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e-Rewards Mobile is now available for iPhone - now you can answer surveys and earn Rewards on the go!

Please Note: You need to be 18 years of age or older to download this app and to participate in e-Rewards Mobile surveys.

How does it work?
− If you are an e-Rewards Member, simply sign in using the e-mail address and password you use to log into the e-Rewards website.
− Once signed in, you’ll see your available mobile surveys. Begin a survey by tapping on it.
− Only mobile and location-based surveys are available on this app, so you’ll still receive non-mobile surveys in your e-mail inbox.
− You can participate in location-based surveys by allowing the app to gather your GPS information. e-Rewards Mobile captures latitude and longitude information from devices at determined intervals. Based on your latitude and longitude, surveys may be offered to you.
− Log into the e-Rewards website to see your participation history with this app and associated earnings (please allow 7-10 days for your credit to appear in your e-Rewards account).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

If you need help or have any questions about this app, please contact Member Services: http://www.e-rewards.com/eri/about/contact_us_landing.jsp

Customer Reviews

  • Ladies & Gents, if it glitches…

    by KD7JHD

    …just delete and reinstall the app to take care of most glitches. Yes it's buggy but I've earned over $50 just with mobile surveys. Yes, it glitches more than it should but is rather earn all those bucks everyone else is passing up. Happy Surveys!

  • App has never worked

    by Stefferzz

    This app is horrid. It hasn't worked in months. I think I successfully completed 1 mobile survey before it went belly up. It's wasted memory usage on my phone.

  • Software Engineering Fail

    by countzander

    The app literally does not work. Surveys don't show up.

  • Worthless (other than to show your reward balance)

    by GlenRN

    The app has not worked for several months following an apparently BAD update. I receive push notifications and emails with new survey alerts, but surveys will not load in the app (even if you 'refresh' it). The '?' i.e. help feature simply says 'null', as do the surveys.

  • Doesn't work!

    by Maemae2001

    I get emails saying I have surveys but it doesn't work.

  • POS should about cover it, and their...

    by Randolph32

    ....Customer Service is as bad as the App!!! I've emailed them 20 times and received one response. Worked for 2 surveys, then nothin....and thanks for nuthin!!

  • App opens till you touch it

    by Aroppel

    This app need multiple bug fixes! It sends you a message via email you have mobile survey then closes when you touch the screen after you open it in version 3.2!!!!!

  • Has never worked

    by MattB30

    The app simply doesn't work. You'll receive notifications that new surveys are available but when you click in there are none to be found. When I contacted e-Rewards Support about this they talked themselves in circles and denied any issue. Judging by all the negative reviews about the same issue, they're hiding it.

  • No surveys

    by WhateverPCB

    I have same issue as others wrote below. I get emails and notification of new mobile surveys but nothing when I open this app.

  • TERRIBLE, buggy, never works

    by roni79

    This app NEVER WORKS. I get emails saying there's surveys multiple times a week and they NEVER show up in the app on iPhone OR iPad. This is true if I sign out and in or tap refresh. SOMETIMES, it works if I delete and te download but who has time for that crap.

  • Same issues as the rest...

    by Zachary ST

    I love the e-rewards website so that makes this app all the more disappointing. I constantly receive updates for new surveys, but none show up on the app. I've only ever been able to perform one survey early on, but I couldn't even finish it. I would love to see this working, but I'm not optimistic. It will be on the chopping block next time I'm short on space if no working update has been provided.

  • Surveys rarely available.

    by IAgirl

    I receive emails saying I have a e-rewards mobile survey available. The app will even show there is something available. However, when I open the app, there is nothing there! I’ve tried refreshing, killing the app & re-installing—doesn’t make a difference. I’d say about 20% of the time, there is an app there, but it isn’t a true survey. It is only asking about some trivia or quote or photo. I would prefer to get real surveys like I do on the desktop. Please update this app or remove it altogether.

  • Never worked

    by Tracy the Face Painter

    I have sent numerous emails stating this app does not work but there has been no solution yet.

  • The worst app on my phone

    by Fritteritter

    Clearly this app does not work for anyone, period. I have been able to take no more than 2 surveys in this app, with many more failing to download. Even if the survey says it is downloaded on the main screen, when I “Start” the survey it has to download again, which fails 100% of the time. I receive push notifications all the time for daily “fun” activities. I have been able to complete 2 or 3 of these activities and they weren’t all that bad despite being a pretty weak attempt at getting me to engage with an app that, in its non-working state, has no benefit for me. Usually these do not load, which just adds insult to injury.


    by DanniG83

    This app has never worked for me. It will always notify me that I have surveys but when I open the app there is nothing. I'm about to delete it.

  • Terrible!!

    by Barbara Nicro

    I never get any surveys!! I get an email saying there is one and nothing. They need to update this app.I tried deleting it and reinstalling it but it still does not work.

  • Should be no stars!!

    by deadhead829

    Supposed to be a survey app but I haven't gotten a survey since February 2013, just stupid trivia questions. Send surveys soon or I delete this POS.

  • App doesn't work

    by Amyjo447

    I get notifications daily about mobile surveys to take but they don't show in the app. The last time I was able to take a survey was March 2013. For a long time it showed "null" in most of the fields in the app but that appears to have been fixed. I've signed out and signed in multiple times hoping that would solve issues but it doesn't help. App needs serious work by the developers.

