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e-Rewards Mobile+ is now available for iTunes - now you can answer surveys and earn Rewards on the go!

Please Note: You need to be 18 years of age or older to download this app and to participate in e-Rewards Mobile+ surveys.

e-Rewards Mobile+ provides extra functionality for understanding how people use their mobile devices. e-Rewards Mobile+ captures user information about the device, location information, device usage, phone, SMS / text usage, app usage, Web usage, music and camera usage and uses this information to find targeted surveys, based upon how users are engaging with their mobile devices. Upon first time use, the app will ask your permission for collecting user information and location capture in the background. Upon your acceptance, you will be able to use the app.

How does it work?
− If you are an e-Rewards Member, simply sign in using the e-mail address and password you use to log into the e-Rewards website.
− Once signed in, you’ll see your available mobile surveys. Begin a survey by tapping on it.
− Only mobile and location-based surveys are available on this app, so you’ll still receive non-mobile surveys in your e-mail inbox.
− You can participate in location-based surveys by allowing the app to gather your GPS information.
e-Rewards Mobile+ captures latitude and longitude information from devices at determined intervals. Based on your latitude and longitude, surveys may be offered to you.
− Log into the e-Rewards website to see your participation history with this app and associated earnings (please allow 7-10 days for your credit to appear in your e-Rewards account).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

If you need help or have any questions about this app, please contact Member Services: http://www.e-rewards.com/eri/about/contact_us_landing.jsp

Customer Reviews

  • Don't give up quite yet

    by overheadpdx

    I had gotten one survey in 6 months despite having received more than a dozen e-mail notifications. Gave it one more try, deleting then reinstalling the app. Lo and behold, 6 surveys showed up! We'll see if they continue.

  • Finally

    by Pinneh

    After months of it not working and me writing the company, I deleted it. Then two weeks later I decided to give it one more try and re downloaded the app. What do you know, EVERY mobile survey I got an email for was present.

  • Horrible app

    by Cheryl goes

    I've been a faithful user of e-rewards for several years. I downloaded the app right away when available. I frequently get notices on my iPhone that there are surveys available. To date, I've never been able to access a single one. My app ALWAYS says there are no surveys available, even if I received a notification seconds earlier. I only wish I could give this app a lower rating!

  • Waste of your MBs

    by Carpet Crawler

    Flat out does not work. I have been an e-rewards member for years. I've gotten more Southwest air points, Hilton points and iTunes cards than I expected. This ap however just does not work. I have been receiving regular emails every week stating to open the ap and answer the survey. There is never (and I mean never) anything there. The last actual survey was a paper towel survey I did about 6 months ago.

  • Battery drain

    by Bmc11

    I had this app once, then deleted and decided to try it again after a few months. Still don't get any surveys plus it drains the battery when location based surveys are activated.

  • Lame!

    by KRoc1

    I love apps like this! Where they refuse to listen to customer feedback and correct the issues! Therefore, app + lame = DELETE! Maybe they will listen to that! Then again...

  • Too buggy to bother with

    by marvelnash

    I've been a very active e-rewards member for years. This mobile app is worthless. The notification emails about an available survey don't actually show up on the app 80% of the time. If they do show up as available, the latest update actually improved the reliability of the experience - I'll concede that. And I continue to respond to all the web-based surveys faithfully. But the kicker is that I actually got an email asking why I'm not responding to surveys and was asked to fill out yet another survey about why I'm not responding!! Yes, I'm still as active a responder as I can be, e-Rewards! e-Rewards needs to get their IT act together. The app team needs to be fired. And someone needs to consolidate the web-based and app-based responses for each account. I've been patient for a long time with all of this, but it is just not worth the time. Stay away from this app!

  • Don't waste your time

    by 69Voltage

    As others have stated, even after receiving emails alerting to a new survey, there never is a survey to complete. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, etc., but without any luck.

  • Doesn't Work

    by nilbuz

    Quit working after Sept update. Only thing that works is the red alert indicating a survey is available. Open app, but no survey available.

  • Ehh

    by SuzieOliver

    To all the people complaining about no surveys on the app despite getting the emails you receive saying there's a new survey, it clearly says this survey is NOT available on the app. I've not received one email, out of the 100s that didn't say that at the bottom. I don't have any surveys on the app, which is fine but my location keeps saying its facing problems and try again later. My location services are on for the app, so no reason why it shouldn't work.

