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Languages: Danish, English, German, Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese

Seller: End of Time Studios, LLC

Fixed landscape orientation issues.

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The Friendly Forum for High-End Audio, now free on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful app

    by Elbig1

    This app works great and is a joy to use. The site is helpful, friendly and a true supportive community of audio lovers of all types.

  • Civilized but not boring

    by PowerSnake

    If you love high-end audio and like to talk with others about it, this is the place to be. The app works great. No problems.

  • Great Software

    by Boydfp

    I like the software but I wish it would remember you logged in for a longer period of time.

  • Great audio app

    by HTNut

    I have found this audio forum to be one of the best with friendly and helpful fellow audiophiles. I have not seen Flaming on it other silly arguments among its members unlike other audio sites.

  • Best Audiophile Site

    by McChris1234

    This is the best audiophile site I've visited, with polite and supportive participants. Highly recommended!

  • Great site

    by Audioron

    Love this site, great place for audiophiles to hangout and share.

  • Great app. Simple. Intuitive to use. Free to boot!!

    by DoggieHowser

    Great work.

  • Tons of fun

    by Ed Schneider

    This app is super. Works great and allow me to stay in touch with the community

  • Works perfectly

    by jameslrock

    The forum is one of the best audio idea and information exchanges available. The members are very friendly.

  • The Best

    by Billy Howard Jr

    The best audio forum.

  • Great app! Great community!

    by MikeBov

    Great app. Great audiophile community!

  • My Favorite App.

    by SycamoreFuller

    I use this app. dailey. I wouldn't be without it. Excellent job!

  • Well doun application !!!!!

    by BuzzT1

    Well don application !!!!!

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by Pdough2

    I have only used the app for a short period of time but it is well organized and easy to use. A great app for a great site!!!

  • Great app.

    by FishTunesSF

    Enjoy this app. Great for people who truly love the art of good stereo.

  • Awesome!

    by Adhesiv

    Use this app multiple times daily. It's my main portal to HiFi.

  • Great

    by CaseyWilliams

    I love the current button so I can see what's going on.

  • Audio Aficionado

    by kev313


  • Fun and informative site for home audio

    by jlock438

    Nice app to have when away from computer. Works well.

  • Fun

    by HH builder

    I enjoy this app. Great app!

  • Giving up on this app

    by Charles Huckabee

    While it seemed to work the first few weeks it now no longer does. Buttons and navigation are impossible to use. App is constantly freezing up.

  • Frustration aficionado

    by Peru Pete

    I've been trying to use this app for a couple of days have reloaded it a couple of times. The buttons don't work, if you read a post you cannot get back to the thread you were reading. Many topics don't load at all. Not compatible with iOS 6.01. Others using older O Ss may have better luck.

  • Excellent

    by Antonmb

    Great app, very handy when away from the computer. Easy to use and has all necessary features.

  • Love the app

    by maclick

    Love this app

  • Fantastic

    by Wallycharlie

    Really easy to use, great interface, and amazing information.

  • Great interface

    by rtother

    Has all the features I need in a fast, streamlined package that just works.

  • my fav!

    by kfr01

    this is my favorite app

  • My daily read

    by Lostinla2

    This is my most used app. I check current threads several times daily. Lots of interesting and informative hifi news!

  • Amazing

    by Eddie220

    I luv this site, anything u need to know about High End Audio Gear go here !!!!

  • Best AV Forum period

    by mchydro

    This app is the icing on the cake for the best AV forum on the net. The forum moderator/owner is extremely knowledgeable and he's created a friendly environment for AV enthusiasts to interact and share their passion for the hobby. Many great friends are made along the way! Highest recommendation!!!

  • Very nice application

    by Aazeez1975

    I love the manufacturer forums. This is a nice app except for how the screen rotation is implemented, they should follow what the default rotation is on iOS

  • Great place to be!!

    by Uberbrown

    Ivan had made something special. Download the app, subscribe to the forum, make connections!

  • Outstanding app!

    by Regwood

    Does everything that you can do from a full browser. Perfect compliment to my phone! Get it!

  • Awesome!

    by klrkrzy784

    Great App! Excellent audio forum! Everyone needs to join!

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