  • Waste of time

    by guyseattle

    The app was always alerting me to surveys that then were not available once I opened the app. Finally just deleted it.

  • Useless waste of space

    by Infinite platinum

    I only write reviews when an app is totally useless. Need I say more?

  • Very poor!!

    by Prome123

    App tells me I have a survey...really??? Bc I don't at all. Between the crashing and fake notifications, I'm about to give up!! Deletion pending.

  • Terrible. Doesn't work.

    by biggslin

    Emails say I have surveys to complete in the mobile app, but they are never in there. Annoying. Fix the bugs please!

  • Technical errors

    by ddavis4351

    Almost every time I get notified there is a survey available on this app, I have to log out and log back in for it to appear. And then almost always there is a technical error in downloading and I have to wait a couple if hours or more and come back and try again. This is very frustrating. I much prefer taking surveys online in my computer or iPad. Fix it or dump it!

  • Junk

    by Pyrotech211

    This app never works.

  • Would give no stars if possible

    by MonkieXD

    Honestly, an app needs to work in order to be fairly judged. This app was working fine, and I was able to complete my surveys until suddenly (must've been a bad update or something) no more surveys popped up. I'd get emails telling me a survey is available and then when I check the app. Nothing. Na-da. I even refreshed the app, logged in and logged out and still nothing. You think the developers would notice something by now and update it so that the app actually works. How can you gather information and be a survey app and not have any functioning surveys for people to fill out? Makes no sense to me. Someone on the team really needs to look into this issue and fix it. ASAP!

  • Doesn't Work!!

    by Maleka77

    And hasn't worked since September. I have emailed 3 times to tell them and get no reply and clearly it us not fixed!!

  • One star is generous

    by Jack98110

    If you have 15 to 30 minutes to waste you might be able to complete a one question survey. So many bugs you have to try and try. What a waste of time. They certainly can't get any valid survey results -- only from the stubborn.

  • Worthless

    by Srenali

    Receive daily emails for surveys and polls but nothing is ever available on the app. Reward points don't display correctly either. Not worth the download.

  • Doesn't work

    by SAT911

    Receive survey notifications but no actual surveys.

  • Please fix this

    by angelair

    Crashes each and every time I open it. I've even tried deleting and downloading again. Same problem since I first downloaded after email invite.

  • No works

    by pumpstar

    It can't find any survey near me and everything about it, is broken I'm deleting it

  • Surveys do not show up

    by Shanna Y Williams

    For several months I always get email saying there's a survey in mobile app. But I go there's no survey. Waste of an app. Will delete

  • Surveys do not show up

    by Shanna Y Williams

    For several months I always get email saying there's a survey in mobile app. But I go there's no survey. Waste of an app. Will delete

  • Does not work, no surveys show up

    by JayJoplin

    I get e-mail messages and alerts from the app that I have a survey available, but none ever appear in the app.

  • Not Reliable.

    by budicrum

    I love e-rewards, but the app is not useful, missing surveys even after refreshing. I have never seen the trivia mentioned in emails. Worked for a wk after deleting and reinstalling.

  • The app is a piece of garbage.

    by magical mark

    I keep getting messages saying that I have a survey. I open the app within a minute of reciving the message and there is no survey.

  • Never opens. Always an error message.

    by nolbeter

    It used to work...now it won't even load or open properly.

  • Crash

    by Drea208

    All this app does is crash. I have never gotten it to open.

  • Worst app

    by Ziggle411

    They keep telling me there's survey from my email but the app shows nothing. It is a completely wasted of time. I can't believe they can't fix this simple problem with so many complaints.

  • Meh

    by Megers13

    I have 5 surveys waiting but it crashes every time I open it. Worthless!

  • It doesn't work

    by philmck13

    I get push notices, but there's never a survey there.

  • Mediocre at best

    by Kiki0715

    Log in and log out time is painfully slow. I get emails saying I have a survey but only 50% of the time is it actually in the app for me to complete. Complete overhaul needed.

  • Crashes - fix

    by Nikstr90

    Finally got this to work. I had to delete and reinstall it.

  • by vilezombie

    Update: Still getting emails saying I have a survey waiting for me. Checked my mobile reward and still nothing.

  • Worst app

    by foodie521

    It literally never works. I keep getting emails and notifications that I have surveys available but not really, and when e-rewards sent the email encouraging users to refresh the homepage to retrieve them, that didn't work either. So there it sits, doing nothing.

  • Doesn't work

    by Jimrjr

    Hasn't work since I downloaded. Update needed!

  • Doesn't work

    by gpafla

    Useless app sends you notices to take surveys that don't exist.


    by Franimals

    This app blows. It will say there's surveys available. I even get notifications and emails. I go on and nothing is there. I have space on my memory, I have logged out and back in, refreshed, reinstalled the app. Now, I'm uninstalling until they figure out how to make it work. Thumbs down.

  • Please fix

    by CycloneMikeOP

    Crashes on startup and drains battery will delete from phone until fixed.

  • No surveys!

    by Geo-cacher Girl

    I get about 1-3 emails per week saying I have a e-Rewards Mobile survey. But when I check, there is nothing there.

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