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Seller: Excelltech Inc.

Added fake Foursquare checkin support!

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Fool your friends into thinking you are on top of Mount Everest

Convince your spouse you're having a late night at work instead of getting plastered at the bar!

Pretending to be somewhere you are not has never been easier! Fake-A-Location™ allows you to pinpoint where you want them to THINK you are! Simply choose your fake location, and send the 'GPS reading' to whoever you want to fool!

Text and email includes correct street address and longitude and latitude of the location you select. These details along with a link to Google Maps showing the location are then included in your email or text. Receivers of the text will think it contains the location you are currently at!

Liberate yourself from a society that always expects to know where you are and how to reach you -- Fake-A-Location™ today!

This version free with ads!

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Rai Ali Manj


  • Wow

    by Faughthockey

    Anyone know an app that actually works through other apps?

  • Ummm....

    by A Guy 11

    I don't really get it. How does it work anyway?!

  • Inception

    by Nikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    I need help too

  • does what it says

    by IsThatSoMike

    can you make it so it can run in the background, I need to fool the inception app

  • Worthless

    by G8trfan85

    Epic Fail. Doesn't do ANYTHING except show you your current location and FourSquare spots around you. Junk

  • Does not work

    by Ty20082009

    Don't waste your time....

  • Doesn't work

    by Chris hates you


  • Junk

    by Ryman311

    To the only guy who gave it more than 1 star - we're you the developer??? It's nothing more than a google map with your current location and tons of ads.

  • Terrible

    by Before the ads, great

    I wasted time. This app does not work like the droid app for faking the gps on check-ins. Uninstalled due to last of function.

  • Horrible

    by Tinkersmama

    Had to give it a star because that was the only option. Do not waste your time

  • Frustrated

    by Quimbiggs

    This is absolutely thee worst app I've ever downloaded. Gave it one star because it would not let me give zero stars.

  • Doesn't Even Work

    by Phillieguy610

    Downloaded the app and it worked for a couple days before the venues just stopped showing up, no matter how many times you press the search button. Complete waste.

  • Just plain stupid!!!

    by smashpartner

    Don't even bother downloading this garbage.

  • Horrible

    by Mandie PCB,FL

    Doesn't do at all what it says it does

  • Doesn't work

    by Laurenbbyoxox

    Doesn't work.

  • dont install it

    by Ziompe

    its junk if i can give it a - 1000 star i will

  • Misleading APPS!

    by Netvigators

    This app does not change your gps location. It's useless and waste of time.

  • Doesn't work

    by Azfredo

    Needs lots and lots of improvement

  • Useless

    by Britt_Blair

    Doesn't let you search an address or anything.

  • Doesn't Work like it should

    by DalenNC

    This app doesn't change your GPS location at all. The only option it does is let you post a fake four square location and then you can only do that on limited locations in the area you are at. I'm not happy with this app and am uninstalling

  • You're an idiot

    by Marko 13

    You officially win the award for the crappiest app I have ever used in my life. Absolutely useless piece of junk which does not spoof GPS at all and it's covered in ads.

  • Has Problems

    by mr foxy

    Doesn't fake other apps

  • Terrible terrible

    by metal mulitia

    Take this app off what are you thinking

  • Won't fake ur location

    by Violinist1984

    Totally not worth the download- it doesn't even fake ur location u wants it to and all it does is give the longitude and latitude of the location!!!!

  • Stupid and pointless

    by Moorgan Hart

    It does not fake your location, it retrieved the latitude and longitude for any location you select on a map and copies it to clipboard. Anyone could do that manually without the app its not like people would think you're at that location.

  • Kinda stupid

    by Ellie Jade 3

    Do not me to be mean or anything but fix the app here are some reason why!!! 1. It crashes like half of the time 2. It get very confusing when you try to paste the app to message or email 3. It is hard to choose a city on like the map and all !!! If you want to get it wait when it will updated and fixes all the problems :(

  • Useless

    by Traveler9000


  • App will not open

    by robert3892

    App will not open. fail.

  • Worst location app

    by Worst app501

    Doesn't work at all.Just a waste of time

  • Nope

    by 123subiarex

    Doesn't fool other apps

  • Doesn't work

    by Babyboy5179


  • blah

    by Mailyn Bieber

    it wont let me open the app at all. could you fix this?

  • It crashed...

    by Woolouis

    I deleted it cos it crashed on my ipod.

  • Pretty lame

    by fenixfire077

    Doesn't trick other apps into a different location. Who the hell sends an email with their current location? Lame.

  • Waste of time!

    by Giggity goooo

    Stupid and useless

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