Fake-A-Message ™ (MMS & SMS!) Social Networking App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Excelltech Inc.

Brand new UI!

Ability to create and schedule many different fake message conversations!

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☆ Best Fake Text App in the Store! ☆
✔ Looks just like a real MMS/SMS!
✔ Script an entire fake conversation!

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true MMS/SMS or texting functionality.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★ Have a MMS/SMS conversation with the president or your favorite celebrity! Fake-A-Message allows you to easily
✔ Set the name of the fake incoming text
✔ Set a picture to be sent do you
✔ Set the time that the fake text will be displayed
✔ Enter up to 50 fake scripted responses for your fake conversation
✔ Enter a time delay for the next fake response after you enter a reply

★ Generate a quick excuse on the go!
✔ Hit the Random Excuse Button and you will get a random message giving you an excuse to leave
✔ Fake-A-Message will reply affirmatively to whatever you ask it
✔ Stealthy one touch text capability
✔ Password protection to thwart snoopers

★ Download today and see why people are calling Fake-A-Message the easiest to use and most fully functional fake texting app!

Customer Reviews

  • Edit

    by Psehmom

    The edit button won't work how do I fix that?

  • Awesome ^=^

    by Batcavegrl

    Best message app I've seen and it is really worth the price.

  • Needs fixed!

    by Sammi_loves1D

    The messages overlap to we when we scroll to see the messages its all bunched together. You can barely see whats being texted to you. Please fix it!!!

  • Update

    by annabanana11899

    The new update makes it worse! Please fix :(

  • New update

    by AwesomeJCL

    The new update made the wait screens not work :/ and the text tone doesnt work either plz plz plz plz fix it :)

  • Best app

    by Lizzydizzy35684443

    This is the best app u can trick ur friends with!!!!!!!!!! Love it. 2 thumbs up so 5 stars. Great job!!!!! Get this app now

  • Nice!

    by 273747384783

    Try to make the home screen look more realistic! Other than that it's great!

  • Awesome

    by Mgdviudchjhdgkkfshjh

    Great app to use to fool your friends!!!

  • Eh

    by Dino_Queen_Smiles

    Worth getting but needs an update. Make a song a ringtone And the letters go off the boxes! There should be able to exit and have alerts Should be able to click message nd stuff. But fill it out urself

  • Not bad but it could be refined...

    by Banderezz

    Updates please?

  • I'd rather fake a call

    by CrossFire Angels

    I would rate this 5 stars but, you should be able to make a song the ring tone.

  • Funny

    by Mr.yeller

    Funnny app great tricked my mom

  • Bad Update

    by Nicolenumba3

    I used 2 luv this app. It gave me & my friend Sabi smthng 2 do on the bus. But we made, like, 50 txts and it took us about 2 wks then there was this whole update with the picture msg thingy, which is awesome & makes it look more legit. But all the txts- gone! I'm sooo mad. We put so much hard work in2 it!

  • Pretty cool

    by Lexxi :)

    I love this app because I love having a fake conversation with somebody because I can. :) but recently I have put a password on it, forgot, and now I don't know what my password is, and no way I could get it back without deleting the app and getting it again, which I do not want to do. It would be great if you could get a password retrieval thing on it for the forgetful people like me. Thanks!

  • Good but could use some improvement!

    by foreverandalways<3

    Its a cool app but the texting screen is pretty unrealistic... Needs an update!

  • Good...... But.....

    by kolker

    This is a great app but it needs some updates. It needs to say more than just: Yup Ok Uh huh Yes Please update that. It need to respond so that it makes sense with what u texted back. Like Peto the talking panda. Peto responds to what u wrote. Change that and I will recommend it to all my friends. If u don't update it o I will not tell anyone about this app. Other than that, it's great for getting an excuse for leaving a tight situation. It's also fun to fool your friends with. Love other than those needed updates. I would give it 5 stars if it wasnt for that Also... I bought this paid version because I thought it would be better. It's not. So until they update it, just download fake a text FREE! Have fun!

  • Alright

    by SlyArch

    All it say is ya yup ok it doesn't say anything else unless you type it in for it

  • Needs Improvment

    by Flmarlins94

    Doesnt look fake and also u cant send a text first.

  • Very Convincing!

    by KittyKat55555

    This app is perfect and its better than the free one cuz u can do more scripts with the paid version! Same app, different prices, both with the same great value!!! But im taking off a star cuz the slide to view and texting box are both fuzzy and blurry witch gets people suspicous!

  • Hate it

    by King of candy

    It just says uh huh yup yes ok it's the WORST!!!

  • I want my money back 

    by Mirrzies

    It looks nothing like a real text. It messes up and crashes. Waste of my money

  • Doesn't work.

    by Joe zeri

    Keeps crashing.

  • Not the best app in the world

    by Maxwellorchow

    Okay, There needs to be another update on this app. There are 2 Major problems, number 1 the “Bubbles" keep overlapping and you Can't read what you wrote/typed. And 2, there's this feature on the app where you click on Random Message and when I used it so-called “Jennifer texted me and said “Where are you?” I answered that I was at home. But what I don't like, is that the only answers they'll give you are Yep, Yup, Yea, Ok, Uh-huh, and only things that mean "yes" no matter what you say or ask. That's it for now, and Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss in 2 weeks.

