

  • Glad it is optional

    by Blizzard1s2d

    Too much swiping etc and tutorials annoyed me while I was trying to read. It tried it on my iPad but it didn't look great and I couldn't see enough of what it was showing me. I like my Flipboard and my Paper by 53. Thanks for making it optional.

  • Don't believe the hype

    by mcnater

    Not even close to as good to the regular app. I can browse at least twice as fast through stories and updates on the normal app. Way to cute by half and trying to be fancy for fancys sake.

  • Love!

    by Ohmyglobbb

    Absolutely love it. Makes Facebook much easier to use and I can get my daily dose of reading new articles. I am so glad I downloaded this and I definitely recommend anyone to do the same.

  • Cool... gimmicky... Deleted

    by Pfgm

    ^My thoughts across a 5 minute period with the app. Lots of dazzle but no substance.

  • Flipboard on steroids

    by STANdroid

    I hate Facebook and this makes it pleasant. When I'm tired of reading about people's problems, I "swipe" it away unveiling my interests. It's not perfect however, needs better video support.

  • Flipboard on steroids

    by STANdroid

    I hate Facebook and this makes it pleasant. When I'm tired of reading about people's problems, I "swipe" it away unveiling my interests. It's not perfect however, needs better video support.

  • A much better Facebook for mobile

    by David Willmore

    Paper blows the Facebook app out of the water in practically every way. It opens faster, loads content faster, and is a visually rich experience. The focus on content front and center is a marvelous touch, and the gestures feel natural after a few minutes using the app. However, the lack of Events is a little bit odd (hopefully that is coming in a future update or another standalone app, a la Messenger). Speaking of Messenger, the feature in the last few versions of the Facebook app which opened Messenger when you tap the messages button or receive a message is gone - hopefully it will be coming back, as Messenger is a better experience for messages. Overall, Paper shows vision of a better Facebook for mobile experience, and with a few updates with refining touches and small additions it will be hard to find any cons to using Paper.

  • Lots of Pluses, A Few Big Cons

    by HenryRoxas

    Pros: - better use of space, border less viewing - pictures are more pleasant to view - integration with news and other articles -intuitive controls Cons - Scrolling through the news feed is more annoying. The initial view has very small pics per post for the bottom cards...and it's difficult to read them when scrolling horizontally. Can these be bigger please? - when a post is full screen, scrolling to other posts requires a flick per post...the transition between each post is sudden and harden to sift through each post. Constant flicking per post is annoying....not like the old one - the icon is not appealing. - the news sources are too US centric. It would be cool to customize the news feed a little - there is not a consistent segregation of news and friends. I liked a few pages (e.g. MIT Tech Review) and it would be good if Facebook could move their updates to the tech section.

  • Good

    by Gomary

    I like the lay out and UI of this app. But. The Facebook section is much like Facebook it's self, content wise. I still see what other people liked and commented on such as posts and photos, etc. I don't think those are stories and most of which are inappropriate and show up in the big picture. There should be an option to turn off what you see and don't see. ( status updates only, photos + status updates, etc) I hope you put that into consideration. Thanks

  • Gorgeous

    by IfYouFindThis

    Lately, I've been so bored with facebook and was planning on deactivating my account. All it seemed to be was an unorganized mess and only showed people that I really didn't care to know about for the millionth time. I love how this app looks, works, and feels so much that it's changed my perception of Facebook entirely. I defintely recommend downloading this app. The only thing that I found that I didn't like was the fact that there is a limit on how many interest "panels" you can choose. Not a big enough problem to decrease the stars though.

  • Not there yet.

    by ascolletti

    Like the direction however the limited categories renders it useless. Flipboard allows me to have my categories not limited to preselected categories which have no interest to me

  • Nice experience.

    by TienxNguyen

    Though I don't get the app icon. And it still takes a while to load up the app at launch.

  • Best Facebook app yet

    by Iculknfne

    I have to say that this is the best Facebook app I have found to date. The interface is very nice and the ui is easy. The only problem I have is that I have to sign in if I restart my phone or whatever the reason is. Seems like almost every time I open it up I have to sign in to it. That get annoying. But other than that it's a great app.

  • Wow! Just WoW!!

    by Jahzi1

    Enough has already been said! Just do it! Click that install button and prepare to hide your official Facebook app in a folder titled "no longer needed/obsolete"

  • Great App!!

    by Cheryl Roberson

    I have a 2 year old 4s and was getting tired of the Facebook app closing so I tried this. Wow! This should be a preloaded app for iPhone! If you could add Twitter, this would be the only social app needed.

  • Great app

    by Vizdee32456

    I love it

  • Very good

    by Ben Ringel

    The best Facebook app yet. I stopped using the other Facebook apps.

  • Very good

    by Ben Ringel

    The best Facebook app yet. I stopped using the other Facebook apps.

  • Crashes

    by Greggermcgreggerson

    Nice layout, seems like a decent app. Crashes every time I open it on my iPhone 4 with updated iOS 7.

  • Great!!!!

    by Thierer720

    Almost a home run. If you tweak it here and there with adding notifications and a few small details it could be the app of the year no doubt!!!!!!

  • Tantalizing

    by Jtmb20

    The ease of this app to absorb so many pieces of information is breathtaking. It is the content outside of your Facebook feedback that truly is mesmerizing. The images alone take me to new worlds of thought and experience. Thank you.

  • Good App

    by BlessYou Sir

    I deleted the normal Facebook app for this, and haven't had any regrets. But I just need to know how to change my profile picture...

  • Awesome!

    by usaaviador

    I love it!

  • I really like it.

    by MexicanMike

    I know it's the first version and a lot will change, but I think it's a great start. Would like to see Instagram linked to it as a card. And also off of another review I read I like the idea of having the voice tutorial stay after the tutorial is over, as a another layer of interaction within the app. But overall I really like this app. It's new, and fresh to me. I enjoy it and I hope they continue to make it more fluid and graceful.

  • Cool for a change

    by Anand DJ

    Just good for a change...but can't replace facebook as a whole..

  • Really good, except...

    by Clu1111

    I'm really missing a "remember position" feature. Every time I reopen the app, I need to find the article where I left off. Also a "read later" feature would be nice !

  • Overall very impressed!

    by Msjuicy313

    I am pleasantly surprised how nice this app is. It makes me enjoy FB a little bit more and I'm able to keep up with all of my news feeds in the same app...makes life great!!!

  • Amazing

    by Samooo3

    Really amazing app

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