  • Surveys never ever load

    by Shelley Shell

    I've had the app for months and it always says I have no surveys. It does show how much I have in e-rewards but that's the ONLY thing the app will load. I tried to ask for help and they made it seem like the problem is on my end. After seeing the other reviews, it obviously isn't...

  • Ugh

    by Josh3001

    It doesn't work. I think it's your back and server – side. Increase capacity!

  • Don't bother

    by Predator 217

    I've been using the regular program for years and was excited about an app! I got 2-3 surveys, the last in July '13. Now that they are sending me emails several times a week about new ones, and others about how they've missed me in the app I tried again. But, I see I'm not alone. NOTHING worked! Uninstalling, killing, rebooting, and I have auto updating so I know I'm good there. JUST heard back in a condescending email that the survey I was writing about might be expired.... Or maybe I needed to log out and back in or uninstall and reinstall. Had they not read what I had JUST SENT??? That I had a brain, had used it and needed their help? Nope. Like others have said, somehow it's all my fault though I've already done all that support suggested, so maybe I should check out some support website for more help. How do you think I got your email to begin with, "support"? (Or better yet, lack there of!)

  • Survey Says...

    by Ember329

    I have yet to be able to complete a survey in spite of receiving emails that surveys are available on the app. I recently had to have my iPhone reset and I will not be downloading this app again. Hoping the app gets improved because I genuinely enjoy completing the web-based surveys.

  • Surveys won't load

    by dackonaby

    Surveys won't load to app. I keep getting notifications, but it never gives me the survey.

  • Works - sorta

    by Brendil

    When it works it's ok, but when it starts to crash - try removing and reinstalling it - that also works if you're not seeing any surveys but getting emails saying you have a new one. Other than that, the syncing needs some serious fixing because it takes to long to start up and start downloading new surveys

  • Awful

    by VT0613

    I'm about to delete this. I have all my settings the way you say to have them & I still don't have surveys when it says I do.

  • Doesn't work.

    by Mellykin97

    I was able to take two surveys about 8 months ago. Since then, I get snails & notifications constantly about new surveys/questions/trivia/etc.I immediately open the app & there's nothing there. I've deleted & reinstalled, I've logged out & back in, I've refreshed. Nothing helps. Contacting them via twitter or email proves to be a waste of time. I like e-rewards as a company but this app blows.


    by Little Lar

    Please wait while I get ready to crash. This app doesn’t work. It just crashes and it makes you wait before it does that. The only reason I gave it 1 star is because you can’t submit a review with zero.

  • Doesnt work at all

    by Inaicjme


  • No point, never a survey

    by Lippiluv

    I get emails and push notifications telling me I have a survey. I haven't seen a survey in the mobile app since August. I've tried contacting customer support and they don't respond.

  • No point, never a survey

    by Lippiluv

    I get emails and push notifications telling me I have a survey. I haven't seen a survey in the mobile app since August. I've tried contacting customer support and they don't respond.

  • Still Worthless

    by Acornking

    You would think that with the preponderance of negative reviews, they would either fix or scrap this app. The computer version is fine (most of the time) but the mobile version is pure crap.

  • No surveys

    by Draziray

    I constantly get emails or notifications about surveys that are available, but when I open the app, nothing is there. The app logs into my account, but there are never any surveys available!!

  • Surveys Don't Load

    by JSparrow1911

    I have had this app downloaded for several months. At first, it worked well and I took a few surveys. In the last 4-5 months, it has not worked at all. I have received dozens of push notifications, but there is never a survey once I go into the app. I've tried refreshing several time and it still doesn't work. Basically useless.

  • Annoying

    by IrritatedByFV

    I constantly have to delete and reload the app to get it to possibly work. It's very easy to use once it does, but isn't worth the trouble!

  • Continuously crashes

    by Svmayer

    App crashes before fully loading.

  • Crashes

    by Bcxbnun

    I'm experiencing the same thing everyone else is. I get notified I have a survey & when I try to open the app, it just crashes. I deleted it & reinstalled it & that helped for a little bit, but it's still crashing & I'm missing out on surveys.