  • About the horrible app

    by £J

    This app is so lame! It use to be awesome and now its dumb the texting sound doesn't work. The trick to lock, show a blank screen, And the countdown settings doesn't work plus the settings overlap... U guys stole 99 cents from me and others and its a cruel thing to do! Plz fix it or i will never buy anything from your company and i will tell other ppl not to get anything from your company and they will tell other ppl and u will loose this app u paid a lot of money for

  • Fix the bug

    by Pinton20

    I think you already know this but there's this bug with the text boxes overlapping please fix that

  • Fix this app! Or I want my buy back!

    by ericary

    Every since I update this app. Everything is mess up and I hate it plz plz plz fix it , u stole 99. cents for me I hate this!!!!!!!

  • This app is terrible

    by That1Chik

    I bought the .99 version of it because with the free version the messages overlap and I thought if I got the .99 version that would solve it, WRONG. As far as I'm concerned this app is a piece of you know what and you should really try to fix it because it ridiculous to buy an app for .99 that DOESNT EVEN WORK. sorry for being so harsh...I really am. Please try to fix it ~Thanks

  • Update Making App Aweful

    by Bear2lopez

    Since the latest update messages conflict with pics, the "set-up" page doesn't hide like before, and reading the fake text(s) the messages do not look realistic. Please revert back to the "old" version--updates doesn't always mean better functionality or better.

  • New Update

    by Meluvscrystal16

    I updated mine and now things aren't working as well as it did before I updated it. The messages collides and the waiting screen isn't working. Please have an update to fix these problems ASAP.

  • Why

    by Cherrygirl.com

    Why is it not lating me sendup to about 8 scrips


    by Kitkat9945621

    I used to love this app when all of the sudden I need a password now I can even use the app that I paid for its ridiculous!!!

  • Just Buy the free Version

    by hannnnahhhhh17

    I wanted to plan a mega prank on my friend and I had The free version and I wanted to make my prank better so I bought the full version and it's no different from the free version i mean it said you could make it reply back to u wat ever u made it say but all it says is uh-huh and yup and only things that mean yes!!!!!!! Pls make it better than the free version!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Issue

    by Idkguy

    I loves this before it became fake a message! I bought the full version and it only let's me make up 15 texts! I'm supposed to get 50! And it won't let me buy it again to get the 50!

  • Misleading

    by SignZoo

    You can't send a fake text to someone else; it only allows you to receive a fake texts.

  • Bad bad application

    by ShaDooW



    by ipad lover1234

    this app iss sooooo amaizing i fooled my best friend soo bad

  • Not worth it.

    by Tom's Diner

    Do not waste your time or money. There needs to be a lot of improvement done in the background, clock, and just the text in general.

  • The best app ever

    by Cooly21

    Worth it

  • Great pranker!

    by eschersketch

    I'm surprised more people don't know about this little gem. It works great. Setting up a fake message is a breeze. Unfortunately, the edit and message buttons at the top of the fake messenger don't actually function like the real SMS, so you'll need to close out the app and reopen it to create a new message once your old one is done. But the time delay makes the fake incoming message look legit. Overall, it looks pretty authentic. Great for punking your buds! 5 stars

  • Loooooove it but one thing

    by Jonathan noy

    I got an iPad and I really wanted to do pranks on my friends with my iPad And can u make fake a call and fake a text for ipad? If yes that would be great

  • I like it...

    by victoriaroyal

    but it could use a little more fine tuning It doesn't quite look exactly like the normal SMS screen. You can tell it's fake. Overall it's kinda fun to mess around with tho. lol

  • It's alright

    by White T-Pain

    It works

  • It's ok

    by Jostertreeu

    The app works like it states. Bug the password doesn't work? I've reported it yo the programmers but mo response!

  • Needs some work on the multitasking part

    by F-A-Tnotsomuch

    It's pretty good except the main thing is that when multitasking and on another program or home screen, it comes up at a text from F-A-T instead of the person you set. Fix that and I'll give it 5 stars

  • its ok

    by Apps-FTW

    works alright

  • Needs tweaking

    by Hakix

    Not that convincing. The text at the top is off, sending is always the same speed.


    by ALLEYCAT_meow

    I wasted my money three times trying to get this stupid app to work and it STILL DIDNT WORK!!! Excelltech, pay me back!!!!!!!

  • New problem with update

    by Someguy802

    Since I updated, I have been unable to edit the scripted response. I can't add new scripts or edit older scripts, but I can delete my old scripts. I'm using 3.3 firmware. I'm simply unable to select anything in the custom script area aside from changing the person's name.

  • Problem with update...

    by The App test and reviewer (Apple Kid)

    Recently I updated the app so it supports iOS4 multitasking and have discovered a few bugs...1st one is when you use your own responses they come in as soon as you write a response to them...2nd one is the time between the first message. When you specify a time it goes an hour ahead of what you set....sooo if you could get this fixed it would be great! Thanks

  • replts r 2 fast

    by xx11ray11xxx

    the reply texts r coming to fast... they show up before the text i right sends can u fix this

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