  • Doesn't show surveys

    by patticakes914

    Says there is a survey but once I open app, says no surveys available. Please fix. I've tried refreshing and un- & re- install but still no surveys.

  • Horrible app

    by Boredkc

    What a horrible, horrible app. The current survey I'm taking (the first I've received in the last four months, mind you) is not optimized for mobile. The scrolling and buffering...omg this is just truly a poorly designed app. I'm honestly surprised that it is so bad, given that they've been promoting the heck out of it over the last month. So, a useless, inoperable, slow app that can't function as it's supposed to along with rare and infrequent surveys...remind me again why I should bother keeping this?

  • Won't Stay Open

    by JBwl3854

    As soon as it looks like it is going to open, it closes. Both the e+ and the e version. Disappointing because I had some surveys that required being at a specific location i.e. grocery store.

  • Godawful

    by wesla

    Negative 10 stars. The push notifications work but nothing else!? Kill yourself, eRewards.

  • I'd rather use the website than the mobile app.

    by MichaelScott@TheOffice

    So far this app is been useless to me. I get texts/emails that I have surveys available, but when I open the app nothing is available.

  • Keeps Crashing!

    by tr83ca

    I can't complete a single survey because this app keeps crashing!

  • Surveys never load

    by MiltonsRedStapler

    I receive notifications and emails about available surveys but the app never shows any available surveys. I've tried logging out, killing the app, and uninstalling, to no avail. It shows my available balance correctly, as well as last reviews I've done, but those were from a very long time ago when the app was first released. Hopefully they'll get this fixed.

  • Waste of space

    by $!@%%#

    This app doesn't work at all. You will be alerted to surveys, but there is never an actual survey showing. It has never worked since the day I downloaded it. Despite complaints, e-Rewards doesn't seem to have much to say or to be making any progress on fixing the app. It's useless.

  • No Surveys

    by Pokéfan

    I get all the alerts that a new survey is available but it doesn't show up in the app. Don't tell me to refresh, I've tried that plenty of times

  • Terrible app!!

    by Emmers01

    Surveys never load. Don't waste your time.

  • Doesn't work

    by sadics8

    Got 3 surveys right away and now nothing for months. They keep sending me emails telling me I have mobile surveys but they are never there when I go. They have little polls and other stuff according to the emails but again they are never there when I open it. Completely useless

  • Crash every time

    by 5und3vi1

    I would have given it 0 stars if there is such an option.

  • Unhappy

    by Kcal let

    This app is terrible!!! Crashes all the time!! Very frustrating!

  • Waste of time and effort

    by bigjoedaddy

    Horrible app! Never brings up surveys even when alerted to a supposed new one. The IT Dept and all in leadership at e-rewards should be embarrassed at this app and it's high number of negative responses from its biggest supporters--their survey takers.

  • Worthless

    by Why can't we have same name?

    I receive emails and notifications that I have new mobile surveys but when I open the app I never have surveys. I emailed e-rewards and they emailed back that I should refresh the app which doesn't work. Worthless app.

  • Completely broken

    by DaTrueDave

    This worthless app will spam you with tons of notifications, but when you open the app, every field will simply say, "null". Don't waste your time with this garbage.

  • ???

    by MLRV222

    Have had same issues as all the others..the only way I can get it to work is to uninstall and reinstall .. then I have surveys. Works great when it works!! Really needs improved location services.

  • Doesn't work

    by Robertjspradlin

    I get emails that say I have a survey, but I never do.

  • Junk

    by Spazyone

    Even tells me to open the app when I am in the app. Worthless!! I have numerous alerts of studies and go and nothing is there.

  • Update

    by Sir Miley rocs

    I never get any surveys or anything please fix fast

  • Needs a serious update!!!!

    by Babykissez

    Can't take surveys my screen stays stuck saying please wait....FIX THIS!!

  • Useless!

    by Twidge1

    I will get an email saying I have a survey but when I open this app, it states that I have no surveys. App is completely useless!!! Have to shut off phone to get location services off phone after I log off the app!

  • What's the point!

    by LightbrownQT

    Since I switch over to this version it worse than the lady one. I've not been able to take any surveys because it won't download, error or it just blacks out. If not fixed soon will delete app.

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